Okay, so I wanted to write a Cyborg 009 fan fiction, but I didn't know what to write, so I asked my friend to give me a list of so many random things and I said I would make them into a story, so if you can actually be bothered to read this, bear with me.

List of random things to include:

a purple ring

009 has a secret admirer

003 dies her hair blue

the Cyborgs discover E-bay

a pineapple

a pink G-string

the bible

a secret diary from 002

a wedding proposal

a vampire

Okay, lets see what I can come up with. (Don't blame me if it's boring!)

004 stared at the computer screen, his nose only inches from the monitor. His eyes were glued, and they showed no sign that they would ever unstick themselves in the near future.

"Wow." He breathed, staring at one particular spot in the right-hand corner of the screen.

Behind him the door opened and 002 walked in, as it was his turn to use the computer. He walked over to 004 and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Off. It's my turn!" he said, sounding EXACTLY like my little brother. (A/N just so you know my little bro is the BIGGEST pain in the ass EVER!)

"Just a few more days, I'm almost finished." 004 said, without his eyes moving even a millimeter.

"But it's my turn 004! Off!" 002 said firmly.

004 finally tore his eyes, with difficulty, from the screen, and looked at 002.

"But I want to admire this a little longer. I have made the greatest discovery in the history, of like, everything ever discovered." 004's voice was faraway.

"What is this great discovery?" 002 inquired curiously.

"E-bay." 004 said, his eyes once again glued to the monitor.

"Huh?" 002 said, baffled.

"E-bay." Was the only thing 004 could say, such was its brilliance to him.

"He's finally cracked." 002 muttered as he left the room, shaking his head.

"Hey, where's 004?" Dr. Gilmore asked as everyone sat down at the table, eager to start dinner.

002 shook his head.

"I'm afraid he's lost his mind, Dr. Gilmore." He said just a little un-sympathetically.

"Oh, okay then, shall we start dinner?" Dr. Gilmore said cheerfully.

When he finished his dinner, 002 discreetly left the table and walked to his room, ready for bed, tired after a long day of, well, he didn't really do anything, but he was tired none the less.

He plopped himself on his bed and took out from under his bed a small pink fluffy diary, which he opened and begun writing with his favorite feathery, googly-eyed pen.

Dear diary,

I have come to a startling conclusion about the mental health of 004. He was on the computer for all of today and when I went in there, with the thought of checking my emails, I found him mere millimeters away from the screen, then he went on to say that he had 'discovered' this supposedly great web site called 'E-bay'. I fear for his sanity. I fear he has lost his mind; he was that close to the computer, his eyes hardly leaving it. I suppose I feel rather bad for him, or maybe I'm just jealous of the computer, as I do harbor a secret crush on the German Cyborg. He never looks at me the way he looked at the computer!

Bye for now, dear diary, I'm going to cry myself to sleep, why is God so cruel to me?

002 stowed his secret diary away, and, as he had so truthfully written, cried himself to sleep.

Early that morning the postman knocked on the door and 009 answered it.

"I have this large delivery for a Mr. Joe Shimamura." He said, holding up a large box of flowers and another, smaller box which was wrapped, topped with a red bow.

"Umm…that's me." 009 said.

The postman handed him the large package gratefully, then he got 009's signature on his clipboard and proceeded to walk away.

009 closed the door, with some difficulty, and walked into the kitchen. He set the flowers down and unwrapped the parcel that came with them.

Inside the box was a card. 009 Picked it up curiously, and read it.

To my dear Joe,

Love from your secret admirer.

009 lifted an eyebrow as he read it. Secret admirer? Who could it possibly be? He placed the card next to the box, and lifted the tissue paper inside to reveal a pink piece of clothing. He lifted it out, only to widen his eyes in shock and quickly stuff it back in the box, thankful that the kitchen just happened to be empty at this moment in time.

However, it wasn't to stay that way for long. The rest of the Cyborgs walked into the room, excluding 004, 003 and 001, just as he jammed the lid back on the box, hiding the embarrassing article within.

"What's all this then, 009?" 007 asked, spying the flowers and box on the table.

"A gift from a secret admirer." 009 answered stiffly, hoping no-one would look inside the box, in fact he prayed no-one would look in the box.

"OOOOOOH! 009's got a secret admirer!" 002 teased.

Just then, 003 walked into the room, and everyone gasped as they saw her, except for 002, who was too busy teasing 009 to notice anything but her presence.

"Did you hear that 003?" 002 asked. "009 has an admirer!"

Before 003 could say anything, everyone, of course, except 002 asked, "What happened to your hair?"

003 looked defiantly at them.

"I died it blue." She said bluntly.

In the background, the T.V. could be heard.

"In breaking news, a body has just been found dumped in a river. The police have yet to identify the body of the male. The police say that he was killed from a series of knife-wounds to the chest. So far no evidence has been found concerning his murderer. All that some witnesses can say is that they say a blonde woman, aged 17-24, drive away from the scene of the crime earlier this morning."

For some strange, unknown reason, the T.V. suddenly went quiet. 003 hurriedly hid the large, blood-stained knife behind her back and put an innocent look on her face.

"So…what were you saying about 009 and a secret admirer?" 003 asked, diverting their attention from her.

"Hey, what's this 009?" 002 suddenly asked, snatching a small note from the floor. "I hope to see you in this one day." He read. He looked at 009 slyly. "And what is this about 009?" he asked.

009's face went red. That note must have slipped from his 'gift' when he lifted it up, he mustn't have seen it.

"Nothing," 009 said quickly. "It's nothing." He made a grab for the note, but 002 was too quick and whipped it out of reach.

007 walked around the table and, without 009 seeing, opened the box to reveal what 009 had hidden from view.

With a smile of triumph, 007 held up 009's gift for the entire world to see. A pink G-string.

002 sat on the couch, absently flipping through the thick, boring book that was the Bible. He was trying to find where it said "Make 002's life hell". He figured the Bible had to be like God's diary or something.

004 walked in, and 002 noticed that he looked a little nervous.

"What is it 004?" 002 asked, closing the book, giving it up as a lost cause.

004 walked over to 002 and knelt before him.

"I have to tell you 002, I can't keep my feelings bottled up any longer." 004 said taking 002's hand in his own. "I love you 002! Will you marry me?" He held out a purple ring.

002's eyes widened in shock, and then a huge grin stretched across his face.

"Of course I'll marry you, 004!" he wrapped his arms around 004.

"Yay!" 004 yelled.

The door opened and a vampire walked in, carrying a pineapple, which his teeth were digging into. He looked up at the couple, still in their embrace.

"I'm a vegetarian" he replied to their inquisitive look.

Okay, so I know that made no sense, and that it was dull, but it was all I could think of. My mind was blank. Hehe. That was so crappy. But I still got all ten things into the story! So that's mission accomplished!