My apologies for the not updating in like two years. But I just had way too much school stuff going on. Enjoy!

Mailaine: Thank you for your input. You do not have to read the story if you do not want to. I wrote this when I was 12. For being that age and my school not teaching us how to write yet, I think its good. I mostly just did it for fun. I tried to make it kind of movie format and for the reader to use their own imagination, so that is why it lacks certain descriptions.

Inuyasha rushed at Naraku with full intention of defeating him. He violently swings his sword.

Suddenly he stops.

Naraku is clearly confused by Inuyasha's erratic behavior.

"Hey! Are we gunna battle or what? What's the hold up!" Naraku angrily groaned

"Why didn't I think of this sooner?" Inuyasha mutters to himself

"No we won't be battling ever again. But I hope your miasma enjoys fighting against stomach acid!" Inuyasha proudly proclaimed

"To be honest, that is the weirdest thing that has ever come out of your mouth" Naraku said with a baffled expression

Inuyasha reached into his Kimono sleeve and pulled out a capsule. It was about two inches, with a pink stripe and marking with the number 11.

"Another one of the things I got from Kagome's computer is this little beauty. I bought it from some place called Capsule Corp" Inuyasha beamed

He pressed his his thumb down on the capsule. It clicked and a poof was audible. An extremely large puff of smoke appeared. When the smoke cleared a looming figure appeared standing at approximately 197 feet tall.

"He's called a colossal titan. He's got quite the appetite. He might even really like tentacles." Inuyasha beamed

"Uh oh" Naruka screamed as the titan bent down and plucked Naraku up by one of his tentacles. The titan opened his gaping mouth and Naraku slid down his throat.

Inuyasha threw the capsule at the titan Pokeball style and he was absorbed back inside.

"What the?! You have this super weapon and you're just using it now! You could've saved us so much trouble with that!" Kagome shirked

"All that matters is we've won. Naraku can't bother us anymore. The mews can finally return to their homeland" Inuyasha said proudly

"We can finally go home!" Ichigo squealed