A year ago it all happened; Angela had been shot trying to protect the only people she had loved. She had been taken to the E.R. and operated on as quickly as the doctors could get her there, only just saving her life by seconds.

After being released from the hospital, John and her got married and soon adopted Nathan, while Jake rotted in prison. Nathan had become a spoiled child and learned all about his real mother and father, but loved his aunt and uncle like his real mom and dad.

Not too long after getting married Angela became pregnant with twins of her own, a female by the name of Annabelle and a male by the name of Joshua. Nathan became the best big brother ever and learned how to handle his psychic gift as well.

The Constantine family bought a big house near uptown L.A. and lived there, Angela still working for the police station and John still an exorcist. The family was happy and occasionally got visits from Isabel while everyone slept.

Truly god does have a plan for everyone, it only takes belief and a little close listening to get it all in. and that's all John and Angela did.

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