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Christy was sitting in the cafeteria eating, she watched as Rosey and the Big Show had a mashed potato eating contest. The Big Show won finishing his plate in thirty-seven seconds. After watching them for a little while she went back to her room, usually she'd have to work in the hall but when the arena was big enough they gave her her own dressing room. She was the new costume mistress. She was working on a bra and matching purple thong set for Perry Saturn, the thought of him wearing it to the ring made her laugh out loud. After a long night of working she went to her hotel room and went to sleep.

Kane woke up, he looked beside him and saw the woman he'd brought back to his hotel room the night before from the bar. He got out of bed and woke her up, "Get up."

The woman woke up and got out of bed, Kane threw her her clothes and pushed her towards the door, "Hey, stop pushing me you jerk!" Kane opened the door and threw her out.

"You asshole!" she shouted from outside the door.

Kane opened the door and threw twenty bucks at her. She took the money and hurried down the hall. Kane thought to himself, 'Man you've got to get your shit together', then he went the bathroom and showered. Afterwards he got dressed in, a black shirt, black jeans, and his black leather trench coat. (A.N. I can dream can't I? lol) The phone rang, Kane answered it, "What?"

"Man where are you, you were supposed to be here a half hour ago, the autograph signing is about to start." It was Nathan.

"I'm on my way."

"Well come on before you miss the women, and Taker is already pissed that you didn't come to the gym this morning."

"I'm coming."

"Hurry up, you only have ten minutes, did I mention you were going to miss the women."

"Yes you did jackass, I'll be there in a minute". Kane hung up the phone and left the hotel room.

After the autograph signing, Kane, Taker and Nathan went to the arena, they were standing in the hallway talking, "I think I just set a new record fourteen phone numbers in one hour, thank you, thank you, no need for applause", said Nathan patting himself on the back. Taker folded his arms, "Why were you late this morning?" he asked Kane.

"I had to kick some bitch out my room this morning."

Nathan looked down the hall and saw Stacy Keibler and Lita walking down the hallway, "Sorry boys, I gotta go". He ran down the hall and put his arms around them, he turned around and winked at Taker and Kane.

"That boy is gonna get himself in some serious trouble one day, I'll see you later, my match is next." Taker headed down the hall towards the curtain.

Christy was in her dressing room putting the finishing touches on The Undertaker's 'Deadman Inc.' t-shirt. When she finished she pulled out the sketches for Kane's new suit, she looked at them for awhile and thought about him. Then she looked in her bag and pulled out his poster, "Damn he's so gorgeous." She said out loud. If she was going to make the suit she needed his measurements, 'I'll just use Taker's measurements' she thought to herself. "It might work for the top half, but it'll never work for the bottom half", she said to herself. She knew she had to go and measure him, but she couldn't do that, she'd be a stuttering fool in front of him. She'd never talked to him before, but she'd had a huge crush on him since she'd started her job. 'Come on Christy, get some courage, you have to do this' she thought to herself. She grabbed her tape measure and walked to his dressing room. She stood outside of his dressing room, "O.k. Christy, get a hold of yourself, you don't have a crush on him, he's just a normal seven-foot tall three-hundred and thirty pound guy. Aw hell, I'm just gonna to have to look like a fool." She said. She softly knocked on his door, there was no answer, she knocked harder, there was still no answer, 'I guess he's not here, I'll just have to come back later' she thought to herself. She walked down the hall back to her dressing room.

From a dark shadow in the corner Kane watched Christy walk down the hall 'crush huh' he thought to himself, "This could be interesting" He said going into his dressing room. Christy was making a new outfit for Trish Stratus when Kane's music played, she hurried to the television to watch it. It was Kane VS Rey Mysterio, of course it didn't take but a minute for Kane to chokeslam him and pick up the win. 'Now I can get the measurements' Christy thought to herself as Kane walked up the ramp. She finished Trish's outfit and headed to Kane's dressing room.

She knocked on the door, there was no answer, she knocked again harder and the door slowly creaked opened. She slowly tiptoed in, "Um………uh………sir." She said as she entered the room. When she entered the room she couldn't believe what she saw, Kane laying in the couch sleep. She walked up to him and stared at him, 'Of all the times to leave your camera you decide to do it today' she thought to herself. She studied him closely, she couldn't see much of his face because his hair was scattered all over his face. She noticed his ear was pointed like a little elf, "Aw" She said softly. She looked at his butt, 'what a gorgeous butt' she thought. "Aw he looks so cute", said Christy as she hurried and covered her mouth. 'I better get my ass out of here' she thought as she headed towards the door.

"Why you leaving so soon darlin?" Kane asked her. Christy's eyes widened, she was frozen. Kane sat up, "Aren't you gonna answer me?" Christy slowly turned around, she saw Kane sitting up, he patted the couch next to him.

She slowly walked to the couch and sat down next to him, "Um……sir um……", 'How could you forget his name you idiot' she thought to herself. "I'm Christy, the costume mistress, and I came to get your measurements, I'm sorry I woke you, I didn't mean to, sir" she said in a shaky voice.

She felt Kane ease closer to her, "Well that's alright, I needed to wake up anyway, so why don't you come back a little later and then you can get your measurements", he said as he ran his fingers through her long, shiny, red hair.

"O.k." she said as she got up.

"And Christy, don't call me sir".

"O.k. sir, sorry".

"Bye darlin". Christy started to turn red, "Bye Kane", she squeaked as she shot out of the door and down the hall.

Kane laughed as he laid back down. Christy ran into her dressing room and slammed the door, 'I know he wasn't hitting on me, was he hitting on me, of course he wasn't hitting on me, he called me darlin' she thought to herself as she jumped up and down and screamed. Christy settled down and sat on the couch, there was a knock on the door, "Come in". Her best friend Sara entered the room. "Sara, guess what happened."

Sara sat next to her, "What?"

"I went to Kane's dressing room to get his measurements and the door was open, I went inside and he was asleep on the couch so I just sort of stared at him, when I was about to leave he woke up".


"Yeah, I was so scared."

"What did he say?"

"He told me to come back later and get the measurements, and he called me his darlin."

"What?" Sara and Christy both started screaming.

"I wish Taker would call me his darlin." Christy hugged Sara, "Don't worry, he'll come around."

"Yeah right, did you see what happened during my match?" "No, what happened?" "After Nunzio bailed on me, some damn partner he was, Taker tried to chokeslam me, the only thing I could do was kick him in the crouch."

"Sara, you didn't?"

"I had to, I couldn't just let him chokeslam me."

"Well I guess that's true."

"The referee had to hold him back so he wouldn't kill me afterwards. Now he'll never love me." Sara squeaked.

"Maybe you should tell him you're sorry."

"I don't know, I might, when are you going to get those measurements?"

"I don't know, in a few minutes I guess". Christy and Sara watched some more of the show.