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I Think We're Alone Now

Music blared through the complex's gym as Dean Portman worked on his triceps. Music always made working out go by faster and took his mind off of things, mainly this morning's practice. He and some other recruits meant the rest of team USA for the Junior Goodwill Games. At first, the team hadn't welcomed the recruits with open arms, but that was just fine with him. He was there as an enforcer to intimidate people, not to make friends. Of course this Coach Bombay guy was bent on them working together as a 'team.'

Portman had to admit it wasn't all bad. Fulton seemed cool and they realized they had alot in common when they talked in the locker room. Plus, there were two girls on the team. Connie, of course, was dating Guy for a few years now.

The other girl, Julie, was also a recruit. She was pretty quiet and kept to herself. He had to admit, underneath all that goalie padding she was pretty hot. Especially since she was preparing to workout just meters away from him wearing a pair of cutoff sweatpants and a sportsbra.

they call me doctor love
calling doctor loveeeeee

Julie turned Portman's radio down and walked back over to the mats where she had previously been stretching.

"Hey babe, what's your deal!" He shouted walking back over towards her. Who did this girl think she was?

"Could you show some consideration for everyone else trying to workout?" She asked, continuing to stretch.

"Babe, we're the only people here." He said turning it back up.

"I have a name ya know!"

"What's your problem...you a lesbian?" Portman said coming towards Julie.

Julie's jaw dropped with indignance. "You can't be serious!" This was the same guy who tossed a hockey stick at her and called her 'sweetie' during practice this morning.

"Why else would you have a problem with this?" Portman said as he turned the radio up even louder and flexed his biceps.

I've got the cure you're thinking of
calling doctor loveeeee
the first step of a cure is
a kiss!

"Oh please." Julie said rolling her eyes. "You're so full of yourself." Not that he didn't have every right to be conceited, Julie thought. The boy was practically an Adonis! Tall, dark features and a well-built body was enough to distract any girl during hockey practice.

"You love it..." He said stepping forward and invading her personal space.

"In your dreams Portman." She said turning her back to him. She tried to resume her routine.

"Yeah, in my dreams you have alot less clothing on. However, it's nice to see you without all that padding on."

"God, you're such a Neanderthal!" She said stepping up to him.

"Well you're so uptight!" He said closing the gap between them.