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Chapter One: Death's Favorite

Dan's Crypt: The best place to go if your looking for a dead Dan.

Xavier warily pushed herself through the iron gate of Sir Daniel Fortesque's tomb, unfortunately not seeing the first step. She painfully tumbled down the stairs, sprawling out across the stone bottom.

"Owwww," the girl moaned as she wobbled to her feet, dusting off her black slacks and crimson tunic. Steel-gray eyes swept over her surroundings, taking in every inch of the dingy atmosphere. Xavier swept of to the left corridor, peeking her head through as she raised and eyebrow in curiosity. What idiot puts a training room in a dead man's tomb? She thought with a snicker. Oh well. Heroes get what they want. Crossing over to the right corridor, she strode inside and plucked up a scroll on the floor.

Dan's Diary (No Peeking!)

Immediately, Xavier dropped the paper and slunk back out.

Note to self: be careful what you read. Her gaze drifted to the last corridor. Cloak and glass-like hair billowing about her sickly thin frame, Xavier ascended the ramp to Dan's burial chamber, where he lied peacefully. The girl took a deep breath and...


The skeleton suddenly jumped five feet in the air, landing, crouched, behind his coffin.

"Who are you?" he asked, speech muffled due to his lack of a lower jaw. "And why are you here?" Xavier sighed.

'I'm Xavier Arrywyth," she admonished, "Death's favorite assistant." She paused before adding, "and his only one."

"Nice to meet you," Dan replied, still a bit rattled from his very rude awakening.

"So where's Al-zalam?"

"Right here!" Al poked his pointy-eared head out of Dan's left eye socket. Xavier clapped her hands together in glee.

"Great! Now let's save Gallowmere!"


"You guys didn't know?" Xavier asked, astonished. "But Death sent a letter!" At that moment, a scroll soared through the window, wacking Dan in the head. The girl scowled. "And of course it's late." Unrolling the paper, the hero's only eye scanned the writing.

Sir Dan,

I'm terribly sorry to inform you that that evil sorcerer Zarok is back yet again and my assistant, Xavier, needs your help to defeat him. Please be a dear and help her.



"Zarok's back?" Dan asked.

"Yup, and up to his old tricks."

" Then why are we standing here like bumps on a log?" Al exclaimed. "Let's go!"

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