Luna's secret friend

Luna has a secret friend, someone only she knows about. Someone like herself. Luna belongs to Rowling.

She flutters like a butterfly to and fro, between the flowers, between everything, all that is interesting. She sniffs and eyes and tastes, takes in the world, opens her senses and her mind to every impression. She is astonished at what she sees. The world is such a marvellous place, after all. She dances to the music of the world.

The others find her a bit strange, perhaps. They say that she is not really like everyone else, that she dances to her own kind of music, but really - where is the harm in that? The music that the others prefer is so boring. She doesn't want to be stuck to a dance she can't change. When she is happy she wants to dance a happy dance, and when she is sad perhaps not at all. But mostly she is happy.

She enjoys finding new things and making up names for them. So she has found the Humble flower, the Swontime bug and the Gnarvle. Also, she has found her friend, but that is a secret.

Her friend is not like the others. She is like herself and flutters too, but in another way. Really, they are not that alike at all, but that is only where it doesn't matter. Where it matters they are just like each other, and they are the best of friends. But the others mustn't know. They would never understand. Some of them don't even believe in humans.

But Buttercup believes. She knows that Luna is real and that she believes in fairies in return. And she is her friend. Together they flutter, Buttercup and Luna, and then what does it matter what the others think?