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It was a bright sunny day in downtown L.A, Angela stood at the front of the church looking at the people who passed her giving her looks of condolences. Looking around, she strained her head for none other than John Constantine.

"hello." A small voice was heard from behind her. Turning, Angela came face to face with a little boy who was accompanied by a woman who looked like a nurse.

"hello." Angela said trying to hide the confusion in her voice, who was this little boy.

"I'm sorry to hear about…" he said handing her a red rose and motioning to the front of the church at the end, not wanting to finish his sentence.

"Thank you very much." She said taking the rose from his hand and held it in her hands.

"She was a very nice lady." The little boy continued, Angela looked at him and stared into his green eyes, knowing somehow this boy was special.

"Yes, she was." Angela said smiling.

"I talked to her at times, she really liked me." he continued to talk, not realizing how closely Angela was looking at him. The young boy had to be around the age of at least 5, but he seemed very smart for his age.

"come Nathaniel." The nurse said grabbing his hand. "we must go before the hospital starts to worry." They began to walk out of the church when Angela stopped them.

"I'm sorry excuse me, but did you say 'the hospital'?" she asked her eyes twinkling as Nathaniel looked and smiled at her nodding his head vigorously.

"yes, he's been with the hospital for some years now, he was very good friends with…" she trailed off near the end and looked down at the young boy, tears swimming in his eyes, dying to come out.

"oh," she said looking down at the young boy who had basically spent his whole life in the very same hospital her sister, Isabel, had stayed in. "thank you for stopping by." She finished as the young boy and the nurse walked out of the church.

"hi." A deep voice came from behind her, causing Angela to jump. "I'm sorry I'm late." He said taking her hand.

"it's ok." Angela said smiling at the man standing next to her, the man had died twice, quit smoking and set up and funeral all in one week. Sometime during the week they had time to talk about their relationship, they were willing to give it a try.

"come on; let's get a seat up front." He said and pulled her towards the front of the church.

"thank you, John." Angela whispered as he sat next to her.

"for what?" he asked fishing through his pockets.

"for getting Isabel this catholic funeral." Angela said smiling as John found what he was looking for and popped some gum in his mouth.

"it was nothing." He said pushing the thank you away.

"no, John it was everything, thank you."

"you're welcome." He said smiling at her, he didn't want her to know that this whole funeral thing was everything, he had to convince the bishop that Isabel hadn't committed suicide, which was hard, then he talked to the priest about Hennessey, saying that he had died trying to help Isabel and not giving her a catholic funeral was a waste of Hennessey's time and life, that had really gotten to father David and he had allowed the funeral to be taken place.

John looked over to Angela and saw her playing with a rose in her hand. "where did that come from?" he asked seeing how her face was all serious, yet empty of all emotion, he had come to learn within the time he'd known her she was thinking about something.

"a little boy, who stopped by to say good bye, he was close friends with Isabel." She answered placing the rose stem behind her ear so the flower rested neatly on the side of her head.

"so what are you thinking about?" John asked looking in her eyes, knowing there was more to the story.

"I was thinking of his eyes." She said turning around and looked at how full the church had become, everyone was there to say good bye to her twin sister, and it caused tears to fall from her eyes.

"what about them?" John asked putting his hand to her right cheek and turned her face to look at his.

"the were green." She said simply and smiled at him.

"what makes that so special?" he asked knowing she was just playing with his head now.

"I knew this guy, he had the same green eyes and the little boys face reminded me of…" she lowered her voice and looked deep into John's eyes, for the first time in all the time she'd known him she saw real concern in them. "Isabel's." she finished and looked back to the door.

"you mean like Isabel was the kids mother?" he asked not understanding what she was getting at.

"I'm not sure." She said, opening her mouth to continue talking but stopped when a voice was heard calling, "left side."

Ok how was that? Should I continue? As for the name "left side" I'll explain that in the next chapter.