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Chapter Ten: Forever
Robin refused to come out of his study with all of the newspaper clips on the walls. All day he would just sit at his desk in silence. Staring at nothing, Robin tried to block out all thoughts and just sit numbly. Often he would find himself reminiscing about the past and how the Titans had changed his life for the best. The Titans were his only friends, and his only family.

Cyborg sat on the couch, mindlessly playing video games. He appeared emotionlessly, although he was torn up inside. The game helped distract him a little bit, but not enough. Every once in a while he would sigh loudly, but never said a word.

Starfire sat next to Cyborg on the couch. Silkie was asleep in her lap, and she would pet him every so often. Either staring out the window or watching Cyborg play his video game, Starfire had a frown plaster on her face that was uncharacteristic for the cheerful alien. Neither of the two in the living room ever spoke a word.

The doors to the main room opened. Robin walked in silently and went into the kitchen. No one said anything as Robin opened the small fridge and took out two sodas. Walking over to the back of the couch, he handed one of the drinks to Starfire. Looking up at the boy, Starfire's pain-filled eyes gave him a silent thank-you. Nodding, Robin walked out of the room. Normally Starfire would have asked him to stay, but it wasn't a normal day.

Opening the soda, Starfire peered into the small can at the purple liquid inside. Raising it to her lips, Starfire sipped the drink slowly. Cyborg glanced over for a second, but then turned his attention back to the game.

This went on for several days, and the three barely said a word. Only moving to get a quick snack every couple of hours or go sleep in their rooms for a few hours, although they all had trouble sleeping.

None of them had seen Beast Boy since the day that they had buried Raven. He never came out of his room, not even for food. Whenever they passed his room they would stop for a moment outside his door, but they could never hear anything. They would give him his space for a while, at least until they recovered themselves.

A green teenager lye on his bed, his eyes filled with pain as he stares at the bunk above him. Only three days ago he had to bury the girl he loved, his whole world had fallen apart.

-Flashback to three days ago-

The Titans had bought a beautiful mahogany casket with silver handles for Raven. Beast Boy had refused to let go of Raven's corpse until they had gotten the coffin.

After scouting out the perfect spot on Titan's Island, they found a grassy area on the east side of the island that had a great view of the sunrise. They had decided to keep it simple and quiet, just like Raven would have wanted. Only her four closest friends were there. Cyborg and Robin dug a large hole in the soft dirt of the island.

Beast Boy and Starfire had cleaned Raven up and changed her clothes. Once the grave was dug, Beast Boy placed Raven in the coffin gently, wrapping her cloak around her pale body. Stroking her pale, lifeless cheek with one of his gloved hands, his tears fell onto her face. "Good bye," he whispered. Then he shut the lid of the casket.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as Beast Boy watched Cyborg drill the lid of the coffin closed with an electric drill. Then, Cyborg and Starfire lifted the coffin and lowered it into the grave.

Beast Boy wanted to jump into the grave with her, he needed her. No one said a word the whole time. They all still wore their normal outfits for the little ceremony, one who saw them might think it to be disrespectful, but anyone that really knew Raven, knew that she wouldn't want a big production.

Throwing the bouquet of purple lilies onto the hard lid of the casket, Beast Boy remembered from a casual conversation he had with Raven once that those were her favorite flowers. Picking up a shovel, Robin tossed the first mound of dirt in the grave. Everyone just watched in disbelief as Robin slowly filled the grave with dirt. Tears ran steadily from all of their eyes. In only a few minutes the grave was completely full with dirt.

At the head of the grave was a small white marble pillar with a raven perched on the top, it was perfectly carved. The pillar had Raven's name etched in it, but that was all it had said.

Robin nodded to them once he finished. Taking the shovel in one hand, Robin began to walk back to the tower, Starfire following behind him. Cyborg walked up next to Beast Boy.

"Hey man, it's getting chilly. Come on, let's go inside," Cyborg said, patting the small green boy on the back. Turning, Cyborg waited for Beast Boy to join him before walking back to the tower. Hesitantly, Beast Boy turned and joined Cyborg.

When they reached the tower, Beast Boy straight to his room and hadn't come out since then.

-End of Flashback-

Beast Boy didn't think he could live without Raven. Refusing to move, Beast Boy planned to just rot away alone in his room. His life had no purpose without Raven. Now he had just given up on life completely.

Raven woke up inside her small, dark coffin. Stale air filled the cramped space and Raven had trouble breathing. Quickly, she teleported herself out of the casket and onto the soft grass above.

She was weak and had trouble finding her balance at first, but quickly adjusted. Looking at the small marble sculpture, Raven was amazed at how beautiful it was. She had such great friends, they really cared about her.

The sky began to get brighter as the rising sun made the sky an orangish color. Raven watched the beautiful sunrise, stunned by its flawlessness. Waiting until the sun was completely visible, Raven decided to go into the tower. She wanted to see Beast Boy, she could tell the others later, but first she wanted to talk to the green teen.

Teleporting into the changeling's room, Raven saw Beast Boy lying on his bed staring above him. His stare was blank and hollow, he was skinny and his ribs were showing from not eating for a few days, besides the fact that he had been rather slim before he had stopped eating.

"Beast Boy?" Raven questioned softly. She had never seen Beast Boy act like this.

Turning his head slowly, Beast Boy looked at Raven with sad eyes. It was only another hallucination, he had been having many dreams of the dead girl lately. Disappointed that she was just another illusion, Beast Boy looked up again. "Why can't you just be real? Why does my mind keep playing these cruel tricks on me?" Beast Boy asked the pale girl.

"What are you talking about?" Raven asked with concern.

Beast Boy sat up in his bed and swung his legs of the side. "I just want to be with you. I want to be able to hold you in my arms and not only dream about it," Beast Boy explained sadly. He stood up and walked toward her.

"Now you can," Raven replied, holding back tears.

Reaching out to her, Beast Boy expected his hand to go right through her like it had before, but not this time. His fingertips touched her pale cheek and slowly slid down the side of her face. Beast Boy's eyes widened in surprise and he swallowed loudly. "Raven? Is it really you?" he asked in disbelief. She smiled at his obvious question.

Leaning toward her, he pulled her into a passionate kiss, which she quickly returned. Once they pulled apart he quickly grabbed her into a tight hug.

"Miss me?" she joked.

"You have no idea," he chuckled. Releasing her, he took a step back and looked her in the eyes. "I don't think I could have lived without you," he added more seriously.

"Now you don't have to," Raven assured him.

"Yeah," he said softly. Looking into her deep eyes, he began to get lost in the beautiful purple orbs. Although she looked happy, he could see a hint of torment in her eyes. "Are you all right?" he asked with concern.

"I should be asking you the same question," Raven said, trying to change the subject back to Beast Boy.

"I'll be fine . . . But . . . what about you?" he asked cautiously, not wanting to push her too far.

Breaking his gaze, she looked down at the floor. "I'll be okay, it may just take me a few days to get back into things," Raven said.

"You don't have to lie to me, Raven," Beast Boy said, urging her to talk to him. "If something's bothering you just tell me . . . Please, Raven, I just want to help you."

Sighing, Raven decided to tell him a little about what had happened over the past three years. " Beast Boy, I've done so many horrible things . . . When I died I left my demon side behind, but I still feel so guilty . . . and weak," Raven tried to explain, shortening the long story.

"Don't feel guilty, it wasn't your fault, Slasher made you do all of those things. And it's okay to feel weak sometimes, Raven, you are human. Anyway, you're the strongest person I know, I don't think you've ever been weak in your whole life," Beast Boy replied seriously.

"It was my fault. You don't know what I did, Beast Boy . . . It's unforgivable . . . And the worst part is that I knew what I was doing the whole time," Raven argued, trying her best not to cry.

"Maybe I don't know, but I want to learn. I want to understand. I want to help you," Beast Boy pleaded.

"I don't know if I can," Raven replied softly.

"Show me," Beast Boy insisted.

Sighing, Raven nodded, maybe he really could help her. Reaching out, he took her pale hand in his and lifted it a little. Pressing his palm against hers, he intertwined his fingers with hers. Squeezing her hand lightly, he tried to assure her that everything was going to be fine. Raven looked back up at him and smiled a little, he had a way of making her feel so relaxed.

Closing her eyes, Raven allowed some of her memories to flow from her to Beast Boy. Memories of Slasher, the blue liquid he had injected into her, random people, killing, blood, guns, and pain all filled his head. It was overwhelming, but Beast Boy didn't let go of her hand, he needed to see this, for Raven.

Finally, all of the images stopped and he was back in his room with Raven. He hadn't realized it, but he had been crying. "I'm so sorry, Raven," Beast Boy whispered sympathetically. Letting go of her hand, he pulled her into a hug again. "Just know that I'm always here for you. I'll help you in anyway I can," Beast Boy promised.

"I know you will, and you already have," Raven answered. "Let's go get you some food," she joked.

"Sounds like a good plan," Beast Boy agreed. Putting his arm around her waist he pulled her close to him and she leaned her head on his shoulder as they walked down to the main room.

They walked into the room as if everything was completely normal. "Hey guys," Raven greeted monotonously. All three Titans happened to be sitting on the couch when they walked in.

The three looked back when they heard the familiar voice. None of them could believe their eyes. They watched as the couple walked into the kitchen and began to search for something to eat. Looking at each other, they all thought they had lost their minds.

The couple found some food and put it in the microwave. They talked quietly as they waited for their food to be done. The others continued to watch them as the couple talked and laughed as if nothing was wrong.

"It's impossible," Cyborg said softly.

"That cannot be Raven, she is supposed to be dead," Starfire stated with confusion.

"She's a robot sent by Slade," Robin said seriously. Both Starfire and Cyborg looked over at Robin critically, but he just ignored their stares.

"Maybe she turned into a ghost or some kind of zombie," Cyborg suggested.

Raven and Beast Boy could hear the others talking about her. They found their friend's confusion hilarious. "Maybe I should go talk to them. Be right back," Raven said. Beast Boy was hesitant to let her leave, after she was taken from him twice he would not allow a third time.

The changeling watched her glide gracefully over to their friends. "I'm not a ghost, and I'm not dead," Raven dead panned.

"Oh no! We buried you alive! I'm so sorry friend," Starfire began to apologize.

"Actually, when you buried me I was dead, but then I came back," Raven explained simply.

"How?" Robin questioned.

"Who cares how! All that matters is that she's back," Cyborg cheered. "Group hug!" he yelled as he grabbed Raven. Starfire was more than happy to join them, and Robin was reluctant to join, but did so anyway. Beast Boy ran over and jumped off the couch, taking a flying leap onto Cyborg's back. They stayed like this for a couple of seconds, until the microwave began to beep.

Once they had all broken apart, Beast Boy and Raven walked into the kitchen to retrieve their food. "Now we need to throw a party!" Cyborg said happily.

All five of the Titans sat in the main room all day, just hanging out and talking about whatever. Later that night they ordered some pizza and watched some movies. The whole night Beast Boy never left Raven's side. Finally, at midnight they decided to go to sleep, anyway Robin wouldn't let them stay up any longer just in case they had to be ready to fight the next day.

Robin walked Starfire to her room, leaving the three others in the main room. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven walked down the halls together, until they reached Cyborg's room. "Night y'all," Cyborg called as he entered his room.

"Night," Beast Boy and Raven said at the same time. Holding hands, they only walked for a minute before reaching Raven's room.

"Good night," Beast Boy said with a goofy smile on his face.

"See you in the morning," Raven replied with a smile. Beast Boy brought her closer, wrapping his arms around her waist and gave her a long good night kiss.

"Everything's going to be okay now, Rae," Beast Boy told her. "If you need anything, my room is just down the hall."

"I know," Raven replied. "Good night, stud."

"Hey! That's Beast Stud to you," Beast Boy laughed. Releasing her, he walked down the hall to his door and waved to her before entering his room.

Raven's door slid and she stepped inside. The room was exactly as she had left it. It had been so long since she had slept in her own bed. Lazily she took of her cloak and fell onto the bed. Pulling the covers up, Raven drifted asleep quickly.

At about three a.m. Raven sat straight up in bed. Tears ran down her face as she gasped for breath, she had had one of her worst nightmares yet. She couldn't stop her crying, and she tried hard to calm herself, but nothing worked. Raven needed to see Beast Boy, although it was late he wouldn't mind.

Beast Boy was awoken by the sound of his door opening. Cracking one eye open, Beast Boy saw Raven walk into his room. He was on the top bunk of his bed.

"Beast Boy. . .?" Raven sniffled. She was still half asleep and only in her leotard.

"Hey, Rae," Beast Boy said rubbing his eyes. "What's wrong?" he asked sympathetically. "Come on," he said patting the spot next to him on the bed.

Raven climbed the small ladder and lied next to Beast Boy. Resting her head on his chest, Raven closed her eyes again. Beast Boy draped one arm over Raven and held her comfortingly.

"It's all right, Raven, I'm here," he whispered soothingly to her. "I'll never leave you. I love you, Raven."

"I love you too," Raven replied tiredly. Then, they both fell asleep.

Raven knew the nightmares would never go away, but now Beast Boy was around to comfort her. They would cherish every moment with each other, forever.

The End!

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