Chapter 2


I woke up thinking "Oh God, where am I." I looked around and seeing the jungle, I remembered what had happened last night, and the blood that was still there. A few hours later we all were feeling hunger pains, horribly. Mr. Borny decided to try to take a few kids, and find something to eat in the jungle. They didn't go in the way the girls had gone; instead they went about a mile down the beach before heading into the jungle. I was one of the ones who went into the jungle.

It was thick, the trees were close together, and we struggled to walk through it. About ten minutes after entering the jungle, we found a trail. It was wide, like a large animal made it; two people were able to walk side by side, so it was large. We kept on walking for about half an hour, and didn't find anything. A few minutes later the trail grew smaller, and then petered off to a little line on the jungle floor.

Then we came upon a barrier of trees. They were massive, there was no way around. We turned to go back, but someone had placed a screen of bamboo, and a jumble of other greenery in the way. We were trapped. An arm, a mutilated arm reached in through the bamboo screen, and tried to grab someone. It got Samantha. She screamed as loud as she could, and we tried to pull her back, but the arm just wrenched her out. Suddenly the screen was pulled away, we ran. Spears lined the trail, so we couldn't go off of it.

Back at the beach, everything was in utter chaos. Apparently something had come onto the beach, and placed in perfect symmetry, the hands, feet, and head of Samantha. It was gruesome, all the other parts had been eaten, and that was all that was left.