Trouble With a Capital T

By: Gmusick

Chapter 04: Mornings Should Never Be This Exciting

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Haku would not have been regarded by her fellow shinobi as a generational genius without a lack of awe-inspiring results. Her missions were always completed with a speed and precision that made some of her seniors green with envy. No details were ever left unturned in her pursuit. And because of her unknown parentage, that only added to the whispers.

Frankly, Haku didn't give a shit.

As unladylike as that sounded, that was as blunt as she could make it. People saw what they wanted to see when it came to her. Led by their eyes, they took one glance at a picture and took that one time to formulate a lasting perception that would take weeks of change to fix. Haku had no time for such trivialities.

As she greeted the morning from the window in the apartment she and the Sand representative Temari would be housed in during their stay, Haku sat on the windowsill, admiring the beautiful morning at its dawn.

Continuing on with her former thoughts of perception she looked down at herself. Clad in a beautiful kimono, raven-black hair flowing down her back, and beautiful brown eyes, she was the picture of feminine domesticity. A home, two children to look after while her husband worked a number of jobs to bring in the income. That is what they saw when given a first glance. Not knowing she was the second-in-command to the leader of Kirigakure's Seven Legendary Swordsmen.

That at nineteen she had accomplished feats very few in the militaristic nation could hope to match.

Or that her mother was killed by her father's best friend.

That she spent the greater part of her years working undercover to bring down one of Kiri's most dangerous opponents.

Haku was, who she was because her childhood had been shattered one morning when both her and her mother were sent into hiding because of a coup against her father;, the Kage had almost succeeded.

As she thought of this, a frown began to mar her beautiful features, and her hands that gave no outward signs of her true profession were clenched into fists.

"It's too early in the morning to be up. What are you doing?"

Haku released a tense breath, smiling at her new roommate. After Naruto disappeared on the two of them yesterday and the two female interlopers left them in peace,. she and Temari were granted a chance to get to know each other, and Haku could say with the utmost certainty that she enjoyed her time with the kunoichi. She had a brilliant mind, was extremely adept at her art, aspiring to make her village a better place, and loved her family, even with their odd eccentrics. That was enough to let Haku know just what type of person she was and was the deciding factor in Haku voicing her idea of them sharing a home.

Not only did it allow them to watch each others back in a foreign country in case of any attacks, but as Haku noticed yesterday, it helped the two of them provide an effective front against any male foolish enough to try any groping, though one of them was more than enough to handle such a situation.

"Just thinking. It is a beautiful morning, is it not?"

Her blonde-haired roommate walked the short distance to the window, and stood next to her one leg that was dangling from the side. "It does look nice. We don't get weather like this at home. Nothing but sand and sun all day, everyday."

Haku nodded her head. "After the winter winds and storms leave, there are two months of the most beautiful weather one could ask for. But, then the fog comes around and the village is lost to the weather of our country. It can be frustrating most times."

Temari's lips twitched into a smirk. "I'll bet."

Haku never took her eyes away from the horizon. "You know, if he chooses you, you would wake up to this everyday."

"It has crossed my mind. But that is no guarantee. I didn't know his situation was so…" Temari paused to find the right word.

"Chaotic," Haku helpfully finished for her.

"Yeah," Temari said, looking irritated and rightfully so. "Those two girls from the ramen stand, and from the looks of it the female ramen vendor has a thing for him too. We saw him being led by the bubblegum-haired girl to her home. And last night I managed to find his home… there was a female voice inside different from anyone else we heard."

Temari didn't fail to see Haku tense up. "Were they…"

"No. He sounded more annoyed than anything and I heard him telling her he would sleep on his floor."

Haku shook her head, her expression contemplative. "We have to find out what is going on here. Tsunade-sama did not tell us there would be this level of competition. I was prepared to counter the actions by the one known as Tenten."

Temari agreed. "I agree. The last time I was here no one was interested in him, not romantically and he had very few friends from what I remember. Some people hated him and still do. What brought about such a drastic change is what I want to know."

"Perhaps seeing him after such a long separation brought such a change."

Temari frowned at that. "Then there are some really fickle girls living in this village."

"I rather believe that that they finally got a clue. Even had I not found out about his particular situation, I would have readily accepted this chance to become his betrothed."

Temari glanced down at the Mist-nin. "You have it bad for him don't you. Not to sound too candid, but you don't seem to go for the oblivious, super-strong type."

Haku smirked. "True, but you wouldn't have entertained this idea if you had not found something in him worth pursuing as well."

"What do you mean by that?" Temari asked, feigning ignorance of the implication.

"You brother cares for his village, but your future means more to him than he leads anyone to believe. Had you truly not wanted this, he would have went along with your wishes." Haku leaned forward and whispered. "What is it? What made you acquiesce to this avenue?"

Temari debated whether to lie outright or just continuing acting as if she had no idea to what Haku was referring to. True, this woman from the village they once considered a hostile was nice enough, but Temari had been trained since she could walk to consider everyone an enemy. A skill made entirely too easy when your younger brother was mentally unstable, and strong enough to wipe out an entire village. Added to her reservations was that the woman was part of the competition.

But Temari was willing to take a chance, though the last time she did was with a pineapple-headed chuunin, and things hadn't worked out that well. The girl gave her no reason to doubt her sincerity and there was only so much subterfuge one could hide to well-trained eyes. Her cheery personality was a sharp contrast to the true extent of her skill and profession, providing a welcome change, she thought.

"I can't just pinpoint one thing about him." Temari began almost reluctantly. "He's just so different from anyone else I've ever known or met. He's changed my brother in ways that would never have been possible if he hadn't been beaten. So… if it is anything specific it's his strength. You know the story about their Hokage?"

Haku quirked an eyebrow in question.

"Tsunade-sama was brought back by Naruto. She left because of her brother's death, but somehow he managed to bring her back when she had no intentions of returning."

"A believable story considering the topic," Haku smiled.

"Just like that. You believe me without any cross examination," Temari asked.

Haku nodded. "I would not be here if I did not believe he was capable of such."

Temari said nothing, simply taking Haku's words for face value, somewhat envious of the other girl's easy belief in someone they barely knew.

"Now that I think about it,. you never did finish telling me that story about why Naruto was so surprised to see you."

Looking outside their window, Haku could see the sun rising above the Hokage mountain memorial and stood up as well. The day was beginning and there were numerous places she wanted to see during her visit. Naruto's well-placed distraction helped him avoid the task but there would be none of that this day. All obstacles would be moved without the slightest hesitation.

"Temari-san, we have a long day ahead of us. Naruto-kun will not escape our clutches this day."

Haku stood and gracefully made her way into the restroom to freshen up when she paused. "Dress nicely. We are making him our own personal tour guide for the rest of the day and then I'll tell you both the story over dinner."

The young man the beautiful duo were just discussing was caught up in another predicament.

Naruto could sleep pretty much anywhere at anytime. It was something he learned at an early age. When he lived in the orphanage, he was never given the regular bed everyone else had, and he would be lucky to get a bedroll. As a child he simply took it as normal, never questioning until he grew to understand what was going on. However by then such things never bothered him.

As he groggily woke up, the smell of breakfast, something other than his glorious ramen, made him crack open a grime-encrusted eyelid to see what was going on. Vision blurry, he tried to focus on the womanly shape that bustled its way around his small home.

Sitting up, he turned his head and caught the eye of the unknown interloper.

"Morning, Naruto-sama. I have gone and prepared a breakfast for you."


Kin gaped openmouthed as Naruto began running around his room in circles, screaming his head off as if he had been set on fire. The first few seconds, she merely sat back and watched in amusement, but when the seconds turned into minutes and there was still no sign of him stopping, Kin decided to help him out. On his latest revolution around the room, Kin simply held out the frying pan she used to make breakfast.

The resounding clang was loud enough to make her ears ring.

Kin looked down at his sprawled out form, taking a second to marvel at Naruto's continually changing physique. The last time they were together was a little over three or fours months ago, and she remembered walking in on him bathing in one of the local streams. After being with that perverted teacher of his for so long, his body was beginning to show the results of his constant training.

Looking at him now, she could see for herself that he was not slacking in his training in the slightest, not if those amazing abs of his were any indication.

Grinning, Kin took a seat on those beautiful stomach muscles of his. "Now that you have stopped screaming like a mad banshee, I have fixed you breakfast. Are you hungry?"

Naruto tried rubbing away the reddening bruise on his forehead, frowning when he winced at the slight contact. "You didn't have to hit me so hard, Kin."

"You wouldn't stop unless I did something. What were you screaming about in the first place?"

Naruto's eyes widened in shock. "Hello! Girl, in my home, in my clothes, cooking breakfast! That doesn't seem weird to you?"

Kin thought about it for a second. "Not really. You are a teenager. And I thought boys your age loved stuff like this?" she said, slowly drawing a finger along Naruto's bare chest.

Displaying one of the very reasons he was loved by all women, and thought mentally unstable by his male counterparts, he said, "Stuff like what? I can cook my own breakfast. And ramen tastes really, really good in the morning."

An involuntary muscle twitch tightened Kin's grip on the frying pan to almost Tsunade-like levels. "This entire situation isn't tempting you at all, is it?"

Naruto scratched the tip of his nose, giving her a lighthearted grin. "Umm… I am kind of hungry…"

Kin sighed at the hopelessness of trying to sexually excite someone as dense as Uzumaki Naruto. She stood up and walked into his small kitchen. "Your food is ready."

"Did you fix me a special, one of a kind ramen?" Naruto asked, his eyes filled with sparkles in his eagerness.

The slight wrenching noise was the metal grip finally giving under the extreme duress. 'No, and if you don't want to bleed your brains out your ears you'll try it yourself,' Kin muttered under her breath. Aloud. she said "I prepared one of the meals my late mother taught me before she passed. I thought it would help you before you began your day, Naruto-sama."

Naruto looked up, noticing the slight sheen of tears and like any other male sucker, he was moved by such an act of kindness.

"Don't worry, Kin-chan. I know it'll taste the best. Good thing I'm really hungry." As if to help punctuate that fact, his stomach produced one of the most agonizing wails Kin had ever heard.

"When was the last time you ate, Naruto-sama?"

Naruto pondered for a split second. "I remember. It was yesterday afternoon. Sakura-chan cooked and invited me over. It was really weird though. She cooked so much food and her parents didn't come back home like she thought. I couldn't turn it down."

Kin didn't voice her feelings on the matter but internally she could just picture what happened. If she remembered correctly, Sakura was the pink-haired girl, the one her teammates nearly killed in the Chuunin exams. From the first glance she had loathed the girl. Knowing she had no idea what being a shinobi truly meant. She carried herself as if life was some big, beautiful dream to her and Kin had wanted to smudge that picture in so much dirt.

Who knew what her personality was like since that event, and personally, Kin didn't care. As long as she kept her handmade dinners, and weak excuses to crowd Naruto-sama's attention to herself, then there would be no problems.

Naruto blinked his eyes in confusion when he could see Kin grinding her teeth in a near snarl, a good-sized, almost translucent aura of anger rolling off her in waves.

"Um…. Are we eating?"

As if someone turned a light switch, Kin blinked and gave him one of her most awe-inspiring smiles.

'Wow. How did she do that?'

Instead of voicing his question out loud, Naruto simply chalked it up to one of those things about girls he would never understand and forgot about it.

"Kin-chan I…."

There was a knock at his door that pulled both their attention. Standing up, Naruto walked to the door, mindless of his current undressed state, wondering who would be coming to his home this early in the morning. Pulling the door open, Naruto jerked back from the early morning sunlight in his face.

Ayame stared at the blonde, her eyes continually drifting down to the lower region of his body. 'OH MY GOD. ! Naruto-kun is hot.!' She couldn't help the mental feminine squeal of girliness. 'I came at the perfect time. Now if he would just grab me, spin me inside the house, slam the door, and rip off my clo…..'

Gathering her slowly eroding thoughts, Ayame refocused her attention on those beautiful blue eyes. "Naruto-kun, I apologize for coming at such an inopportune time, but I thought you would love a specially made breakfast."

Naruto took a small sniff, the appealing smells hitting his nose like nothing else. His eyes slowly growing in size till they almost reached his eyebrows, Naruto reached forward as if he were touching a scroll containing the ultimate jutsu.

Wiping the small dabble of drool from his mouth he asked, "What flavor is this?"

Ayame smiled, leaning forward till their noses were almost touching. She couldn't stop her internal laughing at Naruto's reaction. Naruto kept trying to pull his attention away from the steaming bowl in her hands. His eyes darting to her own, before shifting back to the bowl.

When it looked he was locked in some sort of trance, Ayame decided to see if she could come in. "Um… Naruto-kun, you don't think I could…."

Suddenly, there was a very female sounding voice in the rear. Ayame craned her neck to the side, and almost snarled at the sight.

Kin, who had started toward the door, paused. As if drawn by some primal force neither could even begin to understand, they immediately launched at each other throwing punches, kicks, biting, pulling hair, anything to gain an advantage. Blows exchanging in a rapid fire musical of fist meeting flesh. Naruto had never seen anything like it.

Both girls started panting, exhaustion setting in, and could only glare at the other. Summoning up the last vestiges of strength within themselves, they started a mad dash at the other, fists cocked back for maximum black-eye potential. When they were only inches away their arms shot forward, like pistons, catching the other point blank in the face, the punches having enough power to send both corkscrewing into the walls of his apartment.

Naruto looked around home, whistling at the damage.

"Woah! Who knew Ayame could kick ass."

Naruto blinked his eyes, and was presented with a much more believable picture. 'Forgot Ayame hasn't had any ninja training. Hehehe.'




"Naruto, don't you have anything to say?" an exasperated Ayame asked before Kin took the frying pan to the back of his head from the looks of it.

There was a bowl of ramen, very good ramen in his humble opinion, in his hand, and if he was right two agitated girls waiting for him to say something. This situation was bad enough that even he could see the bad results that could easily happen. His options of getting out were limited. Thinking quickly, Naruto tried to recall the various ways he'd seen his perverted sensei get out of similar situations. He could feel the answer on the edge of his mind, just waiting to be grabbed.

If only.

"Naruto, I didn't know you were having guests this morning." Haku said as she and Temari approached the scene. Her voice light and cheerful, but the glint in her eyes signaling that all was not well. Temari stood right next to the Mist kunoichi, the severe frown on her face leaving her dislike for the women, especially Kin who still was dressed in his shirt, present for all to see.

And as all this happened, Naruto was painfully aware his ramen was getting colder by the second.

"Why me."

No one answered him. The young women were too busy glaring at each other, battle auras flaring.

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