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Now for the pervert thoughts of A Businesslike Fall...

A Businesslike Fall

Chapter 1

The attractive golden haired girl walked around the campus looking for any sign of her brother. He'd promised to meet her but of course he wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"Ggggrrrr that jerk he's to distracted that he forgot his own twin sister!" grumbled the girl as she pulled out a map and looked at it, "I should have never listened to him. Transferring Universities was a bad idea. Ugh when I find him he's dead." The girl walked off in a direction studying her map.


The boy was running again. Trying to get away from the hormone crazy girls who were stalking him. Sighing he stared at the stack of papers he still had to deliver to the Professor before he left for an all boys school. Why on earth had he nominated himself, he had thought the girls would have left him alone because they couldn't see his face but who was he kidding. He had BLUE hair! BLUE! That's like trying to hide a yellow dot in a blue painting! Impossible! Grimacing to himself he continued to walk toward the building… until….



Why didn't it hurt? Opening his eyes the boy stared into a pair of golden eyes.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going!" said the boy trying very hard not to blush. Never in his life had he been so close to a girl. That was when he realized his hands weren't placed on the ground but were placed on something soft. Blushing he immediately got off of the girl. The girl stared up at him, "Green eyes…" she thought, "So pretty. Hey wait! What the hell is this pressure on my chest!" As the boy got off of her she realized, "That jerk! How dare he!"

As the boy got off of her she saw him offer her his hand. Smiling up at him sweetly she grabbed his hand pulled herself up then punched him in the eye.

"PERVERT!" Little was she to know she was to cross this boy's path again.


5 years later…

Opening her eyes the blonde looked over at the clock,

"Ugh 9 in the morning…. Wait a minute… 9 in the morning…. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HOLY FUCK I'M LATE!" Jumping out of bed the girl ran to the closet to grab her clothes for the job interview.


"Wasn't that a little cruel." Asked a pink haired lady to her brown haired boyfriend. As she listened to the blonde crash around her room above them.

"Hey I don't trust Cagalli with any random employer how do you know they aren't all perverts?" retorted the brown haired boy as he heard his sister rushing down the stairs. Grabbing a piece of toast and pulling on her shoes she said a hurried goodbye,

"See ya Kira! Bye Lacus!" Running to the door she pulled it open and ran down the street.

"Are you sure you want her to work for Athrun. I mean recently he's scared off every secretary that has come his way." stated Lacus thinking back to the attractive blue head that had every girl lining up to be secretary. But most came out rather distrubed after being his secertary for 3 seconds.

"Hey he's better then some random guy I've never meet."

"I suppose but you do know he's rather cruel to his secretaries. You do know that right. The last one nearly went into a coma!"

"I'm sure he would never do anything like that to Cagalli, Lacus. Besides they've never meet so how can they hate each other. Athrun switched schools to an all private boys one so he could avoid the fangirls, just when Cagalli arrived." stated Kira

"I guess you're right…"

"I know I'm right."

Ding! Dong!

"That must be him now." said Kira standing up to get the door, "How about you make some tea for my old friend."

"Alright Kira." Lacus smiled as she walked out of the room. Athrun was a very lonely man and possibly Cagalli could bring a spark into his life he truly needed that much. Hopefully Cagalli's first impression wouldn't be too bad.


"Ugh that jerk…" moaned Cagalli looking up at the sky she groaned, "He wouldn't give me the job. Then he hit on me! Well he won't be moving for a good long while! Gah I'm tired of living off my brother's hospitably, I want to live my own life! I'm just getting in the way! He's getting married soon to Lacus… I'm just a third wheel." Arriving at the house she took out a key and opened the door. Shouting into the silence,

"I'm home!" Hearing a door open at the end of the hall she saw Kira and Lacus walk out.

"Oh hello Cagalli. We have a visitor who is looking for an employee he is a good friend of Kira's." Lacus said waving at Cagalli, "He is just in the living room." Staring at them in shock Cagalli walked down the hall and placed her hand on the doorknob. Watching them walk toward the backyard Cagalli sighed,

"I'm not going to screw this one up! So on the count of three I'm going to go in there and prove that I can be a good employee! 1…. 2….. 3…..!" Swinging the door open her mouth dropped in shock,


"What do you mean me!" asked a man as he turned around. Meeting her eyes he shouted, "YOU!"

"I said it first!" shouted Cagalli. Athrun stared at the girl he had only meet her once but that had been enough that girl had given him a black eye just as he was about to transfer to a new school. They nearly kicked him out for showing up with a black eye he had to make up an excuse about saving a baby in a runaway carriage and it was all her fault. The problem was, was that for the last five years he had been unable to get her eyes out of his head for the last five years. And now here they were again this time glaring at him with pure hate.

"I think we never had a proper introduction Miss…"


"Ahhh I see. My name is then Mr. Zala."

"Why the hell are you here!"

"I thought it was quite obvious when your soon-to-be sister in law told you. I need a employee, a secretary to be exact. According to Kira you are looking for a job, so that you won't have to trespass on his hospitality. I am giving you that option. You see my last secretary how should I put this did not fare well in my employment. If you decide to become my secretary you will get free room and board in my house since you live quite a distance from my place of business. You can move in this weekend if you would prefer."



"If I become your secretary how long will I be in your employment."

"As long as you see fit. But I must warn you have little tolerance for certain things so do not try my patience on the subject."

"Fine. I'm in." stated the blonde desperate to try and do something on her own. It was just too good an oppurtinity to miss, "I'll move in this weekend."Athrun smiled for the first time in five years.

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