Okay, story number five.

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List of random things to include:


Fairy floss


Fiona (a friend of mine)

A pencil

Power (what this refers to, I have no idea)

A basket

A shirt

An ear

An arrow

Dude, sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads of my friends.


While the world slept in blissful obliviousness in the quiet of night, one person crept through the forest towards the house where nine Cyborgs lived. The Person was creeping around without a sound. The Person was invisible against the black blanket of night. No more than another shadow amongst the trees.

Slowly, so as to not make a sound, The Person drew out a gun-looking thing, pointed it at the side of the large beach house and pulled the trigger. An arrow whizzed through the air, leaving a trail of rope behind it, burying itself into the wall of the closest room. Tying the rope securely to a tree, The Person stealthily shimmed along the rope, reaching the window.

When The Person reached the sill, The Person unhinged the arrow, dropping it to the ground. The Person then proceeded to jump down from the sill, two feet to the ground and quickly ran back to collect the other end of the rope from where The Person had secured it to the tree.

Once the rope and hook had been coiled neatly and set aside, The Person clambered up once again onto the slight ledge. With silent precision, The Person unlocked the window, sliding it open and slipping inside.

Careful to close the window behind The Person, The Person quickly scanned the room for any occupants. Satisfied that it was devoid of all life, The Person crossed the room, squinting in the darkness.

The Person had only taken two steps before walking into a table. The sound of wood scraping across the floor resounded through the air, closely followed by the sounds of a vase of some sort rocking before falling to the ground, smashing loudly.

Everything was dead quiet for a second, The Person stood frozen in the dark room, sure that they had been caught. When nothing happened after a few minutes, the sound of someone slowly letting out a deep breath punctured the anxious silence.

Steeling them self, The Person once again began to creep through the room, wary of the table's position. Exiting the room, The Person walked through what The Person supposed was a living room, over to the stairs, climbing them lightly, should they happen to creak.

Reaching the top of the stairs, The Person stopped and took a deep breath. Quickly glancing either side of them, The Person readied them self.

"FIRE!" The shout reverberated through the air, ringing in the ears of all who heard.

The sounds of people hastily rousing themselves from sleep were now heard and the further calls of "Fire" and people waking up their sleeping teammates. The first person appeared, his shirt was buttoned wrong, and he was wearing pajama pants, his hair all messy from sleep.

He saw the person standing at the top of the stairs.

"Who the fuck are you!" he said sleepily, running a hand through his tangled brown hair.

With a look of surprise etched all over their face, The Person looked around dumbly for a sign of anyone else, seeing no-one else, The Person turned back to the sleepy man.

"Oh!" The Person exclaimed. "You mean me? Who I am? Nice to meet you, I'm Fiona, and I'm going now."

Confusedly the young man shook her hand.

"Fiona? Why did you wake us?" He said as the remainder of the house all rushed from their rooms, holding precious items of theirs, pushing past Fiona, and rushing down the stairs in haste to get away from the 'fire'.

"Where's the fire?" he asked.

"Oh, there is no fire." Fiona said as she began to descend the stairs gracefully.

"Then why did you wake us and yell out fire?" He asked.

"I was bored." She answered.


Jet Jr. ran around the coffee table, really, really fast.

"C'mere Jet Jr." 003 called out, extending her arms to catch him as he catapulted into her arms. "Good boy" she praised as he licked her face, leaving traces of saliva on her smiling face.

From across the room Jet Sr. grunted in annoyance, eyeing the pair in evident distaste.

"Why did we name it after me again?" he demanded angrily.

"Because he's so fast, just like you." 003 said happily, smoothing down the hair atop Jet Juniors head.

"But 009 is fast too, I'm not the only Cyborg who can accelerate!" 002 complained.

"But Jet Jr. sounds cuter than Joe Jr. Plus, its fun to annoy you like this."

"I hate dogs." 002 muttered under his breath, glaring pointedly at the small puppy in 003s arms.

Dr. Gilmore entered the room, smiled at the puppy and continued towards the stairs, reaching the bottom most stair, he stopped. He bent down to look at something on the carpet.

Holding his glasses to his eyes he nodded knowingly. "Yes, just as I suspected."

"What is it Dr. Gilmore?" 003 asked curiously.

"Why, I believe it is dog faeces 003." He answered in his most dignified voice.

"Bad Jet Jr.!" 003 scolded the puppy in her arms. "We do not do our business in the house!"

"Told you we shouldn't have gotten the stupid mutt." 002 murmured darkly, thoughts of fried dog burgers going through his mind.

003 looked at him angrily for a second before her face broke out in a wide grin, the type which Jet Sr. had come to fear more than an encounter with Black Ghost.

"Well, seeing as Jet Jr. is your responsibility, being named after you and all, it's only fair that you clean up after him." With that said, 003 left the room, carrying Jet Jr., a very, very angry Jet Sr. fuming on the couch, staring at 'evil' dog poop.

Humming a song she had recently heard on her favorite radio station, 003 emptied the contents of the washing machine into a basket. Closing the lid, she turned to hang the wet clothes out to dry; only to sense with her 'power' that it was about to rain.

With a sigh, she placed the basket atop the washing machine and walked into the kitchen. Seating herself at the table, she looked around.

"Sigh." She sighed.

009 walked in, scratching the back of his head, and sat opposite her.

"I'm bored." 003 said in a bored tone of voice.

"Me too." 009 agreed. He looked about him, almost as if he were looking for something interesting to do. "Weren't you going to hang the clothes out to dry?" he asked.

003 nodded. "Yes, but I sensed it was going to rain." And sure enough, as they watched the window, fairy floss began to descend from the heavens.

"Huh. It's raining fairy floss again." 003 said uninterestedly.

"Wanna get drunk?" 009 asked.

"Yeah. Sure."

A/N …making…no…sense…

"Where's that mushic coming from?" 003 asked, her voice slurred by the amount of alcohol she had consumed.

"You're shingingh." 009 answered, grinning stupidly.

"I am? Oh, that's okhay then." She said with relief.

"Wanna dansh?" 009 asked 003 shyly. She smiled wider and took his proffered hand.

They started to dance in some drunken fashion, shuffling their feet around to the non-existent music. 009 reached behind him on the table with his free hand for the tequila bottle. 003 suddenly stiffened in his arms.

"I'm gonna be sick." She said, then immediately broke from their embrace and rushed outside, as it had ceased raining fluffy bits of candy.

Joe rushed after her, liquor bottle firmly in hand and held her hair back as she vomited violently in the bushes.

When she had wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, she took the bottle from Joe's hands and took a mouthful of the stuff. Coughing, she handed it back.

"'S so pwetty out tonight" she said happily, leaning on 009.

"Yup." 009 concurred. He took a quick swig from the bottle; much like 003 had just done, though without coughing afterwards.

"Might shleep now." 003 said tiredly. She yawned hugely.

"Wanna give you somefing firshed." 009 said hurriedly. He rummaged through his pockets and found a pencil.

"Here." He said, handing it to her.

"Wow. I love it, thanks Joe." 003 said, her voice hushed in awe, she LOVED the pencil. "I'll cherish it always." She said sincerely.

Then they fell asleep outside in a mound of fairy floss.

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