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And now the blotched wedding of A Businesslike Fall…

Chapter 20

"So I know this might sound stupid but how'd it go last night?" asked Yzak as he watched the couple walk into the office.

"Peachy," snorted Athrun trying his hardest to discourage Yzak from having the smirk already perched on his face expand.

"Yeah, it went just peachy if you count the police force coming and trying to pry me out of a friend's house at two in the morning." Grumbled Cagalli rubbing her tired eyes, "This man is an extremely over-jealous, protective prick." Athrun clutched his chest in mock hurt,

"Is that anyway to treat your prince charming?" asked Athrun.

"There's no such thing."

"You two really seem to be getting along," joked Yzak.

"Cork it." Snapped Athrun, "And where are you going?" He asked gesturing to Cagalli who was delicately leaving the office.

"Going to go get a coffee and leave the big boys to their work." She stated as she reached the door.

"More like one big boy and a crybaby." Joked Yzak as Athrun glared at him, "Come on Athrun it's time to get some actual work done."


"So did Athrun let you leave?" asked Mir as they strolled down the street.

"I doubt he could stop me."

"That's true," sighed Mir, "You really have the poor guy whipped."


"Anyways do you know why we're here?" asked Mir not trying to hide her evil smirk anymore.

"To get coffee?"

"Close, Cagalli but so, so wrong." Said Mir as she dragged her across the street into wedding shop.

" NOOOO!!"


Two months later…

"Can you believe it, Cagalli, todays finally the day!" exclaimed Mir as she struggled to make Cagalli sit in the chair. Cagalli just wouldn't stop squirming and might be because her hair was so tangled and knotted that the brushes were stuck in it.

"Ow, ow, ow!!! That hurts!"

"Well it wouldn't if you'd just sit still!" grumbled Mir as she struggled to remove the lodged combs, "Do you even try to comb this, this mop of knots!"

"Once a year." Mir groaned, as Cagalli continued to speak, "I can't believe Athrun didn't like my white tuxedo idea. Imagine how cool our wedding would be if we both wore tuxs."

"I think any person is justified in wanting the bride to wear a white dress," laughed Lacus as she walked into the room with the "death-trap into matrimonial horror" dress.

"I still think the tux was the better idea," murmured Cagalli crossing her arms defiantly, "I mean think of the statement it would make."

"That Athrun Zala most powerful man in Orb has married a complete lunatic." Sniggered Mir, while Cagalli glared at her. Lacus carefully pulled out the shoes that Athrun had insisted that Cagalli wear unfortunately Cagalli saw them.

"Stilettos! Oh no! Keep those things away from me!"


"NO! Never! NO!" Lacus gave her a pleading puppy dog look.

"You have to. It's for Athrun."

"When are things going to start being for me?!"

"After the first kid," joked Mir as she tugged on her blue bridesmaid gown, "I hate these things bridesmaid dresses they are always so ugly so that the bride always glows."

Yes after six months of unbelievable troubles, hospital trips, still clingy fan girls, and millions of swears and threats from both sides. Cagalli Yula Attha was finally marrying Athrun Zala. Sure Kira was still ready to rip Athrun's head off at any moment, and Swasti had started stalking the couple in a friendly, I'm the only journalist writing about you, way, but everything had worked out. Mostly.


"Yzak!" Athrun's voice rang out through the empty office, "I know we have our issues but can you please give me my god damn tux!"

"What if I were to say no." Yzak's voice rang out taunting Athrun, "I'm sure you could just borrow the white tuxedo that Cagalli bought." Athrun's face turned a vivid purple after that whole incident. The tux now sat in his closet taunting him, the things he had done to get Cagalli to wear a dress were still too painful to mention even to his therapist.

So now here he was chasing Yzak who had promised to pick up his BLACK tuxedo throughout his company.

"Why the hell did I never print maps," he groaned as he maneuvered through another floor. He'd only ever needed to get to his office and the conference rooms never beyond that, the rest of the building was foreign to him.

Yzak laughed happily from the security control booth on the 5th floor as he watched Athrun run around the building. Oh yes revenge was sweet, looking at his watch he sighed,

"Guess the fun is over till after the honeymoon." He said sadly as he stood up from the chair grabbing the dry cleaner's bag that held the prized tuxedo, "Cagalli will kill me if I make her chew-toy late." Walking slowly out of the booth he proceeded to the third stairwell by the west end of the floor because according to the cameras that was the staircase Athrun was running down.

"Hello Athrun." He responded casually when he burst through the door.

"Hello Yzak," he said with eerie calm which caused Yzak to mentally curse, "I hope you like blind dates because you just got one."


"Where is he!" hissed Cagalli as she stood at the altar tapping her foot impatiently, "How the hell could he be late. If he isn't here soon he is dead. Not just dead. Thrown off a tall building onto a highway after being chopped up into small painful pieces, type of dead."

"Cagalli you're crushing the bouquet," soothed Lacus trying to tug the wilting flowers from Cagalli's grip, "I'm sure he'll get here one way or another Cagalli we just have to stay calm."

"Oh I'm perfectly calm Lacus, it's him that will be un-calm when I see him." Lacus carefully backed away from the seething blonde. "This will not end well…"


"You're late," stated Kira as he inspected Athrun from his solid post in front of the doors leading into the church.

"Kira would you mind letting me into my own wedding," sighed Athrun there was no point in trying to move Kira he was standing firm. Athrun decided it would be better to convince him from a safe post at the bottom of the stone steps leading to the church.

"If you're late for this, how do I know you can be on time for other important events?"

"Is this really the time to be discussing this?" asked Athrun looking desperately at his watch.

"If you're late for this do you plan on missing the conceptions of your children."

"I technically have to be there for that to happen," muttered Athrun under his breath.

"Don't you want to be there when Cagalli realizes she's pregnant."

"Who on earth is ever there when someone realizes they're pregnant?" asked Athrun, "That never happens usually the girl is alone in the house, or with some beloved girlfriend. To be perfectly honest I don't want to be there when she realizes she's pregnant. Because I know the first expression on my face will be one of horror when I realize the kid will have her genes." Feeling Kira's glare Athrun shouted,


"What if you're late for the birth of your own child." Athrun gaped at him. Why the hell would he miss the birth of one of his children?

"Are you insane. What caring father would do that!"

"I don't know. You tell me."

"Kira have you been drinking coffee…again." Another painful memory Athrun wished he could forget.

"Not drinking it, eating it." Kira stated proudly talking a small package of instant coffee and pouring it into his mouth.


"Keeps me awake so I can work and protect my sister at all times." He said proudly.

"Umm can I go to my wedding now?"

"What would you do if you were late for-"


"Ohhhhh no."

"Kira how on earth am I going to be late for everything else if you make me late for my own wedding!?" yelled Athrun balling his fists. If Kira wouldn't let him in he'd just bust through him. Cagalli was more important then his own safety right. Right?

"ATHRUN!!!" came a menacing female voice.

"Oh crud."

"So Kira you decided to detain him," came the sickeningly sweet voice of Cagalli as she stood behind her brother in all her matrimonial glory minus the glowing bride part, she was more the raging bride part.



"Yes…?" stuttered Kira.



The clinking of a glass could be heard as Dearka stood up accompanied by his ever lovely fiancé, Mir,

"We'd like to propose a toast to our boss," laughed Dearka, "To Athrun and Cagalli the only couple I know who can ignore each other like three-year olds,"

"Can waste the most time just trying to get to the office," Chirped in Mir.

"Spend hours discussing the value of the dress to society," added Yzak standing up.

"Become jealous monsters with separation issues," smirked Swasti linking arms with Yzak,

"Not to mention do the most pointless things just to prove their love to each other." said Lacus giggling at the appalled faces on the couple,

"Aren't you all getting a little out of hand?" asked Athrun watching as Cagalli tried to stop herself from throwing something at the "hilarious" comedians.

"Fine, fine we'll stop." Said Mir sitting down dramatically, "But it will start again the minute you get back from the honeymoon."

"Gee thanks," responded Cagalli sarcastically.

"So when can we expect nephews or nieces?" asked Lacus carefully, enjoying watching Athrun spewed his drink over the table. It had been a small ceremony with only a few close friends and some new co-workers from Plant Corp.

Cagalli just choose to remain silent.

"You are going to stop them form mocking us aren't you?" pleaded Athrun looking at Cagalli for some sort of support, she choose to look down at the table, "Cagalli?"


1 year later…

"Is she asleep?" asked Cagalli as she looked over at her frazzled husband.

"Define asleep."

"How long this time?"

"That baby must have the lung capacity of an elephant she was screaming for twenty minutes straight, must get it from your side of the family," said Athrun pulling back the covers, "OW!" Sighing Athrun lay his head on the pillow and pulled the covers up over his head, 2 months of parenthood and he already couldn't wait for her to graduate and move on with her life.



"You're on my side of the bed."


4 years later…

"Are they at it again?" asked Yzak as he sat down beside a blue-haired, golden-eyed girl.

"Yup," she replied happily as she stuffed some popcorn into her mouth. Yzak sighed bringing your kid to work day was a joke, in this company. Zophia Attha Zala practically lived in the office with her parents; she even sat in on some of their appointments when her parents decided to have a huge argument in the office. Stealing some of her popcorn Yzak looked amusedly at the pair,

"I'm telling you that we could export the product for a heck of a lot cheaper if we cut back labor costs." Stated Athrun angrily glaring at Cagalli as she defiantly stood her ground.

"Labor costs! Where will some company be when all your labor cutbacks cause the union to revolt and strike? No company can run without workers!" the 5 year-old usually had no idea what they were talking about, but loved to watch the pair squabble about the most pointless things. Thanks to her language in the office had toned down to a more G-rated version.

"Cagalli! There are computers to do that sort of stuff! The world is becoming more technology oriented anyway so a few laid-off people won't really matter." Athrun defended she was on a roll today.

"Well then if technology is replacing people can it replace you," noticing her daughter was in the room she struggled to make it sound less 'you're parents are splitting up', "So then I could…uh…love it …uhhh also." Yzak groaned at least it had stopped the tears that were threatening to pour down the 5 year-old's face even if it sounded totally ridiculous. Even though she was used to her parents arguing and their outbursts she still felt threaten when either one claimed they would be better off without the other. She also liked to mess with them, in all honesty she was the most evil of the three.

"See Cagalli you almost made her cry," said Athrun kneeling beside Zophia to make sure she was alright, "You're mother's horrible isn't she."

"Me? A horrible mother?" sighed Cagalli plastering a smile on her face, "Well then I better not tell you."

"Tell me what?"

"No, no you say I'm horrible so I'll be horrible." She laughed as she kneeled on the other side of her daughter.


"No I'm giving in that easily."

"Pwease Cagalli," begged Athrun giving his best puppy-dog pout it had improved since he now had to compete with his daughter for his wife's attention and Zophia's pout was top notch.

"I'm pregnant."

"… Really?"

"Ugh yes, really." Athrun quickly picked up Cagalli swinging her around.

"I'm going to be a father…again!"

"Idiot put me down!" As this merry ceremony went on Zophia turned in her chair and looked at Yzak questioningly,

"Uncle Yzak, What's pregnant?"

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