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"What are you talking about??? Czechoslovakian???" Michael shouted at Max, utterly confused.

Max continued, "Look, they're just so much different from us. I mean, we don't even know if it's humanly possible to be with them. There are just so many questions that we can't answer. It's just better to stay away from them. It's safer for them and for us."

Just then Liz walked by and flashed Max a smile. "Hey Max." Max suddenly felt as if his tongue was frozen.

"... uh... uh... hi Liz..." Max stuttered out. His face suddenly started to redden and he could feel his palms getting sweaty.

Liz, not able to think of anything else to say started to walk off. "I'll see you in biology, right?"

"...yah... right." Max started to shift uncomfortably and his eyes were constantly looking everywhere but her face.

"Okay then. Later." She headed down the hall as Max was still standing there flushed from embarassment.

Michael smirked. "And tell me again about how we should stay away from them."

"Stay away from who?" A sweet voice asked. They both turned to see Isabel looking at them questioningly.


Maria was gratful that the class was over. It seemed as if Mr. Hartson chose today to be "Pick on Maria" day. She sighed deeply as she opened her locker to put away her textbooks. Could this day get any worse??? Suddenly a pair of arms grabbed her shoulders and spun her around.

"I'M ON TO YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS, DE LUCA!" She found herself pinned against the wall firmly. Maria's eyes widened in fear as she stared directly into the face of Ms. Topolsky.

"I... I ...I don't know what you're talking about."

"You kids might have blown my cover but I'll find out the truth about you one way or another, you can count on that." She pushed Maria into the lockers and ran out of the building.


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