Will. That was his name. Everyone called him that now.

Will awoke to the sound of falling rain. Looking out of his window, he realised that it was night. The lights were on in the church. Without knowing why, Will went downstairs. The door was unlocked. Even Sammy wasn't awake. Will decided not to wake the sleeping dog.

The path to the church was covered with golden leaves that glowed eerily in the light from the church windows. Will carefully made his way past the old oak tree, keeping as far away as possible.

Now that Will could really listen, he could hear faint organ music on the wind. It stopped, suddenly and Will realised how quiet it was. He ran up to the church, away from any pursuing horrors.

The tall, wooden door to the church creaked ominously as Will entered.

"Mister Tom?" He whispered, letting go of the door. It slammed shut behind him, making Will jump. He turned to see a pool of red, sticky liquid on the floor.

"Mister Tom?" Will said again. "Mister Tom! Mister Tom!" he kept running, faster and faster through the church, under arches, through doors.

Will finally stopped running. Mister Tom wasn't there. Nobody was there. A thunk noise behind him made Will turn. A knife was embedded in the woodwork.

"Murderer." Whispered a voice behind him. "You're a murderer."

Will turned to see a woman dressed all in white.

"Mum?" he asked. "Are you an angel?" The woman turned, revealing a hideous face, a face that snarled with its white, shrivelled eyes.

"Murderer!" the thing screeched. Will clasped his hands over his ears. The voice got through, got to his head.

"Murderer, murderer, MURDERER!" the voice screamed in his mind. Will cried, tears falling to his running feet, through the church door, out into the cold night.

Will lay, curled up and shivering by the roots of the old oak.

"Hello William" said a voice above him. Will didn't look, paralysed by his fear.

A ghostly white hand stroked his tearstained eyes.

"I've been watching over you, William. Will." Said the voice. It turned Will's face towards it.

The lady in the blue dress smiled down at him. Will smiled back, if only for a moment.

"Go safe William," The Ghostly woman whispered, before fading into darkness. Will cried out, for he couldn't see anything in the sudden black.

"Zach wouldn't be scared. Zach would save me." Will told himself, speaking to the cold night.

"Zach can't save you. Zach's dead." Said the strange voice in his head.

"But he would, If He could."

"No, he wouldn't. He'd be scared. Remember spooky cott? Zach wanted to run away. You saw that, saw it in his eyes."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Willie. I'm You." The voice giggled.

"No!" Will shouted. There was silence again. "No. I'm not you."

He heard laughter on the wind. A tiny glowing light appeared, dancing lightly on the wind. It laughed again. Zach's laugh. Will laughed too.

The light floated to the floor, and grew to become a boy. A boy with dark skin and curly, black hair. A boy who smiled, a boy who wasn't there.

"Zach?" the boy nodded.

"For now, at least." The Ghost took Will's hand, and walked down the lane, like they always had. They arrived at the Little's cottage. Zach stretched a hand to open the gate, but it went through the post. Will flinched.

"Sorry," Said Zach's ghost. "I didn't mean to scare you." They sat down on the wall. Curiously, Zach didn't fall through it.

After a while, the ghost boy spoke.

"It's not your fault you know."

"'Bout what?" Will turned his head.

"About your Mum." Will turned his head away. Seeing the problem, Zach got up and looked around. He turned to Will.

"I have to go now. I wish I could have spent more time with you, Will. Fix my bike, would you?"

As the Ghost boy faded, so did the night, and Will realised he ought to get home. He ran as fast as he could back to the cottage, and into bed.