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April Fools

Ron's Cruel Joke

25th March

Twas the week before April Fools and all through Gryffindor house not a creature was stirring except for Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Neville Longbottum, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Twas there they all agreed that upon the mourn a challenge would be ensued. He ('or she' Hermione pressed) that pulls the greatest April Fools prank will receive 50 galleons from the pot and have Hermione do 5 essays on their behalf. They each hurried off to their own drawing boards to devise their diabolical plots for the following week…

(for ellie and her good laugh)

1st April

Light spilled into the seventh year Gryffindor dormitories. The birds were singing, the skies were clear and Ronald Weasley was close to suffocation from smothering his laughs with his pillow. The rest of the boys were slowly edging toward shallow sleep at the early hour. Harry lay curled up close with the devishly handsome Draco Malfoy. Harry came to the realisation that he was awake, however too comfortable in the warmth and intimacy of his lover he did not even open his eyes, just snuggled closer into the welcoming embrace. Both shirtless Harry revelled in the feeling of skin on skin. He sighed and nuzzled into Draco's neck who whimpered in his sleep. Harry smirked and slowly opened his eyes to awaken to a mass of red hair. Harry screamed.

Draco practically flew five feet in the air, before crashing back down into the bedding.

'Whats it! Whats goin' on? 'sit Voldermort!' Draco yelled. Harry starred shocked at the horrid red locks that had once been a perfect head of gorgeous silky soft, sexy blonde hair.

'Harry what the bloody hell mate!' exclaimed a half wake Seamus from his bed.

'Yeah what's your problem?' Dean called from the same bed.

'Y-your hair!...your hair!' Harry exclaimed.

'What?' Draco asked turning to face Harry.

'It's red! Your hair it's bloody red!'

A look of pure terror came over Draco, he bolted into the bathroom which was followed by a loud shriek.

'Holy fuck Dean,' Seamus muttered.


'Your hair is pink,'

'Really? Does it look any good?'

'Not bad actually,'

'Well there you go…yours is grey by the way,'

'How does it look?'

'Older but not too bad, kinda debonair, dignified kinda,'

'Hey Harry did you know you have white criss crosses in your hair?' Neville noticed. Dean and Seamus looked at Harry.

'Hey yeah!' Dean remarked.

'Looks like yer got a table cloth on yer head,' Seamus described. Ron pulled the pillow away and erupted in mad villenous laughter. Harry frowned, Dean and Seamus grinned and Neville played with his puke green hair. Draco stormed into the dormitory looking quite intimidating, gave the impression of the anti Christ here to destroy all mankind. His face was filled with rage and he pointed his finger at Ron as though lightning would strike him down.


'April Fools!' Ron yelled and clutched his stomach with as he burst into more laughs.


'I got you good! That's what I did!'


'Oh come on, it's completely harmless,'


'Well done Ron,' Dean shrugged on a shirt.

'Yeah good plan, but ours is better,' Seamus added.

'You're totally gonna get yours,' Dean grinned.


'Draco baby come here,' Harry said and held out his arms. Draco sniffed and moved into Harry's hug.

'I look terrible!'

'No you look gorgeous like always,'

'Do not! Look like a fucking Weasley!'

'Hey!' (Ron)

'Trust me, you'll always be adorable no matter what colour your hair is,'


'Yes really,'

'Would you say I'm beautiful, stunning, dazzling, sexy and stimulatingly shaggable?'

'Absolutely, I could do you right now,'


'Yes…but first why don't we go get Hermione to fix it hmm?'

'Okay…I love you Harry,'

'I love you too Draco Weasley- Oww!'

Twenty minutes into breakfast Harry, Draco and Hermione joined the others at the Gryffindor table (Hermione's hair was bright violet before she spelled it back to fuzzy brown).

'Back to your normal bleached self again I see Malfoy,' Ron smirked.

'Oi Mionie can you do us too after breakfast I mean?' Seamus asked.

'Yeah I kinda like the change but I got a feeling Snape might object since we got potions next,' Dean added.

'Sure thing,' she smiled. Ron chuckled,

'I shall never forget this day,' he sighed.

'If I obliviate you, you will!' Draco snapped.

'Nope it won't work,' Ron smirked.

'Why not?' Harry asked confused. Ron whipped out something from his pocket and held it out to the group.

'Cause I got Creevy to take photo's!' Draco leapt forward but Ron pulled them back before Draco could reach them.

'Oh no you don't I'm going to treasure these always,' Ron nuzzled the photographs.

'Incendium!' Harry cast. The photos in Ron's hands sparked on fire. Ron shrieked and threw them on the table where they burnt down to ashes before putting itself out.

'Harry!' Ron exclaimed close to tears 'Why?'

'Sorry Ron but I won't have you use blackmail material against my boyfriend,' Harry replied.

'My hero,' Draco battered his eye lashes and snogged Harry quite well.

'Eww for the love of magic Harry stop that you'll make me sick!' Ron cried. Draco pulled away and pinned Ron with a strong glare.

'Now that my hair is back to it's beautiful self and all evidence of its change was destroyed I see no need to cut out your eyes and feed them to Mrs Norris,' Draco stated.

'How lovely,' Ron muttered.

'However I hope you realise that by twelve o'clock tonight I will have fulfilled my own April Fools mission that will leave you with the most traumatising experience that will no doubt cause you nightmares for weeks if not months,' Draco promised.

'Pfft yeah right! You can try Malfoy but there's no way you can beat my shining prank!' Ron declared.

'That was a bloody brilliant prank Ron I don't think I'll be able to beat it,' Neville complimented.


'Oh I'm quite confident I'll be able to,' Hermione commented.

'Us too, you're not going to know what hit you,' Dean and Seamus chuckled. Harry sulked into his chair and rested his hand on the table.

'I got nothing!' Harry sighed 'I've got zero creativity, so much for the famous Potter Prankster legacy,'

'Don't worry Harry you can be apart of mine,' Draco smiled. Harry's face lit up.

'I knew this was gonna be good!' Seamus grinned.


Author's Notes: I meant to write this sequel as one story...but it kinda ended up being too long so i decided to break it up, even though it sucks that way. Anyways the beginnings alrite, the best has yet to come...please keep reading i promise it gets better...eventually!