Title: Paint it Black

Disclaimer::Blows hair out of face: I am not the creator of Card Captor Sakura, merely borrowing the characters and bending them to my will and fit this cliché plot. This piece of fiction is made purely for the enjoyment of writing it and for readers who choose to read it. No money is to be made of it.

Rating: T (13+). This fanfiction is suitable for teenagers, 13 years and older. With some violence, minor coarse language and minor suggestive adult themes. Role on the good times, baby!

Warning: Apart from the fact that this has to be the most cliché plot out there in the universe of fiction, there will be course language, some serious OOC due to the fact that I'm new at this fandom (and I want them to act like this, so nyah!). There will also be some mild sexual references (you know, the usual kissing, cuddling, boys shoving girls up against walls in bouts of lust and all that lovely stuff).

Summary: Syaoran and Sakura were best friends as kids but High school tore them apart. Now they're separated by popularity. She's a prep, he's a punk. Fate means to reunite them. Includes prank wars, parties, snowball fights and chocolate hearts

Genre: A little bit of everything, I'm afraid. There's romance, the usual feelings, kissing, cuddles, the fuzzies, and all the good stuff. There's Drama, pranks of the childish kind, dates that go horribly wrong, and generally dramaness. There's also humour, cynicism, sarcasm, and general snarkiness. I will probably throw in a bit of angst because I like being cruel to the characters. Ahem, moving on.

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Chapter one

Blame it on Karma

Of all the most horrific tortures in the entire world, early mornings had to be the worst. Who could possibly survive under such a blow as getting up at 7 o'clock in the morning and faced with the prospect of dragging yourself out of the comfort and warmth of your bed and spending eight hours in cold classrooms, eating toxic waste known as cafeteria food and learning things like tangents that you probably wouldn't use in real life anyway?

It just isn't fair, god dammit.

Bee-bee-beep! Bee-bee-beep!

And that, dear friends, is the sound of doom. Also known as the alarm clock. Beneath the mass of warm blankets, I attempted to resurface, my hair plastered across my face and obstructing my vision. I threw my arm out, after spectacularly failing at sorting out what is commonly known as bed-hair, and groped around my bedside table, knocking off a load of things that I hoped wasn't fragile, all in the name of silencing the beast. After a few moments my questing hand caught the annoying mechanical item and tried to find the button to shut it off.

No such luck.

My nerves begin to frazzle under the pressure. When after a few futile attempts to shut the damn thing up the alarm was still beeping and I growled and yanked the alarm, cord and all, beneath the covers with me, hoping to find the button with closer inspection.

Bee-bee-beep! Bee-bee-be ---

Thank the lord, it finally shut up. Now, where was I? Oh yes, the most important activity to any teenager.


A light rapping at the bedroom door sounded at what seemed only five minutes later and I pulled the covers down so only my eyes were seen. It opened to reveal a short girl with beautiful violet eyes, a warm smile and long silky raven black hair. Her smile widened at the sight of me still in bed.

I groaned at seeing Tomoyo and attempted to burrow back into the warmth and loose myself in the sanctuary of unconsciousness.

"Oh no, you don't" Tomoyo admonished as she yanked my blankets off of me and I rolled into a tight ball, cursing her with colourful words that would have made my father blush had he been at home. Thankfully he had gone to work early.

"Good morning to you, too!" Tomoyo greeted cheerfully. "And how are you this fine day?"

I answered her with a death glare of doom. It should be illegal to be that happy in the morning. It made one feel nauseous. Taking a look at the alarm clock that was left in a heap on the floor, I groaned at Tomoyo, "Why the hell are you up at seven in the morning? In fact, why the hell are you waking me up at seven?"

"Because you'd never get your lazy butt out of bed, dressed and to school on time if I didn't," Tomoyo returned with a cheeky grin. "Now go get ready for the first day of our final year and I'll make coffee to keep you awake through it. You look like the living dead, Hun."

"I feel like it too. I have no idea why they start school at this ungodly hour… no, scratch that. I know exactly why they do. They do it to punish us for being young and beautiful." I grumbled and finally peeled myself away from my mattress and made my way to my closet. Throwing the doors open, I began rooting around for something to wear that wasn't wrinkled or had any toothpaste stains on it.

"I wonder at all that pent up anger, Sakura. You're going to grow up a bitter old hag with only your cats to keep you company." Tomoyo managed to dodge the pillow that was aimed at her head as she ducked out of the room and ran down stairs laughing madly.

My bedroom was a motley place albeit somewhat disorganized. It was a loft space with a low slanted ceiling that rose up into a peak over the middle of the room. I had a Japanese style bed that was low to the floor and illuminated by three of the track lights that were fixed to the sloping roof above, casting the unmade black and red sheets in a muted orange glow. The walls were a nice crème colour that had a deep red accent wall that the headboard of the bed was against, contrasting nicely with the dark furniture.

Pulling on a clean tight white halter-top that showed off my small slender frame and a black and light blue quarter-length surfer board shorts. I checked myself in the mirror. I'm short for a seventeen year old, but I hoped the curves I did have would make up for it. Looking approvingly, I turned and grabbed a hairbrush to run through my shoulder length cinnamon coloured hair before pulling it up into a messy ponytail that had tendrils framing my face.

Falling to my knees, I began to shove the rest of my school supplies into my school bag, a rather beaten up old thing that had many badges and key chains hanging from it. I would buy a new one, but I was getting attached to it so I didn't bother.

Stumbling down the stairs fifteen minutes later, I followed the alluring scent of coffee from the kitchen. "Good as ever," I complimented, taking a sip, the light surge of energy warming through my veins. "I don't know if I'll ever find anyone else who can brew a cup of coffee the way you do and pour it just the way I like it, lots of cream, no sugar."

Tomoyo laughed from her spot by the sink, rinsing out the mug she had used to fill herself a cup with. "Well, you've got your coffee and now you're dressed," she said, turning around as she shook her hands dry, "so let's get going. You don't want to be late on the first day back in the New Year!"

"You'd be surprised," I muttered as Tomoyo led the way to the front door. Tomoyo picked up her blue backpack from the spot she had left it and threw it over a shoulder, opening the door and stepping outside, slowly meandering down the driveway towards the main street. I soon came out with a pair of skates attached to my feet as I struggled with tying the laces while I rolled after Tomoyo. Not an easy feat, I can tell you.

We walked (I skated) down the empty sidewalk, past a row of sleepy townhouses that were still dark in the early morning.

"Do you think our last year will be the best?" Tomoyo asked, a thoughtful frown marring her clear perfect features.

I turned around so I was skating backwards facing her. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you always see those teen flicks about a group of students who are out to make their last year in school to be the best ever. You know, going out and partying, shop 'til you drop, cutting classes to go to the beach yadda yadda. Are we going to do stuff like that?"

I shrugged. "Who knows? I suppose we will definitely have to do something special. You know, to be remembered when we're gone and living the life of powerful successful women." We grinned at each other.


My back smacked into something quite solid, heard a muffled 'oof!' that wasn't my own and I was suddenly fumbling around the ground after a heavy impact, trying to find my bearings. Groaning in pain, I felt the hard ground beneath me and cursing the day sidewalks were invented in place of nice, soft dirt roads…

"Oh my god, Sakura are you all right?" I heard Tomoyo's concerned voice through my dizziness.

Glancing up, shielding my eyes against both the early morning sunlight, I tried to make out the form of what I had bumped into. My stomach clenched when I realized it was a person, who was now brushing himself off rather stiffly. Opening my mouth to apologize, I was cut off when the stranger spoke first. "Watch it, princess," a deep and slightly nasal voice whispered, though to my ears, it sounded more like a purr than a whisper.

I did a double take when I realized that pleasing lilt was coming from none other than Li Syaoran. Just as I was about to snort and give him an indignant display of coldness, I took a proper look at Syaoran, perhaps the only time I took to see what my childhood friend had become.

He simply took my breath away.

I had never seen such a devastatingly good-looking human being in all my existence. The vision I beheld was most certainly nowhere near what I had been expecting to find. With mahogany brown hair falling in disarray over a pair of hauntingly beautiful oriental eyes of an unusual amber colour, the slender boy was amazingly gorgeous, sculpted out of pure hewn muscle, emphasised by a tight black t-shirt with the 'Misfits' band logo on the chest and a pair of baggy black jeans with different assortment of chains. Eyes wide with amazement, I had trouble convincing myself that this dark haired Adonis was the same guy who used to be the one I told all of my deepest secrets to and in the end cast me aside like a used toy. Then again, I noted how Syaoran's full red lips were locked in a tight frown and revaluated that prior statement. He had grown up to be an asshole. He was glaring condescendingly down at me; a cigarette was dangling from one hand.

Okay, ew. Seriously bad habit that ruins the whole image.

"You should watch it," I told him smartly, finally reacting to his earlier comments. "You know, to make sure that no one's coming hurtling towards you that you can't see."

"Just stay the hell out of my way." Syaoran replied as he sent me a disdainful look, before turning around and walking away with two other teenagers that I normally saw him hanging around with. One was undoubtedly Eriol with his blue-black hair that covered his dark eyes and the other was Kai, a tall guy who had the same lithe frame as Syaoran, with black emo-styled hair (long at the front, spiky at the back) and cobalt blue eyes and never spoke much.

When I realized they were walking away as though nothing had happened, I bristled, unable to keep my already short temper from snapping. "Hey Syaoran! Aren't you going to help a lady up?"

"I don't see a lady," was the reply, and he smirked back at me like the jerk he is, barely inclining his head in my direction. "Just some little kid that still needs training wheels on her skates."

That's nice. I'm feeling the love emanating from him. No, really!

"You moron, you can't have training wheels on skates!" I retorted as I pulled myself up and arranged my bag back over my shoulder. Syaoran and his cronies just laughed and disappeared around the corner. "God dammit!" I yelled my frustration.

Tomoyo came up behind me and patted my shoulder sympathetically. "I guess some things never change." Tomoyo sighed. "Even at seventeen you guys can't seem to be civil to each other."

"It's his fault, if he wasn't so damn confrontational we could just go about our ways happily. You know what would make this the best year ever?"

Tomoyo looked at me nervously, catching the wicked gleam in my eyes. "What?" she asked uncertainly.

"If a hole would open up in the ground and swallow the little git."

Tomoyo laughed softly. "Something tells me that the hole will come off worse than Syaoran."

The first day back was always the most boring day in the year with collecting schedules, meeting your new teachers, going over the whole year's plan, blah blah blah. I hadn't had the chance to speak properly with my friends until lunchtime. I found them sitting in a huddle at a table at the back of the busy cafeteria, laughing and joking together.

Smiling widely, I bounced over to them and stood to attention in front of them, saluting the girls. "Sakura Kinomoto, reporting for duty!" I said in my best gruff army general voice.

The other girls rolled their eyes good-naturedly at my antics. Rika stood grinning at me; her red-brown hair done in long waves, her eyes shining with a childish happiness that I found infectious. She wore tight blue quarter length jeans, white sandals and a light blue thin cotton top. "At ease, soldier!" she teased.

Behind her, Naoko managed to raise her eyes from a large textbook in her lap and smiled in way of greeting, her wire-framed glasses flashing in the light, before she buried her nose back into her book, her dark brown hair acting like a curtain to hide her face. She wore a long denim skirt with black boots and a white blouse.

Chiharu was sat beside Naoko and she waved at me with a little grin. Her brown hair was done in twisting bunches. She wore a preppy sweater with a tight top beneath it and a knee length lightweight skirt.

Once the greetings were done and dusted, I sat down next to Tomoyo and proceeded to dig through my bag for my lunch. I pulled out my Sandwiches triumphantly and began munching it and ignoring the incredulous stares the others were passing my way.

"Dude, I get all of your CD's," Rika said, shaking her head as I kept on shovelling down the sandwich, not even pausing to breathe or to wipe my mouth. Tomoyo watched in amazement, absently nibbling at her own sandwich.

She and Rika weren't the only ones watching me with a mixture of disgust and awe;

Naoko was intent and open-mouthed at the spectacle, while Chiharu wrinkled her nose in distaste, trying to look away and failing miserably.

What you have to understand is that the school doesn't like it when you bring your own food in, so it tends to get confiscated and probably eaten by the teachers or something. You have to eat it quickly before it's taken away from you or your forced to eat the crap they dish out here.

The cafeteria at Tomoeda High served very unique food, which in most cases had adverse effects on the students' health. I had learned this within days of arriving.

The large room itself was a plain affair, and although it had a lunch line and salad bar, the teachers insisted that it be called the 'dining hall'. Ms. Frean, the headmistress,

had even seen to it that the tables and benches were arranged to make many small dining tables that sat eight students each. It was supposed to keep the students civilised when eating their dinners, but it hasn't stopped some colossal food frights from breaking out.

Although Tomoeda High School was a large, two-story school, with lockers, a gymnasium, "dining hall" and a common room, students were not permitted to loiter in any of these areas unless a teacher supervised them. They were not allowed to get their books from their lockers during the day, and the common room was locked to both the juniors and the seniors with the rare exception. The only place to go was the library, where you got kicked out if you said even one word, let alone laughed out loud.

And once you got past the stupid laws and rules, there were the teachers and classes to contend with. The first teacher to come to mind is Ms. Frean, who was known by all, and disliked by most. She was a stocky woman, with a squished nose, bleached blonde hair and always wore suits that were two sizes tow small for her. There's no point to trying to get on Ms. Frean's good side once her mind was made up. After an unfortunate problem with a faulty fire foam extinguisher that happened to spray its contents all over Ms. Frean while it was on my hand, she hasn't liked me since. Even when I had held the door open for her that morning, the woman had managed a snide, "I was right in thinking those detentions would do some good. You're already learning to be a better person, Sakura Kinomoto." Instead of trying to play the butt-kissing idiot, I worked out a system of avoiding the insufferable woman, which wasn't hard considering her voice could be heard carrying over the stairs as she lectured some poor unsuspecting junior.

As if it wasn't enough to have to listen to Frean tirade about school values on a personal basis, she was also in charge of the almost daily school assemblies and a special general instruction each week for each grade. It counted as a class and in it, she tried to indoctrinate them to the behaviour she wanted them to accustom themselves to.

Only one other teacher riled me as much as Frean did, and that was Mrs. Chambers, who was not only my math teacher, but taught the physical science class as well. It was obvious from the way the woman treated me during class, that like Frean, she was a first-impression type of person.

I finally looked up; getting bored with all of the stares "What?"

"Do you have a death wish?" Tomoyo asked.

"No, but I do have a math quiz third period after lunch," I replied matter-of-factly.

Rika frowned comically. "Point taken. Maybe I should have some of that too."

"With what you're eating, I'm surprised you haven't died yet," Naoko remarked, eying my sandwich warily. "That's disgusting."

"Hey, there is nothing wrong with a Gut-Buster!" I protested, taking a large bite out of said sandwich to prove my point, while making dramatic noises of content. Naoko made a face and looked away, only looking back again when I had swallowed. "Try some!"

The hazel-eyed girl shrank away when I offered her the sandwich, and shuddered. "Cheese, pickles and mustard do not make a sandwich."

"Sure they do!"

"Ignore her, Naoko doesn't eat anything but air," Chiharu mumbled.

"Not true! C'mon; look at it, it's revolting!"

"It's perfectly healthy," I rolled my eyes.

"How? It looks like a lethal chemical combo," Naoko remarked. "I'm surprised it doesn't come with a Bio-Hazard sticker." With a smirk, I picked apart my sandwich. "Stop it, that's gross!"

"I'm just trying to show you the basic health points," I grinned, gesturing in an over-dramatic way as I went over the dynamics of my sandwich. Beside me, Tomoyo and Rika were sniggering in amusement. "See, there are four basic food-groups-all in one sandwich! Pickles are veggies, the cheese covers dairy, the bread covers the grain, and --- "

I stopped talking as I suddenly felt the sandwich fly out of my hand in back of me somewhere. There was a muffled 'plop', a curse and a clatter behind me.

Wincing, I noticed the expressions on my friend's faces, slowly turning around to check out the damage I had caused.

The scene would have been funny if it hadn't been so serious.

Syaoran, who seemed to have been on his way past the teachers table to his own friends', stood as though he had been turned to stone, creamy white mushroom-rice surprise slopped all down his front to puddle both around his feet, and down the back of Ms. Frean's pantsuit. The woman was having a total meltdown, craning around trying to figure out where the stuff had been spilled on her. Syaoran, on the other hand, seemed to recover from his shock and had whipped his head around, eyes fastening on to my form.

"I'd run if I were you," Tomoyo's voice said from somewhere behind.

I nodded. "Way ahead of you."

I ducked down under the table, my face turning red. Feeling a giddy sense of mischief and fighting down a nervous giggle, I heard the sudden burst of laughter from all sides of the cafeteria. I crawled through the various pairs of legs at my table, intent on escaping from beneath and sprinting to the safety of the halls before either of my unwitting victims could catch up to me.

Wrenching myself from beneath the table, I was ready to run when the sound of someone clearing their throat above me made me look up and wince. Syaoran was leaning over me, glaring. The mushroom-rice surprise that was still drenching him was already beginning to become crusty on his clothing.

I'm not going to say anything remotely sexual about that, because this story has a rating of PG-13, but those of you with a dirty mind as I have will probably get it.

"Wow, what happened to you?" I asked innocently, feeling my face turning a darker red than before. I hoped he would take it as being out of breath and quickly stood up, hoping that the quick rush of air would cool my cheeks.

"Nice try, Princess," he said coldly, towering over me. "What did I tell you about not getting in my way?"

"Uh, not to?" I volunteered, my eyes flicking to Frean who was being aided by two teachers, fighting them off of her because they seemed to be obstacles in her intent to make it over towards us. "Why are we having a review of this? I didn't go anywhere near you or get in your way."

"It's not easy to miss your face in the crowd, mostly because of the interesting colour it is right now," My face flushed even darker at this. "Besides, I'm not blind, I saw you." He moved and for a moment I thought that he was going to walk away after just giving me a warning.

Definitely the wrong thought.

He had reached over casually and plucked a carton of milk off of Chiharu's plate, and before I knew what was happening, I felt a thick, gluttonous trickle dripping over my hair, down my neck and between my eyes and nose. He sent me a malicious look as I sputtered indignantly.

"I'm not going to be the only one walking around like this," he said, pressing the now empty carton into my hands. "But wait a sec…I have a change of clothes…"

Leaving me standing tensely in the middle of the cafeteria, my feet rooted to the ground, still noticing the slow drip-drip of the milk down the bridge of my nose, Syaoran made his way towards the doors of the cafeteria.

"Well that was enlightening," I heard Rika say sarcastically under her breath, nearly unheard by all the laughter in the cafeteria.

I clenched my fists, dropping the carton and before I thought better of it, had snatched a chunk of bread from Chiharu's plate and lobbed it through the air, hitting Syaoran squarely in the back of the head.

"Miss Kinomoto!"

I winced, and slowly turned around to face the none-too-pleased headmistress, who was still covered in the remnants of the meal Syaoran had spilled on her and tapping her foot expectantly.

"I will see you in my office right now," the woman breathed, her nostrils flaring, and I nodded miserably.

Either God hates me or I have seriously bad karma.

To Be Continued…

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