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Chapter 12: Commando

Roy always hated getting out of bed in the mornings, and today was no exception. It had actually become harder to get up with Riza sleeping next to him. She was great company, there when he woke and when he went to sleep. He lay in bed thinking about what he could do to avoid work, when a small whine forced him to drag himself out of bed and away from his companion. Careful not to disturb her, Roy tucked the blankets around Riza's body before following Hayate to the kitchen and letting him out the door. Sighing Roy left the door open just enough for the dog to get back inside and returned to his room. Thankful Riza was still asleep, Roy walked over to a set of draws, opening one to grab a pair of boxers. He blinked, noticing the draw was empty. He closed it and opened another, still no boxers. "17 pairs of boxers and I cant find a single one." He muttered, grabbing his uniform.

He walked to the bathroom and dropped his uniform onto the basin top, then turned the water on. Sighing he slipped out of the boxers he was wearing and under the warm spray of water. A bright bottle caught his attention as he turned to look at the usually empty shower shelf. Three bottles sat neatly on it, and he picked up the first. "Strawberry and watermelon body wash? So that's why she smells so sweet all the time." He thought aloud. Setting the bottle down he picked the next up. "Strawberry scented shampoo, well at least I know something new about her, she likes strawberries." He smiled, setting it down and ignoring the last.

Reaching for the soap, he lathered up his hair and the rest of his body. Rinsing all soap of he turned the water off and grabbed a towel to dry his body. "Now, what do to about boxers." He wondered, looking around the room. Wearing the same boxers twice was gross, even by his standards. Realising he hadn't done washing for a few weeks, he decided to go without and quickly through his uniform on. Grabbing the dirty towels and throwing them in the washing hamper, he carried the hamper to the one door Riza hadn't yet opened – the laundry. Checking what was already in the machine, Roy saw his spare uniform and the rest of his boxers. Throwing the towels onto the floor he put the rest of the clothes into the washer. Seeing it wasn't quite full, he decided to leave a note for Riza saying if she wanted to do some washing, there was almost a full load.

Heading towards the kitchen, he saw an impatient Black Hayate looking at him, waiting for breakfast. Smiling, Roy walked into the kitchen with Hayate hot on his heels. Dishing out some food into the dog's bowl, he cooked himself some toast and began to write his note to Riza. "Hayate, you plan on following me to work today?" he asked the dog. Hayate yipped happily and Mustang scribbled down that Hayate was with him at central. Re-reading the note, Roy quickly finished his toast and poured a drink of milk. Looking over at the sink, he saw a lot of dirty dishes and added some more to the note. Drinking the milk he walked towards his bedroom once more to check on Riza. He smiled, Riza looked so peaceful. Moving over to the bed he brushed a few stands of hair off her face and pulled the blankets over her body once more.

Looking at his pocket watch, Roy decided to go to work early and left the room. Reaching the front door he pulled his boots on and called to Hayate who bounded happily towards him. The two left walking slowly towards central, Roy thinking aloud and Hayate yipping in response to any questions. "So, take her out for tea tonight or tomorrow night, Hayate?" Roy asked, seeing the central headquarters ahead. Hayate barked and Roy guessed it was dog for "tonight." He laughed, "Okay, tonight it is. You just have to remind me." Ascending the front steps quickly, Roy and Black Hayate entered the building and looked around, it was surprisingly quiet. Then again, who else was going to go to work at 7:30am when they didn't have to be there until 9am. "I wonder what time everyone else starts arriving." He wondered aloud, walking towards Hughes' office. On the way he passed two junior officers who were asleep on their desks.

Walking into Maes' office, Roy looked around. The walls were filled with books, as was the desk. Behind the books on the desk, you could barely see Maes Hughes; asleep like the other two officers he'd seen. "And he says I'm lazy." Roy muttered, walking over to the older male. "Hayate, wake him up would you?" Hayate barked in response and started tugging on the leg of Maes' pants. When that failed, her started barking very loudly. After several minutes, Hayate gave up. Roy let out a sigh and left the room, returning with a glass of water. "You do it to me, I'll do it to you." He smiled, emptying the glass onto his friend's head, waking him almost instantly. "What the hell did you do that for?" Maes growled, glaring at his friend. "Only what you did to me." Roy laughed back, leaving the room with Hayate in tow.

Walking up to his own office, Roy spotted Falman and Furey walking into the locker rooms, where most of the male officers changed. He smiled as Hayate chased after them. Several girlish screams made him laugh as Breda and Havoc fell over one another to get out of the room, followed quickly by Falman and Furey. Walking past the other males Roy stuck his head into the locker room to see Hayate running around, covered by someone's shirt. "Hayate, come here." He sighed, watching the puppy walk around helplessly. Pulling the shirt off of him was easy and Hayate barked his thanks. Mustang's subordinates had returned to the door in time to see this small display. "Damn mutt." Havoc cursed, walking in to grab his jacket. The other three soon followed and finished changing.

"So, how's it been living with Hawkeye?" Havoc asked as the five males walked towards the office. "Fine, she made lunch yesterday." Mustang replied. Being around the middle in the group had its advantages, as Roy soon found out. Falman entered the room first, only to be covered in a bluey-green substance. "I'm guessing that was meant for me." Roy mused, looking over the now colourful warrant officer. "Probably a poor attempt at revenge from Hughes. Falman, go get yourself cleaned up, and find Hughes, he can clean the floor." Falman nodded and carefully left the room, trying not to cover the whole hallway with the peculiar slime he'd been drenched by.

After Hughes had cleaned the mess up in the office, the four remaining men got to work. Well, Roy and Furey got to work while Breda and Havoc talked about the colonel living with Hawkeye. "I noticed there's no lock on the bathroom door, I wonder how many times the colonels 'accidentally' walked in on her having a shower." Havoc murmured, throwing dirty glares in the colonel's direction. "No idea, she would've been safer living with Hughes for a little while." Breda replied, just as quietly, "He'd respect her privacy." Having finished his paperwork easily (it'd been a small pile), Mustang decided he'd sit and listen to the conversation. "Havoc, Breda, what time were you planning on leaving today, midnight was it?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. Both men shook their heads and quickly started their work. About ten to eleven Roy decided to start walking home for lunch, as there was still a whole pizza in the fridge.

Stopping at the flower shop on the way home, he picked up a bouquet of pale pink lilies. "You think she'll like these, Black Hayate?" He yipped happily in response and the two continued home. "Hopefully she's done some of the dishes, or the washing." He hoped, opening the door to the house. Hayate bolted in before him running through the house in search of Riza. Roy shut the door and, walking into the lounge he grabbed a crystal vase that'd been sitting in the cabinet. He headed into the kitchen and filled the vase with water, before setting down on the bench and placing the flowers inside. He looked next to the vase where he noticed a new note had replaced his one.


Gone into town to get washing powder and dog food. Should be back before the end of lunch, otherwise I'll see you after work.


Smiling, Roy grabbed a pen and wrote a note in response.


Decided to leave Hayate here after lunch. Also, why don't you go home and get something nice to wear for dinner tonight.


Smiling, Roy walked over to the fridge and grabbed 2 pieces of pizza and turned the jug on to make some coffee. Quickly finishing lunch he stood and put the plate and cup into the sink. Spotting Hayate sulking in a corner, he opened the back door and let him outside, thankful that there was a high fence around the backyard. Shutting the door he left for work once more, leaving Hayate to entertain himself for a while.


Returning back to Roy's house, or 'home' as she had to call it for now, she opened the door. Heading into the kitchen, she stopped, spotting the bouquet of flowers. After a few moments, she finally gathered the courage to check for a note on the bench. Finding it she sighed and set the bag she was carrying down, opening the back door. Hayate bounded in and jumped up, yipping to her happily. Riza smiled, "How's about I put this stuff away and we head home so I can get something to wear tonight. You don't what he's planning, do you Hayate?" Hayate said nothing and Riza sighed, putting the new items away. Heading to the room Roy had given her, Riza grabbed her dirty clothes and threw them into the washer with Roy's. Looking at the contents of the machine, she decided it would be a good idea to wash the sheets on Roy's bed as well. Heaven knows how long it'd been since they'd been washed.

Stripping the bed Riza put the sheets into the washer as well and turned it on. Calling to Hayate she clipped the leash onto his collar and left, making sure she still had her wallet. If she couldn't find something to wear, she'd have to buy something. Reaching her small apartment, she sighed and started up the stairs. After about 10minutes, she and Hayate were at the door to their lonely apartment. Opening the door she walked over to the wardrobe and looked through its contents. She owned 3dresses in total, one red, one that was an extremely dark red and a black one. All three were virtually identical. Low cut that went from just above her breasts to just above her knees, complete with spaghetti straps. "So, what do you think Hayate? Which dress?"


It was 5pm and Roy was hoping Riza had read his note. Grabbing the keys to one of the cars, he decided there was no harm in using it this weekend. After all, the cars were there for everyone's use. Driving home, he parked the car up the driveway and headed inside. Hopefully the washing had been done and he'd have a pair of boxers to wear tonight, otherwise he would definitely been sleeping in the spare room on his own. He'd grown fond of sleeping next to Riza. Hearing the sound of Hayate barking, he guessed Riza was outside with the dog. Looking into the lounge, he saw a fairly large pile of clean boxers and two military uniforms, although one looked a lot fatter than the other. Shutting the door he checked the shoulder of one uniform. Seeing it was his, he grabbed it along with his mountains of boxers.

Opting to put them away now rather than later, he looked through his draws. "Damn it." He growled, in only a few minutes, he'd pulled all his draws out in search of something he always wore on his dates. "Something wrong?" a sweet voice asked from the doorway. "Oh Riza, you haven't seen my black coat, have you?" he asked hopefully. It'd been missing since last week and Roy had no idea where it'd gone. "It's on the couch. You must've put it in the wash last week." She smiled, sitting on the bed. Frowning, her curiosity took over. "Just wondering, how many pairs of boxers do you actually own?" She closed her eyes, hoping he'd say a number above 17. "Seventeen, why do you ask?" he replied, turning to face her. He'd put all his washing away, apart from one pair of boxers.

Searching the draws, he pulled out a white shirt and a pair of black pants. "Uh, no reason. By the way, you can wash that uniform yourself." She stated, walking out of the room. It was around 5:30pm and Roy had made reservations for six thirty. So they had about 40minutes to kill. Walking into the lounge, Roy sat at the desk and looked over the papers sitting there. Riza soon joined him, as did Black Hayate. "Did you get something to wear for tonight?" Roy asked, turning to look at her. He loved seeing her with her hair down and hopefully whatever she'd picked to wear would look just as amazing as her. "Yip, but you're going to have to wait to see it." She smirked, seeing the look of disappointment on his face. "What time is it anyway?" Roy pulled out his pocket watch and looked at it. "Six. The reservation is for six thirty. Why don't you go have a shower, I'll have one after you." He replied, standing up and stretching. Riza nodded and left, know full well that Roy was staring at her the whole time.

"Now, I'm going to have to pass him in the hallway, so I think I'll leave the dress in here and just take my bathrobe with me." She decided silently, looking through her options. Grabbing the robe, she headed for the bathroom. Looking around, she smiled. The towels were clean, as was most of the room. The only thing she hadn't touched was the toilet. Turning the water on, she slowly undressed and dropped her clothes into the hamper. Stepping under the warm water, she relaxed her body and just stood there, letting the water touch every part of her body. Opening her eyes she grabbed the shampoo and began washing her hair. After a few moments she washed the shampoo out and put conditioner in, before stepping back from the waters spray and lathering her body with the body wash. Rinsing the soap of she rinsed her hair and stepped out of the water, leaving it on for Roy. Drying off quickly she pulled the bathrobe on and left the bathroom. "Bathroom's free!" she called, not knowing where Roy was. She quickly returned to her room to change into the dress she'd bought from home.

Roy walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Havoc and Breda were right, there was no lock on the door, but then he had enough self-control not to need one. Hearing Riza's call, he grabbed the clothing he planned to wear and headed to the bathroom. Stripping quickly he dropped the uniform carelessly into the hamper and stepped under the water. A warm shower always relaxed him, and knowing Riza had been there mere moments ago relaxed him even more. The scent of strawberries still filed the room. He started looking for the soap, which was nowhere to be found. Instead there was a new bottle of body wash Roy guessed Riza had bought for him. "Guess she doesn't like the smell of that soap." He murmured, opening the bottle. Quickly lathering up his body, he washed his hair then rinsed all traces of soap away. Turning the water off, he began towelling himself dry. Feeling most of the moisture gone, he dressed slowly, not wanting to mess everything up. Once finished, he looked in the mirror. "Not too shabby." He smiled, walking over to the hamper. Searching his jacket pockets, he found his pocket watch and clipped it onto the pants he was wearing. Twenty past six, they still had ten minutes to get to the restaurant.

Seeing Riza's bedroom door still closed, he went over and knocked. "You almost ready?" he asked politely, not daring to try the door. "Almost!" came the reply. Roy smiled and walked into the kitchen, grabbing Hayate's bowl. "You deserve to eat as well, don't you?" he asked the small dog. His reply was an impatient yip and he began dishing food into the bowl. "This should hold you till the morning." He smiled, setting the bowl down. Hayate began devouring it at once and Roy walked back into the lounge. Spotting his jacket on the back of the couch, he grabbed it and pulled it on, smoothing out the wrinkles. Hearing footsteps in the hallway, Hayate walked out, curious as to the noise. Roy followed him and both stood still, shocked by the sight. Roy could barely believe the woman standing in front of his was in fact Riza Hawkeye, his most trusted subordinate.

She was wearing a dark maroon dress with a pair of matching high heels. Her hair was left down but Roy was sure it was different somehow. She also had minute amounts of mascara and lipstick on. He moved forward slowly, his eyes not once leaving her form. Standing just in front of her, he cupped her left cheek. "You look amazing." He whispered, his eyes not leaving hers. She blushed crimson and looked at the ground. A happy yip from Hayate reminded him they had dinner reservations. "Ready to go?" he asked, lowering his hand. She nodded in response and he followed her to the door. She turned to look at Hayate. "You be good while we're gone. Understood?" she instructed, her voice still as firm as ever. Hayate barked innocently and stepped outside the house, Roy close behind he. Locking the door, he turned and smiled at Riza, leading her down the path to the car. Opening the door for her, she blushed and climbed in. Hearing the door click shut she fastened her seatbelt and watched as Roy climbed into the drivers seat.

"So, where are we going for tea?" she asked, curiosity once again getting the better of her. Roy started the car, "You'll see when we get there, but I think you'll like it." He smiled, reversing out of the drive. She nodded nervously; being on a date with the colonel was different. He was a well-known playboy in central and eastern, having dated every girl at both headquarters, save for her. She had a feeling that'd changed however, and wasn't quite sure she liked it. After driving for about five minutes, Roy pulled up outside the local French restaurant. A valet came over and helped Riza out of the car, taking the keys from Roy and parking it. Walking up to the front desk, Roy spoke to the receptionist who nodded and called to one of the waitresses. Gently putting an arm around Riza's waist, Roy pulled her with him, following the waitress to an empty table.

Riza sat and started looking around the restaurant. It was packed and mostly every other couple there was on a date or they were already married. She turned to look at Roy, who seemed to be talking to their waitress. Handing back the menu he'd been holding, the waitress walked off and Roy smiled across the table. "So, what did you order?" she asked nervously. "Just some wine for the time being, we can eat later on." He smiled. They sat in silence, Roy thinking of what the hell he was going to do, and Riza being nervous as hell. She kept her head down, sure that everyone was staring and it made her very uncomfortable. Roy looked up at Riza, and upon seeing how nervous she was, carefully touched her hand. Her head snapped up to look at him, a gentle fear clear in her eyes. "Relax, no one's staring at you." He cooed gently. She smiled back and the pair started talking quietly until their drinks arrived. They were also handed a menu each and began deciding what to eat. Riza frowned, looking over the menu. It was written in French and she couldn't understand a word of it. Then again, being in the military she did need to learn other languages. She looked up at Roy and could clearly see he had more on his mind than what to eat for tea.

"Have you…been here before? I can't read the menu." She admitted quietly. Snapped out of his thoughts, he smiled, and took the menu out of her hands. "Well, what would you like to eat? There's basically chicken, fish, mince or pasta. Everything but the pasta comes with a salad as well." He informed her. Riza thought for a moment. "What kind of fish do they have?" "From the little bit of French I know, salmon. That alright with you?" he replied, scanning his menu. She nodded and a waiter arrived to take their orders. As Roy ordered for them, Riza took another look around the restaurant, trying to see if she could recognise anyone. She froze; sitting in one corner of the room was Jean Havoc, who seemed to be on a date. From where she was seated, all she could tell about the woman was she had black hair. "What are you staring at Riza?" Roy asked, amused by the fact Riza was staring across the room at someone or something. "Havoc, he's on a date with someone and I don't know why, but she seems familiar." She answered, her eyes not once leaving the corner. Roy turned to look in the same direction, careful not to let Havoc spot him. "Well I'll be damned." He murmured, noticing who it was. He turned around and leaned closer to Riza. "It's Lieutenant Ross, I'm almost sure of it." "You're kidding? Wow, I never thought she'd be interested in him." Riza smiled.

Soon the pair were talking about general stuff, including the weather, Roy's garden, the fact Roy had gone to work commando, you know, normal everyday things. Soon dinner arrived and in between bites of food, the pair continued talking. "Anyway, Falman opened the office door and walked in, to be covered by a bucket of who knows what. He looked like a sludge monster you'd seen on the front of a horror novel." He laughed. Riza let out a small laugh herself and Roy looked up from his dinner. Riza soon noticed that Roy was watching her. "What?" she asked innocently. "Nothing, it's just, you should smile more often." He smiled, causing her to blush and look at the table. "Roy," she asked silently, her eyes not once leaving the table. "Why did you ask me out to dinner tonight?" he looked up at her, unsure of what he was going to say. He'd had the whole day to think and still had no idea. He looked back at the table and finished his tea, well aware of the dark orbs watching him.

Riza had already finished and needed to know. Did he plan on making her another notch in his bedpost or not? It was plaguing her mind; she needed an answer, an honest answer. Roy finally finished his meal and took Riza's plate, stacking the dishes on top of one another. He filled up both of their glasses and started to stare into his own. "Roy, I want an answer, preferably before desert." Her icy voice rang through his ears. Before desert? That was going to be hard. A waiter arrived and removed the dirty dishes, handing the pair menus once more. "Roy please, I need to know." There was an untold urgency in her voice that Roy was barely able to hear. Looking up, he grabbed a menu. "They've got chocolate cake with ice cream, carrot cake or apple pie for desert. All of them come with whipped cream as well." He replied. Riza let out an annoyed growl, "The carrot cake." She sighed, and seeing a gentle nod, Roy looked around for a waiter. Ordering the carrot cake for Riza and pie for himself, he sat for a few moments, still thinking.

When desert arrived, Roy finally looked up at Riza, "Hows about I tell you on the way back to my place? I don't want you to storm out because of what I have to say." Riza nodded and began eating her carrot cake. Roy sighed and started eating also. Once finished, the pair stood and left, Roy paying for dinner with the money he'd won from Havoc, Falman, Furey and Breda. As the pair got the car back and climbed in, Roy started to drive. When Roy noticed they were outside Riza's apartment he parked the car and sat looking at the ground for a while. Riza sat watching Roy for a few moments, until she finally got sick of the silence and spoke. "So are you going to tell me or not?" Roy looked up at her, from the look in his eyes it was clear he was deep in thought. He looked down and sighed.

"Riza," he started, his voice barely above a whisper, "there's been something I've wanted to tell you for so long, but I've been afraid, afraid of how you'd react." He took a deep breath, "Ever since that day you stepped between Scar and me in the rain, well, before that I realised how much it'd hurt to lose you. I always enjoy your company, and trust you with my life, you're a great friend and that's all I thought we could ever be. The way you were always there, no matter what, it made me realise, I don't want to just be friends with you anymore Riza, because…because I…love you."

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