Chapter 1: The first Meeting

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A 20 years old lone knight is walking across the street of Prontera, his Claymore dangling at his right hips. He has spiky crimson hair hidden under his Helm and Fin Helm. His face is hidden by the Iron Cain. Unlike most knights, his armour barely having scratches over them and his cape is only slightly thorn. If anyone could see under his Iron Cain, they will see an emotionless expression on his face. He is quite known by the people of Prontera as a quite formidable knight but his lack of emotion always sends everyone away. Even his aura shows everyone not to come near him. He stopped in front of a bar before entering it. He looks around a bit until he saw another knight with straight blue hair waving for him to come. He walks toward the knight and sit across him.

"Hey Twin. Like always, huh? Never one to come late do you?" the blue haired knight said toward his recently arrived friend.

"I just dislike being late. Why do you call me here anyway, Yukikaze?" the silent knight answers his childhood friend.

"Come on, can't I just call you just to hang out?" Yukikaze tried to lessen his friend's mood but Twin doesn't seem interested.

"You know me and I know you, Yuki. And I also know that unless you have news for me, you will never ask me to meet you." Twin said with his hands crossing in front of his chest. Yukikaze just laughed a bit.

If anyone could ever strike a decent dialogue with Twin, it would be Yukikaze. Many has been wondering how the two knight could become best friend since their novice years. Twin is always serious and cold while Yukikaze always friendly and has the tendency to crack jokes once in a while. Twin is always calm and collected but once his anger explodes, no one dare to come near him. While Yukikaze never hesitate to say what he's feeling toward anyone. Even their training methods are different, Yukikaze always concentrating on his endurance and raw strength while Twin chooses speed and precision. However, no one ever doubted that both knights are as close as a brother toward each other. Even more, they seem like completing each other when fighting side by side, so good that the people give them a nick name, "The Unbeatable Duo".

"Fine, Fine. I'll tell you. There's a rumour going among the knights, it seems that the monsters inside Glast Heim has starting to appear outside the city, some of them even said to appear near Morroc and Payon." Yuki's told his friend, his tone has change to serious instead of the previous playful tone while Twin start to become interested.

"Any damage occurred?" the red haired knight asked his friend. Yuki shrugged.

"Not that I've ever heard. Luckily that the monster which appeared outside is the low ones, but it will be just the matter of time before the more powerful comes, and when it happens, I'm afraid that it will be too late to stop it anymore." Yuki said again.

"Let me guess, you want us to investigate it?" Twin said with his usual cold tone.

"Exactly; I mean, it won't hurt to just trying to find the reason will it? Besides, it will also gives us some training too." Yuki said again.

"I'll think about it." Twin said before standing and walking toward the door.

"Fine, just let me know if you decide to do it, okay?" Yuki shouted behind the leaving knight. Twin waved his right hand okay.

Twin is walking toward the south entrance of Prontera, until he saw a female assassin and a female novice talking with each other. Thinking that the assassin is threatening the novice, Twin start to run toward them while drawing his claymore.

"Drop your weapon, assassin. And follow me to the knight guild to face you sentence." Twin said with his weapon behind the assassin, ready to impale her in case she tried to escape. What he didn't expect is that the assassin casually turns around to face him.

"What? But… why? I didn't do anything bad, I swear!" the assassin tried to defend herself, but Twin coldly refuse to believe her.

"I saw you threatening this novice here, and it's reason enough for me." Twin said back.

"But…But… I didn't even touch her! Ask her if you don't believe me, I was trying to help her." The assassin start to sound desperate, her blue eyes start to water a bit. Twin suddenly feel like that he can't believe his own eye, he heard that assassins never spill any tears while now in front of him is a female assassin who look like ready to cry like a baby. However, he doesn't trust the assassin that easily. He looks past the assassin's shoulder toward the novice girl as if asking if the assassin is telling the truth. For a second, it seems like the novice girl is a bit scared because of his near black eyes but nod anyway. That's when Twin withdraws his sword and put it back on his right hip.

" Mr. Knight, the miss is saying the truth. She was offering to help me in my quest to become an acolyte which is to meet Father Rubalkara. In fact, she has been helping me train." The little novice said toward Twin.

Twin looked toward the assassin once again, remembering how she looks in case he found her doing something wrong toward the novice. Although he has never been one to take interest in women, he has to admit that the assassin is quite pretty. She has waist-length golden-blonde hair, a bit tanned skin and crystal-blue eyes. He also noted that the assassin is only reaching his chin in height and looks about 16 or so. She's wearing the usual assassin garb except that the colour is light purple instead of the usual deep brown or black but what stuns him most is that the doesn't even attempt to conceal her face using a mask or something else, unlike that usual assassins who are wearing anything to conceal their face.

"Name, Age and Hometown?" Twin asked the assassin, who looks like she started to calm herself.

"Melisa Artemis, 16 Years old, Juno." The assassin told him. Twin nod and leave toward the city entrance. However, before he got away far, he heard the assassin called him. "May I know your name too?" Twin stopped walking but not turning around. "The name is Twin." he teleports away using the kafra service to Geffen, leaving the two girls alone.

I think this is enough for now, just a short beginning. This is my first attempt in Ragnarok Online Fanfic, please tell me what you think and if I should continue this fic or not. The more, the better.