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Summary: AU after phase 34 of GSD. What if Kira wasn't found on that fateful day by Cagalli? How will Athrun, Cagalli, Lacus and the other react to his death? he really? Gilbert Dullindal's chess game is changing.

Main Characters: mainly focused on Kira and Athrun, but also Cagalli, Lacus, Shinn.

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Warning: This chapter isn't quite AU until the end. It is more of a recap on the main characters reactions on the events of episode 34.

Gundam Seed : Another Path, Another Destiny

Phase One : Death

"YOU KILLED STELLAR!" a blood red eyed boy shouted with all his strength, full of fury bordering on insanity. Shinn Asuka was his name, and right now, he desired only one thing in the world: avenge his friend, maybe love. The sabre of his Gundam slashed the other MS, communicating all his hatred toward it. After all it was its fault, the Freedom's fault, THAT pilot fault. He didn't care who it was, he didn't care he was a friend of Athrun, all he cared was to destroy it.

Shinn's mind was entirely focused in the battle, his mouth turning into a smirk as the Freedom tried to hit his MS, but at the same time avoiding the cockpit. What a hypocrite, that pilot! Shinn thought with disgust. That pilot was nothing but a murderer! What was the point of faking that he didn't want to hurt, kill him? That was ridiculous, utterly ridiculous… Still that thing was successfully avoiding most of his attacks, but he would never give up!

"You killed her," he repeated while breathing heavily, "even though I tried to stop you!"

He let go of his frustration, his feelings of helplessness mixed with pure hatred. His hollow red eyed narrowed a last time as he took the other weapon Meyrin had sent him, and said:

"I'm going to kill you, today, NOW without a doubt!"

He screamed and stabbed the Freedom with his sword. It was the end.

He had won.

He had got his revenge.

He had killed him.

And Shinn Asuka couldn't help but laugh maniacally.

Athrun Zala watched helplessly the fight that took place between his best friend, Kira, and Shinn. Everything was going to be alright, Archangel would escape safely and so would Kira, was his constant mantra. He knew he shouldn't wish that, as he was part of ZAFT and the orders were to destroy them, but it wasn't fair. They were not enemies after all!

Why, just why on earth had the Chairman given that order! It was ridiculous, insane!

A shiver ran down his spine when, he saw how Shinn eagerly fought against the Freedom. Kira of course, didn't aim at the cockpit, gentle Kira would never kill on purpose. But on the other hand, Shinn was skilfully avoiding Kira's attacks, and responding very aggressively. Athrun was not a fool. He knew the younger boy wanted to destroy the gundam. He knew it! And still, he wasn't doing anything to prevent that, except shouting words he knew couldn't even reach Shinn's ears.

"Stop it! Shinn! Kira is…" he is not trying to kill you!

The fight kept going on, for what felt like an eternity.

He watched as the Archangel attempted to dive into the ocean.

He watched as the Minerva fired.

He watched as Shinn put his blade through the Freedom.

A big explosion … and then nothing.

"KIRAAA!" Athrun yelled as he barely heard Lunamaria saying softly his name behind him.

"N…no, no," he muttered his eyes wide with shock, "That's impossible…Archangel...Kira..."

His best friend couldn't, can't, be…no way!

"Not again!" his mind screamed, while he was shooking his head in denial. He had already suffered once that feeling of lost, when he tought he had killed his best friend during the last war!

The smoke due to the explosion slowly dissipated, and he saw the shattered pieces of the Freedom floating on the water. Destroyed. He wanted to look away, but he couldn't help but stare at that horrifying spectacle. His breathing became harder and harder as seconds passed, the atmosphere became increadibly unbreathable.

He quickly turned on his heel, catching briefliy Luna's concern gaze, and Rey's, which was emotionless, and left that damn place to the privacy of his room.

There Athrun Zala let his tears fall, weeping for the death of his only best friend.

Cagalli Yula Attha laced her fingers together anxiously as their ship tried to avoid the missiles; they had to make it to Orb. She wanted to help, save her country. It was her duty.

But, here was that other ship, the Minerva, stopping them, shooting at them. Why couldn't those ZAFT soldier understand that they didn't want to be their enemies! They just needed time! Why were they so eager to sink them? Deep down she knew her twin brother, Kira, was right. Something was definitely wrong with that Chairman. Still she couldn't help but wonder if they had made the right choice. Maybe they should have joined ZAFT, maybe then things would be better, maybe Kira, the Archangel and herself wouldn't be risking their life like this, and maybe he would be here.

Athrun Zala. He was many things, her brother's best friend, a friend of all the Archangel crew, her friend. She didn't know what to feel anymore. Cagalli passed her hand softly on her finger. Back then she had been so happy when he gave her that ring, as a sign of their love. But now…now he was fighting against us! She thought angrily.

The battle was becoming harder, she knew they had little chance to escape, and she pried Kira would be alright. She was jerked out of her musing, when Miriallia announced there was a call from the Minerva. The figure of a woman appeared on the screen.

"We are currently acting acording to orders from our headquartersto shoot down your vessel," the captain of the Minerva, Talia Gladys, said.

Hearing those words, the members of the crew gasped with surprise. Then why was she bothering to tell them?

"However,"she continued, "if you cease all combat operation, including those of your mobile suits, and surrender, we will cease our atacks. This is our only warning. I hope you'll get the right decision," and she cut off the line.

Cagalli was speechless, that captain seemed indeed to be a very honorable woman. Maybe they should surrender, so there wouldn't be other casualties. Her torn up thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Miriallia, who had annouced another message from Kira this time.

"Go to the ocean. Take Cagalli to Orb, that's our priority", he said.

"Kira!" Cagalli said surprised.

Kira...Thank you...but is it wise?

Before she could react, Murrue Ramius had already contacted the Minerva to inform them of there decision. Cagalli nodded with determination. They had still much to do. They couldn't afford to stop there. No matter what, the situation must not turn out like the last war. That's can't die Kira!

After that, the situation became even more hectic. They barely managed to escape the Minerva, with the Archangel badly hit. But that wasn't what was on Cagalli's mind. It was her twin brother. Kira, the explosion, the Freedom stabbed...she couldn't stand it anymore. With tears in her eyes she pleaded Murrue to let her go out with the Strike Rouge. The captain finally nodded with understanding, she too whished Kira to be alive.

Cagalli looked around her wildly, looking desesperately for the Freedom's cockpit.

"Kira, Kira, where the hell are you?"she whispered with a feared look.

She finally spotted its blurred line not that far, but before she could approach nearer, the cockpit exploded, leaving nothing but shattered pieces of metal.

"KIRAAA!" she cried as tears were roaming freely down her face. She sobbed uncontrobly, as she heard the shaken voice of the captain, telling her to immediately come back, before they would be spotted by the ennemy, and therefore ruining all their efforts. They all knew that Kira couldn't have survived that explosion,but they, she, couldn't admit it. Nevertheless, Cagalli nodded reluctantly, and with a last sorrowful and tearful look behind her, she went back on the ship.

I promise Kira, that I'll make that meaningless war stop...I'll be strong...I'll fullfil your wish...

"Chairman," a commander reported through the com, "the Archangel was badly hit, but it seems that it wasn't destroyed. Our men are working on it. Nevertheless we can assert without a doubt that the Freedom was effectively destroyed. As ordered our special secret forces had explored the aera. They found a badly hurt soldier on the shore and transferred him to PLANT with high confidentiality. End of report."

"Thank you."

The screen went black again, before showing a hospital room.

Gilbert Dullindal smiled mysteriously, as he stared at the man lying in the bed, his black eyes glinting strangely with anticipation. Fate was surely very amusing and surprising.

"It seems that my plans are changing," he said softly. "I wonder... what am I going to do with you, Kira Yamato-kun?"

To be continued...

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