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Medival: Return of the Sorcerer

Chapter Ten: Insanity, insanity, insanity

Sleeping Village: Where you can buy the mayor off for the pie.


"Owww," Xavier moaned, painfully standing up. "Next time we're walking."

"Amen," Al agreed.

Finally, the group were in the quiet, deserted streets of the Sleeping Village. Well, it was until the Mayor came running up, shouting and making a fuss.

"Goodness gracious!" he shouted, grabbing Dan's elbows and shaking him violently. "Zarok's here! Zarok's here! Zarok's here!"

"Calm down man!" Xavier snapped. The Mayor fell silent. "Where is Zarok?"

"Over there! Over there! Over there! Along the river! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"

"Someone please shut the fat man up," Larry groaned, rubbing his temples. "He's giving me a migraine." Dan nodded before smacking the portly politician upside the head, rendering him unconscious.

"Alright then," Xavier sighed, pulling out her whip and smirking evilly. "Let's hurry and go!"

"Ah, ah, ah." The group spun around to see Joseph gazing up at them with a left out look evident in his eyes. Xavier pursed her lips.

"Um, you can stay her and babysit the fat man." The little boy pouted, pointing at Al, who hopped onto his shoulder. "Sure," the girl replied, "Al can stay with you." Happy with the arrangement, Joseph sat down on a nearby box as the genie started jabbering away and the three heros headed toward the riverside. Zarok stood near a ship as his guards loaded on veiled cages.

"Now what?" Larry asked. "There is no way we can get on that ship now."

"I got it!" Xavier exclaimed quietly. "I'll sneak on the boat, and you guys head over to Scurvy Docks using the Magic Passage. Convince the dock master to give Zarok a bunch of leaky boats so his army doesn't go very far. That'll delay him long enough for us to thwart any more of his plans."

"Good plan," Dan agreed, "but what are you gonna do on the boat." Xavier smirked evilly, causing the other two to scoot away from her in fear.

"I have my reasons."

Zarok is gonna die! Okay, not yet, but karma will come to kick him in the pants. Review, then stay tuned for the next chapter! Thanks!