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The Hitokiri and the Werewolf

Chapter 1

"In the glory days, even before the sengoku age of warlords, swordsmen were so powerful that we were feared as magicians- 'users of the whirlwind!' Shinko-ryu will revive such magicians, and bring the whirlwind back to Japan!…" –Isurugi Raijuta

Kyoto, Japan, 1864

"Oi, Himura!"

The red-headed youth slowed to allow Iizuka to catch up to him.

"Blood..." Iizuka's eyes trailed to the side of Himura's face. Kenshin knew it- he could feel the warm coppery liquidseeping from the open wound, the sickly smell. This had happened many times before by now. Kenshin put his hand to his face and then looked at it, gaping with horror once more at the familiar red stripe he saw there.

"There is a tale..." Iizuka said. "That says that a wound created with extreme hatred will never heal, until vengance is accomplished. It is like a curse...I hear that sometimes it may never heal..."

"A wound feuled by hatred..." Kenshin murmured, closing his eyes.

"Aa. Well, seeing as how you're done for the night, I think I'll hit the bar. Ja ne!" he strode off, smirking to himself. Iizuka knew that as unreadable as the teen usually was, he could tell that he'd unnerved him, and that gave him no small amount of satisfaction.

Kenshin stared dully into the surface of the river in front of him, his hand held up to his searing cheek. many people hated him, and, of course, it was rightfully so. And now he had to deal with an eternal wound that would not heal. Not until vengance was taken. Just at that moment, the full weight of all the lives he had taken pullend on his sould and his eyes flickered with pain and regret. It would often come in waves like this, from nowhere, the overwhelming hatred feeling. Some much happier everyone would be if he just dropped dead. The revolution was half over anyway; and they had a replacement on hand just in case...and the dead could not avenge themselves...

In a dream-like trance, he had drawn the wakizashi from its sheath. He wore Death at his side every single day, the thing he wanted the most, he danced with it every night, and yet it always eluded him. But he was sick and tired of it. So what if he died knowing he'd failed to help the Ishin Shishi to victory...his soul was a damned one anyway.

"Forgive me, Katsura-san. I have broken my promise." And with that he lifted the gleaming, thirsty blade above his chest.

"Stop it."

Kenshin turned without hurry to see a gaijin man in odd clothes. His hair was greying and his face wore a soft expression.

"Trust me, what you're thinking about, I've considered myself many times." he said. "You begin to think that the only way to stop the river of blood is to destroy its source. Iknow how you feel."

Kenshin lowered the blade slightly. "Who are you?"

"Remus Lupin, at your service. I am a werewolf."

"I am no werewolf." Kenshin said, completely unfazed by what he assumed was a hallucination in the face of death.

"And yet, we both transform into something unpleasent under the eye of the Moon." Lupin said, gazing up at the half-filled white orb against the velvet sky. "Listen to me. I have been sent to tell you not to alter the course of history by dying here. You have a mission to accomplish, a mission that will affect people living hundreds of years from now, people who will live better because of your sacrifice. That, and...we have need of you, of your help. I will come before you later. Taking you now would be too dangerous for the state of the world. Just wait. Tough it out, and live. You'll understand before too long."

Kenshin blinked. The man had simply...vanished.

"Wait!" he called. "How did you- why me? Who..." his shoulders slumped in sagging defeat, and he put his sword away. He was so tired all of a sudden. "How can a murderer like me possibly be of help to anyone..."

London, England. Present day.

Harry Potter's eyes narrowed as he inched closer and closer toward the staircase, trying to discern the voices coming from below. He really wished that he had a pair of Extendable Ears, but he was afraid to take the time to run and get them, since it seemed as if he had caught the tail end of the conversation. What had caught his ear was not the sound of Sirius' irate voice (a fairly common occurance here, especially with Snape always stopping by) but the fact that it was Lupin he was arguing with. Lupin had a pretty slow fuse in any case- why would he be arguing with one of his oldest and closest friends?

"...So where is he now?"

"He's staying with Dumbledore. Sirius, I know you don't like the idea, but I assure you, he's older now and-"

"That makes no difference! I don't see why we need to call up somebody that has nothing to do with anything now...this time, this place, not even from the Order...not even a wizard! He's a muggle, Remus!"

"He will not be suspected by the enemy." Lupin said calmly.

"He's dangerous!"

"I told you...certain measures have been taken. Dumbledore has met with him, and Dumbledore knows what he's doing. He is not a threat to us."

Harry's eyebrows shot up. How dangerous dida muggle have to be to be a threat to wizards? Not to mention unnerve his dare-devilish godfather. His train of thought was interrupted as he heard Lupin mention his name.

"Listen, I know that you wanted more of a hand in helping to protect Harry, but you know the circumstances...and picking fights with people on your own side isn't going to help."

A heavy thud sounded, as if a very large book had been plopped onto the table.

"Look at this!" Sirius exclaimed. "How can you know this and still say he's not a threat?"

"That's not fair, Sirius. That's just like someone calling me dangerous just because of what turn into once a full moon."

Silence for a moment.

"That's not the same, and you know it." Sirius growled.

"Just meet with him, Sirius. I have spoken with him several times throughout his life, and I am confident that at this junction in his time of living, he is no threat. Imagine what Severus would say if he knew that you were afraid of a muggle almost half your age."

"I'm not afraid!" Sirius said, flaring up instantly.

"I know, I know." Lupin said with a laugh. "You really shouldn't let those kinds of taunts get to you.'re jealous because a complete stranger gets to experience dangers you feel banned from. And, naturally, you're worried about Harry. It's completely understandable. But you have to remember, it's only under this condition that I'll be allowed to-"


Harry jumped. Fred and George had just Apperated behind him.

"Hey, Harry, what's up?"

"Shh!" he turned quickly back to the stairs, but Sirius and Lupin had moved off to another room, realizing they could be overheard. Harry sighed.

"Oh, sorry 'bout that." Fred said. "You should've told us you were eavesdropping, we could've brought you some Extendables."

"No time." Harry said. His face was scrunched with concentration as he tried to make some sense of what he had just heard.

"Hear anything interesting?" George asked keenly. "Who were you listening in on?"

"Lupin and Siruis...they were having a row..."


But Harry was already halfway down the stairs. He went into the kitchen and found what he was looking for- a thick book sitting on the table. It was closed, whereas it had probably been open before to whatever they had been looking at. The dusty cover had a title on it that read Sorcery Through the Ages; it looked very much like a book you'd expect to see in a History of Magic class.

"What would a muggle have to do with anything in this book?" Harry murmured, turning through its pages.

"If you want to borrow that book, Harry, all you need to do is ask, you know." Hermione came in, followed by Ron.

"This book is yours?" Harry asked.

"Yes...I was reading it at the table earlier...what's going on?" she noticed Fred and George's identical annoyed expressions.

"Ask Harry." George said.

"Yeah. He says Lupin and Sirius had a row." Fred added.

"Really?" she looked at Harry. "What was it about? Something with the Order?"

"I'm not sure...they were talking about someone, and Sirius doesn't trust him...Lupin said he was staying with Dumbledore, and that Sirius would just have to meet him..."

"Well, if Dumbledore doesn't have a problem with this guy, then Sirius shouldn't either." Hermione said firmly.

"Well, I dunno...Lupin said Sirius was probably just acting that way because they were having outsiders do stuff for the Order while he was having to hid out here...but Sirius kept insisting that this guy was dangerous."

"Did you happen to get the name of this guy?" Hermione asked slowly.

"No...but Lupin said Snape would find it funny that Sirius was afraid of a muggle half his age."

Harry half expected Hermione to be able to come up with an answer for this puzzling thing, but she looked just as confused as them.

" could that be a threat?" Ron said blankly. "Lupin is right- Sirius just hates being here and he wants to take it out on something."

"You never know, Ron..." Hermione said thoughtfully. "Maybe this muggle knows something that's important to the order that's dangerous, or maybe he's on our side but has shifty connections, like Dung."

"Mundungus and Sirius get along pretty well, though." Ron countered.

"A spy." Harry said suddenly. "Lupin said that the enemy wouldn't suspect a muggle."

"That's true..." Hermione said doubtfully. "But that doesn't follow with him being dangerous, if he was on our side. Besides, he'd be around our age, wouldn't he? How useful of a spy could he be?"

The boys just kind of shrugged.

"Well, if you three are done..." George said, no longer interested in the conversation. He and Fred dismissed themselves with a resounding KRACK.

"...And he has something to do with this book, but I don't know what." Harry said. "Sirius showed it to Lupin trying to make his point."

"Well, that makes no sense." Hermione said. "There are no muggles in this book, and even if there were, they'd have been dead for a long time."

"Maybe it had something to do with what he knows." Ron said eagerly.

Hermione yawned. "Well, I think I'm going to go to bed. If it has anything to do with you, Harry, I expect we'll find out soon enough." She started up the stairs.

"Right." Harry muttered. "Just like I'm always the first person to know anything having to do with me."

Ron snorted, and the both of them followed Hermione up. They quickly forgot about this conversation in the whirl of things that had to be done, and each had their own things about the upcoming school year to worry about. Nothing overly eventful happened over the rest of the summer (cleaning, hearing Mrs. Weasly kick Dung out for the millionth time, Kreacher's nasty comments) and nothing out of the ordinary happened until they came to the place where strange things were most likely to happen (second only to Hogwarts, of course)- the steam train at platform 9 3/4.

Harry gloomily shoved his trunk along the aisle. Ron and Hermione were off in the prefect's carriage and he had to find a compartment for them. As was his usual luck, every compartment was full, and he was forced to trudge on, ignoring the stares he was getting. He came to the last compartment. The door was closed. Harry cursed, shifted his hold on the heavy trunk, and reached for the compartment door. At least he'd finally found a free one.

Or not. Harry slid the door open to reveal a red-haired boy with his long hair tied back, sitting alone. Harry froze, having never seen this person before. Maybe he was a first year. As Kenshin was short even by Japanese standarts, and very youthful looking, this idea wasn't too much of a strange one. The boy was gazing thoughtfully out of a window, and didn't seem to notice Harry standing there.

"Excuse me." Harry said politely. "Do you mind if me and my friends sit here? Everywhere else is full..."

The boy looked at him, and Harry's eyes widened as an evil-looking X shaped scar was thrown into view.

"It's no problem, de gozaru." the boy said cheerfully. "Where are your friends at?"

"They're prefects. They have to patrol for awhile, but they'll be here soon enough. It's only two others, so..." Harry sat down awkwardly in the seat across from the red head. "What's your name?"

"Kenshin Himura." he said. "What's yours?"

Harry stared in surprise. "I'm Harry Potter...don't you know?" The one everyone loves to talk about lately he added scathingly in his mind. The fact that he knew everyone thought he was insane still burned deeply from the summer when he discovered this fact.

Kenshin averted his gaze. "Aa. Sessha knew, but he didn't want to be rude." he of course knew very well how it felt for everybody to know your name.

Harry was, once again, somewhat surprised. People usually didn't care how rude they were being when they pointed, stared, and talked about him.

"Why are you talking like that?" Harry asked. "What does 'sessha' and 'de gozaru' mean?"


"Er...and that."

"Um..." Kenshin grinned at him sheepishly. "Sessha is sessha. That is what he calls himself. This one's native language is Japanese. Therefore a Translating Charm has to be used, but it wears off after awhile and is defective sometimes."

"And, of course, your own odd quirks to the language don't help at all." a dryly amused voice sounded from the corridor.

"Lupin!" Harry stood up quickly. "What are you doin here? I thought you-"

"Whoa, whoa now, calm down, Harry." Lupin said with a laugh. "I was going to let my return be a surprise for the feast, but, alas, your friends have pinned me."

"We got him, Harry." Ron said. "He's going to be teaching again this year!"

"What?" this was the best news he'd heard all summer.

"Lupin, how did you-"

"Professor Lupin, Harry." Lupin said. "And how did I convince anybody worth convincing to let me come back?"

He nodded mutely.

"Well, extra measures have been taken to ensure that what happened before doesn't happen again. I will also be continuing to take the Wolfsbane Potion. Plus, Dumbledore wants as many members of the Order as possible to be at Hogwarts, and my particular mission can be accomplished fairly well while here."

"And your mission is...?"

"Oh come on, Harry, like he's going to tell you now when he wouldn't tell you all summer." Hermione said, pushing past the two males and edging into the compartment. "Honestly- who is that?"

"My name is Kenshin Himura." Kenshin said pleasently. "Nice to meet you. Sessha does think, however, that his prescence can be better explained by Professor Lupin, here."

"Huh?" Ron said, expressing the general sentiment as he came in himself.

"Kenshin is here as my visitor." Lupin explained. "As a favor to Dumbledore. He has traveled a long way to visit Hogwarts. I believe that he will be rooming with the Gryffandor seventh years. Most of those are studying at the N.E.W.T level, and so there is always room there from the sixth years who do not move on." he smiled.

The other three were silent. There had been foriegn wizards at Hogwarts before, namely last year at the Triwizard Tournament, but this time it just seemed like one, alone.

"How come? Is he thinking about transferring here?" Hermione said curiously.

"We'll see." Lupin said with a smile. "Well, I have to go back up front...I'll be missed..." he gave a strained smile and left.

"Missed." Harry snorted angrily. "They want to keep him under constant watch, more like."

A small bit of gloom settled on them all as reality came swirling back.

"So." Hermione said in a friendly voice to Kenshin, obviously trying to dispell the mood with conversation. "What year are you in at your school?"

Kenshin blinked at suddenly being addressed; he'd been daydreaming out the window.

"Um..." he said, a bit nervously under the scrutiny. "I wasn't at a school in Japan. I don't really know that much about wizards at all, but I've been staying at Hogwarts for a little while. Professor Dumbledore has helped me out."

"Oh. Are you muggle-born?" Herminoe said kindly, obviously thinking, like Harry had, that Kenshin was a first year. Kenshin gave a faint smile.

"I don't know, really...I didn't know my parents. They died of disease when I was very young."

"Oh...s-sorry." Hermione said awkwardly. She elbowed Ron, who was staring.

"It's no problem." Kenshin said with a smile. "Sessha got over it long ago. I think your school is very wonderful. I've enjoyed my stay." there was a sparkle in his warm violet eyes that hadn't been there before, that spoke complete honesty in his words. Kenshin turned back to the window as the others started conversing amonst themselves. In truth, he was happy. He had seen the world that Lupin had told him would exist...and now he realized how grateful he was that he had not killed himself after all. As for magic...well...that part still baffled him, but he was getting used to it after spending a month at Hogwarts. The place reeked of magic, even without any students there. He was already good friends with Dumbledore, Hagrid, and most of the ghosts. It was almost a relief to know that there were beings there that remembered a time older than his. However, Dumbledore still hadn't told him why he'd been blessedwith such a gift of seeing the reletive utopia this future world was, or why he had been drawn in and exposed to the everpresent but seperate world of magic. He could not see why he of all people was needed here. Now that the students were here, though, he wasn't far off from having to do whatever it was he was here for, surely. He had ridden the train in order to meet Harry Potter. Covertly, he examined the boy with a curious air. From what he had heard, they actually had some significant things in common. Dumbledore had told him everything about the boy's situation, as well as a few things Kenshin suspected the boy didn't even know himself. Kenshin was confident that whatever he was doing here, Harry Potter had something to do with it.

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