Victory Party 2: The After Effects

Spoilers- see previous chapter.
Disclaimer- Characters don't belong to me; I was bored and felt like playing with them.
Note- a few people 'asked' for another chapter, one with romance. Hope this fits.
Note2- Thanks go to GreyMatter, it makes all the morse sense thanks to her.

Samantha Carter was most definitely feeling under the weather. She was under a hurricane even. Not a single person at The Der Greine had thought to tell her that those blue-green drinks were not meant to be mixed with other drinks, otherwise they gave the drinker a hangover that lasts all week. And she meant ALL week. Seven days now. Seven days since she won the Loop, seven days since the infamous victory party and six days she had been dragging herself around with the mother and father of all hangovers.

It had been bad enough that she had punched Teal'c. Sam shuddered. She actually punched Teal'c, who, despite being the tallest and strongest man in the mountain, was her friend and one of the sweetest and noblest man she had ever known.

The SGC had gotten the biggest kick out of that. Even with Daniel's recent bulk, he and Teal'c couldn't handle her. The smirks and sly comments were really starting to get to Daniel; even Teal'c was starting to look a little peeved.

But it was Sam that was getting the brunt of it. Only her team could look her in the eye and not have to control a smile, and that was because they were openly grinning and laughing at her. It wasn't just the hangover, she knew it wasn't. Something had happened between meeting up with the General and waking up that morning in her bed. If only she could remember.

"Ready for the briefing, Carter?" Jack smirked as Sam winced.

"Yes, sir," she answered, a touch of strain about the voice.

"Great, so what have the egg heads been up to lately?" Jack clapped his hands together.

Sam's eyes widened as she stared at Jack's hands. Oh, she did not. Oh god, she did NOT!


Seven days ago:

Sam felt her body go limp, there was no way to stop it. "No more."

Gentle hands propped her upright. "It's all right, Carter, you're home. No more traveling."

"Sorry about the gate room," Sam mumbled.

"I'm sure the SF's were impressed." Jack chuckled lowly. "It'll be clean by tomorrow, don't worry."

"Made my stomach swirly."

Jack laughed again. "Do you think you can walk to the front door?"

Sam let out a whine.

Suddenly her feet were swept out from under her and she was swung into a pair of strong arms. Sam hummed as she leaned into him.

"You smell nice."

"Wish I could say the same," Jack muttered under his breath, wrinkling his nose as the smell of vomit rose to greet it.


Sam looked up at him with her glazed big blue eyes and Jack found himself unable to repeat it.

"C'mon, lets get you inside and clean you up a bit."

"Okay," Sam mumbled, sleepily rubbing her cheek against Jack's shoulder.

Jack walked carefully up the path, the last thing Carter needed was for him to tumble headfirst into her newly planted flower bed, taking her with him. Jack grunted as he climbed the stairs up to her house. Praising his forethought, Jack shifted his hold on Sam and unlocked the front door to her house; he had kept a hold of her keys so he didn't have to go fishing in his pockets for them later.

Kicking the door closed behind him, Jack paused for a moment to survey the room. His eyebrow rose. Really, he was going to have to have a talk with Carter about bringing her work home with her. Gadgets and gizmos, doohickeys and thingamabobs covered every available surface.

Sam groaned, calling his attention back to her.

"All right, Carter, let's get you to bed."

"Sorry, sir," she said weakly, "I don't think I'm really up to it right now."

Jack choked. "No, that's not…" Jack shook his head. "Never mind."

Jack stumbled around in the dark; he daren't turn on the lights, lest Carter throw up again. The moment she stepped through the gate and into the base the bright lights set her off. Jack didn't get it, but the doc cleared her and he sure as hell didn't want to clean it up.

Gently Jack placed on her bed. "Wait here, I'll just get you a wash cloth."

In the short time it took for Jack to find and wet a wash cloth, search through her medicine cabinet for aspirin, fill a glass with water and return to the bedroom Sam had gone from sitting perched on the end of the bed to laying sprawled out, limbs akimbo.

Jack sighed. "Carter, come on. Sit up."

Sam groaned.

"Upsy daisy." Jack slid the glass onto her bedside table and pulled Sam back into a sitting position, marveling at the similarities between Sam like this and Charlie after a long night.

Using one hand to prop Sam up, Jack grabbed the aspirin and water. "Here, take this."

Sam rolled her head away from him.

"Carter!" he barked. "You are going to take this pill. Doctor's orders."

The harsh tone of his voice jerked Sam awake. Obediently Sam swallowed the pill and drained the glass. Jack replaced the glass in her hand with the damp wash cloth. Sam gazed down at the cloth and looked up at him, her face blank.

"Oh, fer-"

Jack took the washcloth out of her hands. Tenderly he ran the damp cloth over Sam's face, moving around to swipe the remaining traces of vomit out of her hair. Moving more quickly then he thought her able to; Sam grabbed his hand as he pulled back.

"You have really nice hands, Jack." Sam lightly ran her fingers over his captured hand.

Jack quirked an eyebrow. "They're just hands, Carter, scarred hands at that." Jack shook his head sharply. What was he doing? She was out of it. "All right, shoes off and into bed."

Sam smiled trustingly up at him. Clumsily, she kissed his palm before allowing him to pull away. Jack stared at her for a moment, then looked away clearing his throat roughly. Without saying a word Jack turned away and walked into the bathroom.

Jack threw the dirty cloth into the sink and washed his hands. Jack cupped his hands under the tap, splashing his face with cold water. He gripped the sides of the sink. Jack drew in a deep breath and exhaled heavily.

Pulling himself together Jack scrubbed a hand over his face and squared his shoulders. Tonight had twisted his gut more than a few times. Carter had been bubbly, vibrant, flirtatious and affectionate, well she had been before she threw up all over the floor of the bar. It was a side he rarely got to see, a side that he never saw directed at him until tonight. God he loved it, but after Pete and Jacob… It was complicated.

A muffled thump made Jack hurry back into Sam's bedroom, his heart pounding. Visions of Sam falling off the bed and knocking herself unconscious on the bedside table ran across his mind. The sight of Sam lying sprawled across the bed brought him to a stop.

Her arm lay over the side of the bed, one of her shoes sitting beneath it. The other shoe remained firmly laced on her foot. Jack unlaced her other boot dropping it next to its mate.

He pulled back her bed covers and nudged Sam into a more normal position. Sam sighed softly and rolled over to face him. Her eyelashes fluttered open.



"Love you."

Jack hesitated. What the hell? She was high as a kite. There was no way she'd remember this. "I love you too."


"Go to sleep, Sam, I'll be here in the morning."


"Carter? You okay? You don't look so…" Jack gestured towards his face.

Sam jumped, her eyes wide. She winced as her head throbbed.

"Yes! I mean, no, sir. Permission to reschedule the briefing?" Sam scrambled to her feet, her fingers digging into the soft leather of the chairs.

"Sure. Maybe you should see the doc again. There's gotta be something she can give ya."

"Yes, sir." Sam hurried out of the briefing room, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. Once the pounding in her head stopped and that little man stopped coating her tongue with futz, this… she could handle this then, hopefully. It would all be clear, as soon as this hangover disappeared.

Jack furrowed his brow as he watched Carter scuttle into the halls of the SGC. For a second there it looked like Carter was daydreaming, or remembering…

Jack shook his head.

No, there was no way she could have remembered.