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Author's Note:Yeah, Julie seems a out of character in this chapter, I know, but it's my story so whatever. They're teenagers, deal with it.

I Think We're Alone Now

Julie felt the cold, padded wall against her back as her legs were wrapped around Dean's torso. She felt numb as her entire body went limb in his arms. His lips traced kisses from her lips down to her neck, while his hands helped support her against the wall by resting on her buttock.

How this happened, she had no idea. One minute they were standing in the middle of the gym insulting each other, the next they were lunging at each.

"Oh go back to mommy and daddy in Maine little, rich girl!" He yelled, only inches away from her face.

Julie's eyes narrowed, "Portman, you have no idea what you're talking about. You don't know me!"

"Oh yeah? Lemme guess; private schools, horseback riding lessons, I bet you're parents paid Tibbles off to get you here!" He said. Julie's eyes widened in rage.


Portman had a red mark on his face as Julie stood there with a furious expression on her face. Silence ensued, both taking in the things that had just been said and done.

Suddenly they lips met in a deep, rough kiss.

He grunted as she shifted her hips on his torso and tore off the bandana on his head. He continued to kiss her neck as she ran her hands through his wet hair.

While this was going on Dean's cd player was still going.

walking down this rocky road
wonderin' where my life is leading
rolling on to the bitter end
finding out along the way
what it takes to keep love living
you should know how it feels my friend

Dean set her down on the ground so she was standing between him and the wall. He slipped one hand up her sportsbra and cupped her breast, he was surprised at its fullness and started to stoke her nipple.

"Portman...sto..oh God..." She moaned as he continued to play with her taut breasts.

"What do you want me to do baby?" He asked barely above a whisper. His hot breath tickled her ear, driving Julie crazy. She arched her back, thrusting her hips against his.

I want you to stay
I want you today
I'm ready for love
oh baby I'm ready for love

God, Dean knew what he was doing! She started to wonder how many girls he had been with. And just how old was he? Obviously he was in highschool, but come on, puberty came early for this boy.

ready for love
oh baby I'm ready for love
oh, for your love

What was happening? She had never acted this way with other boys. To be honest, she never had a steady boyfriend because she devoted a majority of her time to hockey and school.

Another thing bothered her: He knew all the right thigs to say and do, how could he NOT be a virgin. What was she doing? This was DEAN PORTMAN, and she wasn't going to allow herself to be another notch on his belt!

"Wait, stop!" Julie said pulling away.

"Hmmm?" He said

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