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"I'm really going to miss all of you guys. It's been such a long arduous journey." Kagome sniffled

"Maybe we'll see each other again one day. But I really must be getting home." Ichigo replied as she hurried towards the well.

The mew mew girls emerged from the well relieved to finally back in their own time.

A blaring loud alarm sound could be heard from Ichigo's left. She opened her eyes and looked around. Ichigo turned off her alarm and made her way downstairs to make breakfast.

"Mom! How are you alive! Naraku destroyed you in Inuyasha's world?" Ichigo screeched

"Um. No more late night anime for you, Ichigo. Hurry up and eat your toast so you can head to school." Her mom stated with a look of confusion

"That could not have been a dream! But I'm thankful if it was." Ichigo said with a sigh of relief. She turned on the tv to watch a bit of anime before going to school