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Chapter One: Memories of a Killer
Exactly 3 years and 53 days had passed since Raven had been abducted. She was taller, only a few inches, but she was even paler, if that was possible. She had lost weight to, her bones slightly protruded from her skin. The demon half of Raven was slowly taking over and in a few more years she would probably be fully transformed into a demon, although she didn't look much different.

The small room had become her home, she only left its confines when she had to do a job. For three years she had only talked to Slasher and the only humans she saw were the ones she killed. It was a horrible life, but she had become accustomed to it. Every night her dreams were haunted by the screams of those she had destroyed.

Slasher had made her into the perfect killer: cold, unfeeling, merciless, and obedient. He had turned her into everything he had wanted and more. Although, she made mistakes every now and then, she learned from the past and became better and better everyday.

As Raven stood silently in her small room, she remembered the first time she had done a job for Slasher. Even though it had been slightly over three years since that day, she remembered everything that had happened. She had tried so hard to forget that day, but it was impossible, the memory had been branded into her mind and she would have to live with it everyday she lived.


"The medicine wore off, you're powers should be back... It's time. You are ready for your first task," Slasher said as he walked through the door. "It is an easy job. I have decided to start you out slow. Only one man. Kill the man and then I will teleport you back her. It is very simple, I expect no mistakes."

"Yes, Master," Raven replied monotonously. In a short month and a half he had changed her greatly, although she still refused to look at him.

Then, she was teleported into a large condo. Judging by the room, this condo was the suite of the whole complex. Scanning the room, Raven saw no one around. Cautiously she roamed the condo in search of life.

Suddenly, Raven heard a sound like that of someone unlocking a door from behind her. Whipping around, Raven saw the door knob jiggle, quickly she ran into the nearest room. The door lightly creaked as it was opened. A man in a neat suit with greased back blonde hair walked into the room. He was chatting with someone on a cellular phone, he shut the door behind him and threw his keys mindlessly on to the couch.

"My new secretary is smokin'," the man said into his phone. "Although she can't type a word," he chuckled. "Yeah, I know. It's great!... Uh-huh... Okay, well talk to you later, dude... Bye." He shut his phone and entered the kitchen. Taking out a glass, he filled it with water from the refrigerator. Quickly gulping the water down, the man gave a satisfied sigh.

After listening from the shadows for a moment, Raven decided to make her move. Two pairs of red eyes replaced her two violet ones and she grew much taller. Moving noiselessly out of the shadows, Raven snuck up behind her unsuspecting victim.

After setting down his glass on the counter the man became rigid. He thought he heard something breathing behind him and his body suddenly became very cold. Slowly he peered over his shoulder, he had began to shake all over. A large creature stood over him, his quivering increased immensely.

Spinning around, he had a good view of the monster. It had to be at least 7 feet tall. Four red eyes stared back at him from under a hood, the eyes pierced his flesh. The creature wore a robe like outfit that never seemed to end.

"W-w-what are you?" the man asked as he backed up against the counter.

"I am the demon that will end your life," Raven responded in her booming demon voice.

"W-what! Why?" the man asked in fear.

"I was hired to kill you, someone wants you dead."

"Who?" his voice now showed fear and some sorrow.

"If I knew I would tell you, but I do not."

"Please. I'm only 29, I'm not ready to die yet," he begged.

"I have no choice. I have a job to do and I must finish it."

"Please," the man persisted.

"Stop begging! Do you want to die a coward or die with dignity?"

Seeing a small opening next to Raven, the man made a run for it. Pushing past her, he ran towards the door. Frantically grabbing the handle he turned it and began to open it. Then, the door slammed shut in front of him. Looking in confusion and fear, he glanced at Raven.

The demon held one hand out that seemed to be covered by some sort of black magic. Knowing that he had no chance to escape, he dashed behind the couch. Lifting the couch with her powers, Raven watched the pitiful man cower in fear.

"Help! Help!" the man began to scream for his life.

"Shut up!" Raven yelled.

Black magic covered the man's mouth and his eyes widened in fear. Lifting one of the tiles off of the floor, in a quick motion Raven sent the sharp tile at the man's neck. His head rolled off of his neck as blood shot out of his stump for a neck; Raven had decapitated him.

His blood sprayed onto Raven's face and clothes as she watched in horror at what she had just done. The four red eyes had disappeared as she shrunk to her normal size.

Suddenly, she was back in her room. Slasher stood next to her as she stared blankly ahead.

"Good work, Raven. I am proud of you," Slasher said. After a silent moment Slasher turned and walked out of the room.

Walking slowly into the bathroom, Raven looked at herself in the mirror. Her pale face was speckled with blood. Punching the mirror as hard as she could, Raven's hand felt like it broke, but the mirror stayed unfazed. Breathing heavily in anger, Raven glared at her reflection.

Raven wanted to wash the blood off of herself badly; her clothes were wet with blood. Taking off her clothes, Raven stepped into the shower and turned the water on cold. The water stung as it hit her soft skin. The cold made her chest hurt and her breathing became fast. She was trying to punish herself.

Scrubbing her face and body frantically until her skin felt raw, she had to get all of the blood off herself. She was so traumatized by what she had done.

When she got out of the shower she put on her clothes, which were clean now. Every time she got out of the shower her clothes had been washed, she guessed it was Slasher's doing.

-End of Flashback-

She refused to eat for several days and she didn't speak for a week and a half after the incident. Slasher gave her some time to recover before he sent her on another job, but the memory would haunt her forever.

There was another time she would never forget: the first time she was shot.


She had worked her way up to big jobs with several targets. It was a video store with 20 or more people inside and her job was to kill them all.

She had killed most of the people after only a few seconds, but she didn't see the policeman enter the door beside her. Crushing someone with a shelf of videos, she notice the policeman draw his gun either.

A loud bang echoed inside the small store and Raven felt a horrible pain in her side. The hot metal pierced her flesh and sunk deep in side her side.

Gently pulling back her cloak on that side, Raven watched her blood gush from the wound and wet her leotard. Then, the bleeding stopped and the small hole began to close. The policeman watched in horror, he was still pointing his gun at her, but now he was shaking tremendously.

Aiming, the police officer prepared himself to shoot again, but before he could Raven snapped his neck with her powers. His body fell limply to the ground and he released the gun.

Someone tried to run out of the door, hoping to get out while Raven wasn't watching. Without even turning around, Raven impaled the person with a spike made out of black energy.

Looking around at the desolation, she knew her job was finished. Then, she was standing back in her room.

Clutching her side, she fell back onto her bed. Pain filled the area where she the bullet had penetrated. Raven didn't understand why it still hurt, she had healed it, so why did it hurt so much?

After about 30 minutes of lying in agony, Slasher walked in. "I assume you finished the job?"

"Yes," Raven replied emotionlessly.

"Without any complications?"

"A police officer walked in, but I killed him. Although he shot me," Raven said the last part a little bit ashamed of her mistake. "Does it always hurt this long after being shot?"

"Only if you leave the bullet in, but I am sure you would not make such a stupid mistake."

"Yeah," Raven mumbled.

"You didn't take the bullet out, did you?"

"No," Raven replied, feeling stupid.

"Will you ever be able to take care of yourself." Raven knew it was a rhetorical question. "You would be dead without me," Slasher sighed as he tried to act annoyed. "Well... Come here!"

Raven did as she was told. Standing up, she walked over to Slasher, while gripping her side.

"Move your hands," Slasher ordered. Reaching out one of his sharp fingers, he sliced deep into her flesh. Once the hole was deep enough, he plunged his whole hand inside and felt around for the bullet.

Staring in astonishment, Raven watched him dig around inside her skin. Blood began to seep from the bottom of the cut. Working quickly, Slasher pulled his hand out, holding the small bullet that had caused her so much pain. The wound sealed almost immediately, only leaving a long scar on her flesh.

"Thanks," Raven said monotonously, not completely sure what to say.

"Do not let this happen again," Slasher said as he threw the bloody bullet onto her bed and walked out of the room.

Walking over to the bed, Raven picked up the small piece of metal and examined it. That would not be her last bullet.

-End of Flashback-

Raven glanced over at the small stack of bullets beside her bed. There were nine all together and each one had its own story.

This was a horrible life, but she had become accustomed to it. Her life had changed, for the worse.

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