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By the time we got to Bobby's Anna, Ruby and Sam sat in the back of the car while I had shotgun and Dean drove. It'd started out with me and Sam switched, but it took all of 3 seconds before I almost ripped Ruby's tongue out. Now we sat there in relative silence. Slowly that silence started to make the nervousness in me bubble up. It wasn't all that long ago that, despite our age, Uncle Bobby'd issued me and my brothers with a threat of a spanking. Part of me was sure that after all we just told him (most of it involving secrets we'd been keeping), he was going to make good on that threat. Part of me wouldn't blame him if he did. When we were about 5 minutes out Dean stopped the car.

"What's happening?" Anna asked, nervously.

"Nothing. It's okay." Dean reassured her.

"So why are we stopping?" I said.

"I just- I think…" Dean paused for a second. "I don't think its such a good idea to bring Ruby."

"What?" Sam said, visibly offended. "Dean she's been nothing but helpful this whole ti-"

"It's not her." Dean said. "It's Bobby."

"But Bex told him she's back. He knows that-"

"I get that Sammy." Dean cut him off. "But after everything we've been up to for way too long now, I'm thinking we give him a minute to process and deal with us before we bring her in. It's just a matter of respect."

"He has a point Sam." I agreed.


"Sam." Ruby stopped him. "I get it. It might not be the greatest idea for a demon to show up uninvited to a hunter's doorstep. Just keep me in the loop, you know?" She got out of the car and leaned into the window. "Let me know when your uncles done kicking your asses so I can come over and play."

I rolled my eyes but caught Sam's slight smile. Then we took off, leaving her there. The tension in the car pulling up to Bobby's back door reminded me of how it used to feel sometimes when we got there as kids. Dad and Sammy were probably fighting for one reason or another and when we'd get to Bobby's, Sam would storm off to the library. Dean and I would try to calm Dad down enough that he wouldn't go after him and make the whole thing worse. And for reasons I will never understand, Bobby would see all these signs for Hurricane Winchester coming back into his life and he'd still let us in the front door. Just like he was doing now. Only this time it wasn't Bobby standing in the doorway waiting for us. I fought the urge to run over and hug Trevor as soon as the car was parked. We had been through a lot and all I wanted was his arms around me, but now wasn't the time. We had bigger fish to fry. We shot each other meaningful looks and I couldn't stifle a little smile when Trevor touched my hand, but other than that we just headed into the house.

"How mad is he?" Sam asked Trevor.

"Well every other word out of his mouth has been 'idjut' but that's about normal. He's over in the kitchen. Said I should send you guys down to the panic room and come get him whenever you got here." He explained.

"Oh…" Dean said uncomfortably. It felt like we were being sent to our room.

We started to make our way to the basement door when Trevor called me back. "Becca I..I um." I thought I was going to get a kiss or something. Instead he said, "Maybe you should go get Bobby."


He bit his lip a little and looked all of 7. "I just think maybe with everything going on-"

"You are all the biggest bunch of babies." I huffed.

"It's just that he's easier on you, being the girl and everything." Trevor said.

"You're not even one of the people in trouble."

"Yeah but both him and my dad are pretty pissed that I knew everything and kept it to myself. " He said. "I just think-"

"Fine." I cut him off. First my brothers made me call Bobby and explain everything and now my boyfriend was making me go get him. It wasn't like I wasn't nervous about getting yelled at either, but we were being hunted by both angels and demons. We didn't have time to be scared of Bobby

…At least that's what I kept telling myself as I walked toward the kitchen.

He was on the phone with his back to the window. "…Well screw'em then!" Bobby said hanging up. Great. He was in an awesome mood. He wasn't shocked when he turned and saw me, but I wasn't surprised. He was a hunter. He probably knew we were here before we walked in the house. "Stupid idjuts ask me to cover for them and play up the FBI bit and then they can't get their idjut heads out of the idjut asses long enough to give the right number."

"…Sorry" I didn't really know what else to say to that.

Bobby shook his head. "Your brothers in the basement?"

"Yes sir."

"Alright then." He said and headed that way. I followed, still unsure of what was about to happen.

I got two surprises when we got to the panic room. The first was Bobby, who was obviously in an awful mood, not giving me or either of my brothers any grief about all that we'd been keeping to ourselves. The second, in between Joshua and Sam was Pamela Barnes. I hadn't seen her since she offered to help us do a séance and lost her sight in the process. I didn't know how she'd feel about helping us again.

"Hi Pamela." I said

"Becca? Is that you?" She said carefully.

I smiled a nodded and then cursed myself for being stupid enough to give a nonverbal response to a blind woman. She pulled me into a hug, which I thought was kind of strange since we weren't that close and she didn't seem like the Lifetime Channel kind of girl. Maybe the blindness had changed her? I immediately rethought that idea when she grabbed my butt. "I don't know Sammy, you're little sis here might give you a run for your money in the Top Winchester Ass contest."

"…Yay?" I said confused.

"Don't worry she's been feeling up everybody in the room." Trevor sighed (although I noticed a twinge of a smile on his lips when he said it).

"Yay." I repeated, a bit more deadpan.

"Pam, you mind quitting the game of grab ass so we can get to work?" Bobby asked.

"Not at all." Pamela said, turning to Anna. "Honey, lets have us some girl talk." She led her over to the bed.

"Aren't you afraid they'll hurt you again?" Anna asked nervously.

"What're they gonna do this time? Take my smell? " Pam asked. "Stealing my vision, picking on innocent sweet girls like you? These angels are acting like bullies. I've never been one to back down from a bully."

Pamela told Dean to hit the lights and Anna to lay down. We all watched as she began hypnotizing Anna. "Relax every muscle in your body. Calm and relaxed. Now tell me Anna, how can you hear the angels? How do you know how to use spells against them?"

"I- I don't know." Anna shook her head.

"Alright. Just calm down." Pam said. "That's just fine. Now, what is your fathers name?"

"Richard." Anna said simply.

"Okay. But I need you to look back further. I know it may be scary, but I'm right here." She gently stroked Anna's hair as the girl began to fidget. "It's okay Anna. Just look back. One quick look."

"He's gonna kill me!" Anna yelled. The doors started shaking and the lights exploded.

"Pamela I don't think-"

"Just give me a second." Pamela cut Joshua off.

"Anna it's oka-." Dean tried, but before he could finish Anna pushed him away. She barely touched him but he flew back against the wall.

"Pamela enough!" Bobby yelled.

I guess she agreed because Pam said "Wake up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1." She snapped her fingers and Anna fell to the ground.

"Anna?" Sam ran over to her while I checked on our brother. "Anna are you okay?"

Anna sat up, calm again. She turned to Pam. "Thank you." She said softly. "That helped a lot. I remember now."

"Remember what?" Joshua asked..

"Who I am. I'm an angel."

We looked around, all sufficiently freaked out. "So what, was this whole thing a test?" I asked. "You're working with Castiel and Uriel?"

"You angels are really starting to piss me off." Pamela said. "I'm out of here." She headed out of the panic room back toward Bobby's living room.

"I am not like the others." Anna said following her, the rest of us trailing along. "Uriel, Castiel and I served together. They were under my command."

"I thought you guys all worked for the man upstairs." Trevor said.

"Yes, but like all armies, there is a chain of command." Anna explained.

"But they messed up your memory and they're trying to kill you." Bobby said. "That's a pretty big break in the chain of command."

"There was a break, but it wasn't them." She said. "I was the one who disobeyed. I left my entire world behind to become part of yours. I ripped out my grace."

"Your grace?" Sam asked.

"It's like…energy. Angelic energy."

"O…kay." Dean nodded. "Look Anna, or whatever your angel name is, this is a lot and it kind of changes the game plan. We kinda need to figure out what the next move is."

"I know what I must do." Anna said. "I need to retrieve my grace. However, you are right. This is a lot for you all to handle and you've already done so much. You may not understand the implications of offering me your assistance."

"Let me guess, we could die in a really awful way?" I said.

"That's a simplistic way to view it, but yes." Anna nodded.

"Then we get the implications. How do we get this grace thingy back?"

"It will be fairly simple once I find it." Anna explained that after losing her memory for over a decade, she was kind of drawing a blank on the location of her grace. "It doesn't help that I was falling at 10,000 miles per hour when I ripped it out."

"Wait, when you say falling, do you mean actually falling?" Sam asked. "Something like that, it's bound to make an impact right?"

"Something like that would definitely make the news." Joshua said, following Sam's logic. "All we'd have to do is see if anything matches up around the time Anna was for lack of a better word 'born' and it should lead us to-"

It was then that Sammy's phone rang. He looked at the screen and froze for a second. "What is it?" Dean asked.

"It's uh- it's Ruby. She just wants an update." Sam said, making it his business not to look up.

Instinctively, Dean and I both looked over to Bobby before realizing his line of vision wasn't exactly where either of us wanted to be.

Bobby sighed and seemed to make a decision. "You all should get started on trying to pin down where the heck that grace got off to. Me and Sam here need to have a talk for a second."

"Wait but Sam's our best researcher." I tried.

"And it isn't all his fault." Dean added.

"Oh trust me, I'm aware of that." Bobby said giving me a fishy feeling in my stomach. "Don't worry, I'll deal with you two later."

"It's fine." Sam said to us, sounding anything but, and followed Bobby up the stairs towards the bedrooms.

"We should all get to work." Joshua said and we each found spots in the library. Pamela looked hesitant, but she started fishing for answers around the spirit world. Me and Trevor tried to find what we could on the internet while Dean and Joshua called every contact in the book.

"Wait, I think I got something." Trevor said. "About 9 months before Anna was born a meteorite was spotted in northern Ohio."

"That's around where I was born." Anna said.

"Yes, but the cool part is another one was spotted at the exact same time in Kentucky."

"Where in Kentucky?" Dean asked.

"…It doesn't say." Trevor sighed.

"Well that narrows it down to an entire state."

"Nobody ever found the crash down site." Trevor explained.

"Great." I said.

"Let's just keep looking." Dean said.

"Looking for what?" A voice asked.

"Who the hell are you?" Pamela asked.

"That's Ruby." Dean rolled his eyes. "Didn't we decide you weren't gonna come in until Bobby invited you."

"Yeah we also decided you guys were gonna keep me in the loop." She said. "For all I know you could have been dead."

"Yeah well we're not so thanks for stopping by." I said.

"Where's Sam?" Ruby asked.

"Upstairs." Dean said, curtly.

"Ruby may prove helpful in finding my grace." Anna offered, a calm voice in a sea of attitudes.

"Excuse me?" Ruby asked. "Your what?"

"Anna's an angel." Joshua explained. "She lost her grace when she chose to fall from heaven."

"And you didn't think this was important enough to share with the rest of the class?" Ruby glared at me and Dean. "Do you not understand how royally screwed we are right now? The angels want to kill Anna and I can't even imagine what the demons could do with a virtually powerless angel, but I'm thinking torture of the highest level." She wasn't wrong.

"Which is why I need my grace." Anna said, simply. "So are you gonna help, or not?"

Ruby weighed her options, while the rest of us went back to our research. Then she pulled me and Dean aside. "I need to talk to Sam."

"Like I said, he's busy right now." Dean said.

"Well whatever it is, how is this less important?" She asked.

"We should let Bobby know she's here." I said. "He's already upset enough. I don't want to be around if he shows up to her being in the living room."

"Fine." Dean said. "So go tell him."

"What?" I asked. "No. I'm sick of being thrown under the bus on this. If I have to go up there, you're going with me."

"Fine." Dean huffed, but I could see the uneasiness in his eyes.

We headed up to Bobby's room and knocked carefully on the door, but there was no answer. Dean looked at me questioningly, but I just shrugged. That's when we heard some sounds coming from the room Sam and Dean always shared. It was down the hall a bit and the door was slightly cracked. Neither of them was facing us, but Sammy was sitting on his bed with Bobby standing next to him. It was then that I saw the way Sam was breathing and realized he was crying.

Bobby was rubbing his shoulder. "It's alright." He said. "It's all going to be alright."

I looked at Dean and could tell, like me, he was having second thoughts about interrupting them. I guess he figured he had to and knocked on the door so they knew we were there. Sam went a little rigid before he wiped his eyes and turned to us.

"Hey." I said. "Sorry, we just- well we think we're narrowing down where Anna's grace is….and Ruby's here."

Sam looked surprised and his eyes flickered up to Bobby. "I didn't tell her to-"

"It's okay." Bobby said. "Go clean yourself up and we'll meet you downstairs."

Sam nodded and did as he was told, but both Dean and I knew he needed to go off by himself before we badgered him with questions. We were about to leave when Bobby said "I need to talk to you two."

I swallowed a little, but decided it was better to just deal with this now. "Yes sir?"

"I know what you think just happened." He said. "It didn't. I'm mad as box of frogs you 3 didn't tell me about all of this. That Sam spent a summer working with a demon. All of it. But punishing him or either of you for it doesn't make a lick of sense."

"Really?" I asked, relieved but surprised.

"Y'all punish yourselves more than anybody else could." He said. "All the pressure and guilt you put on yourselves. All that anxiety and stress. I know it's practically hereditary given who your daddy is, but it's gonna get you killed. And I will not have that. So things need to change around here. You don't just call me when you need help with a case. You call me when you need help. Period. Deal?"

My brother and I nodded. "Yes sir."

"Bobby I…" Dean's voice trailed off.

"It's alright boy." Bobby clapped him on the back gently. "But like I told your brother, if I find out you haven't been keeping your end of the bargain it wont be pretty." He said, with clear intention.

He was right about a lot of things, but right now the part about our Winchester guilt was the most obvious. I felt my throat start to tickle and my eyes gloss over. Bobby caught it and rubbed my shoulder like he'd done with Sam. We stayed there for a minute before Bobby said "We should go down and see what they've got." There was a question to the order. If either me or Dean wasn't ready, Bobby would have let us stay right there. But we agreed and the three of us made our way down to the rest of the group.

"Man gains the ability to walk after a life in a wheelchair." Trevor said.

"Alright that's three miracles in a 20 mile radius." Joshua said.

"And they all surround the tree?" Sam asked. "That sounds like it could be the spot. Anna, what do you think."

"I think we found my grace."

"Where?" Bobby asked.

Joshua explained that in 85 there was an empty field outside of Union, Kentucky. Within six months there were 3 small miracles in the town and one huge one. And by huge I mean a full grown oak tree sprung up in the middle of it.

"So what are we waiting for?" Bobby asked. "Let's crack that tree open and get us some grace."