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Chapter 4: The war begins

So Timmy and the gang ran as fast as they could to Timmy's treehouse which immediately became what it was like in the episode where Timmy shrunk down to toy size to play with his Crimson Chin action figure one last time before they planned to destroy it. The only difference was that they had actual lazers instead of just water balloons.

Timmy: Prepare to fire lazers!

Chester, AJ, Sanjay, and Elmer: Lazers locked captain.

Cosmo: I love it when the lazers get locked.

Timmy: FIRE!

Chester, AJ, Sanjay, and Elmer fired all their lazers at the boyle army, but they just kept coming.

A few minutes later...

Timmy: Status report!

Chester: We're giving them all we've got captain, but there's just too many of them!

AJ: They've already taken out two of our outer shields and they've almost destroyed the 3rd.

Sanjay: Power levels are at 29 captain!

Timmy: Convert all emergency power to weaponry and activate the super weapon.

Sanjay: But, if the super weapon doesn't work, we'll be all out of power!

Timmy: I don't care, just do it!

Chester, AJ, Sanjay, and Elmer: Sir, yes, Sir!

Sanjay did as he was told and converted all of the emergency power into the weaponry, then Chester lifted up a large glass case and pressed the giant red button. Suddenly, the floor and ceiling of the treehouse opened up and a giant lazer cannon rose up from the opening in the floor and up through the ceiling.

Timmy: Charge the ultimate lazer cannon!

AJ: Ultimate lazer cannon charged captain!

Timmy: Fire the ultimate lazer cannon!

AJ then pressed the fire button and the ultimate lazer cannon fired a huge blast of white hot light at the giant army of living boyles, but then, the boyles dispersed and the lazer missed. Then, the boyles joined back together into a large fist and smashed the tree house.

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