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sexual content

Two days Later

"Okay, careful now, watch her head" Christy said helping Sara and Jade into her car.

"Thanks", Christy hopped in the driver's seat and headed towards Sara's house, "It's so good to be getting out of that hospital."

"Yeah, I bet it is. I can't wait for you to see how I did Jade's room, it's so cute!"

"Yeah, we'll see, I can't believe I let you talk me in to letting you decorate her nursery."

"Well I'm a costume mistress, being creative is part of my job, just wait and see you'll love it."



"I called Taker."

"What! When! Why didn't you tell me!?"

"I called him after I sent you and Nathan to get me some food." At the mention of Nathan's name Christy's mouth curved into a frown, "What'd he say?"

"I didn't talk to him, but I left him a message telling him to call me back, and that it was important."

"And he hasn't called back yet?"

"No, every time the phone rang in my room I swear my heart stopped."

"Well it's good you called him, what made you do it, I thought you were going to wait?"

"Well the longer I wait the worse it will get, so I just want to get it over with."

"That a girl, here we are."

"Finally, home sweet home."

Christy got out of the car and headed towards the backseat to get little Jade out of the car seat. She saw the door to Sara's house open and out walked the last person she wanted to see, Nathan.

He opened Sara's door and helped her out, "Hey Angel."

"Hey yourself."

Christy busied herself with unbuckling Jade's car seat before finally taking her out.

"There she is, give me my niece" said Nathan taking Jade from Christy's arms.

Christy headed towards the front door, he didn't even acknowledge her, she wasn't sure she wanted him to after what had happened to other day. Nathan handed Jade to Sara and led her toward the house.

"I'm so hungry, I'm gonna fix me something to eat does anyone else want something?" asked Sara as she headed towards the kitchen. "Nononono, I'll fix you something, you go rest" Nathan said steering her towards her bedroom.

"Come on Sara, I'll show you Jade's room" said Christy heading towards the nursery. When Sara walked into the nusery her jaw dropped, the room was painted a pink peachy color with a pink border going across the top and bottom of the walls with little bears on it. In front of the windows sat a rocking chair and to the left of that was a beautiful oak crib decorated with little pink pillows and a pink silk blanket. The room was also complete with an oak changing table and a beautiful oak armoire with etched carving around it, it looked about a hundred years old, it was gorgeous.

"Christy! It's beautiful I love it! Thank you" said Sara engulfing Christy in a hug as best she could while holding Jade.

"No need to thank me, put Jade in her crib, let's see how she likes it."

Sara placed Jade in the crib, "I think she likes it, she's about to doss off."

"Let's leave her alone."

Sara turned on the baby monitor and she and Christy headed towards her room.

"Are you tired, you could rest for a while?"

"No, sit down Christy, I want to talk to you."

"Uh oh, what have I done now?"

"I don't know, why don't you tell me?"

"What do you mean?"

"You, Nathan, what happened?"

"What do you mean, nothing happened" Christy said as she fidgeted around on the bed.

"Come on Christy, I'm not stupid, what happened with Nathan the other day?"


"Come on Christy, you can talk to me, I know something happened, after you guys came back you were acting weird and came up with some lame excuse to do home, what happened."

Christy laid down on the bed and sighed, "Okay, you're right, something did happen."


"When we were at McDonalds Nathan told me………


"What?" said Christy not believing what she'd just heard.

"Nothing just forget it." Said Nathan taking the food from the guy at the window.

"No it's not nothing, you said you loved me."

"Christy not now."

"No! We're talking about this, I'm tired of you making me feel like I did something wrong, please talk to me!"

He could see tears forming in her eyes, he didn't want it to come to this but she deserved an explanation. He pulled into an abandoned parking lot off the side of the freeway and cut the engine off.

"What are you doing?" said Christy looking around in confusion.

"You wanted to talk didn't you?"


"Okay let's talk."

"Nathan why'd you leave, and what was wrong with you, you started being so mean to me and then you just left, why?"

Nathan took and deep breath, "I was pissed at you, I was mad that you were talking to Kane."


"Because he had hurt you, you had already got back together with him once, I didn't want you to do it again."

"I wasn't going to take him back, I would have told you that if you had asked me."

"Yeah well when I saw you getting cozy with him at dinner that night I figured you'd already made your mind up."

"What are you talking about?"

"That night at the hotel, when you went to dinner with him."

"Nathan we went there as friends, he did ask me for another chance that night but I said no and the night didn't end well and you telling me you were leaving didn't make it any better."

"I love you Christy, I didn't want to see you with him."

"I love you too Nathan, I wish you had stayed and just talked with me."

"No Christy, I love you."

Christy's eyes widened and she suddenly reeled back and slapped him, "You bastard, how could you leave and make me think you hated me! Why didn't you tell me!" she went to slap him again and he grabbed her arm and pulled her on his lap. "What the hell are you doing!?" Nathan leaned in taking her mouth in a deep kiss that made the temperature inside the truck rise. Christy let out a lengthy moan, she couldn't believe he was kissing her like this, it felt so good. Nathan rested his hands on her hips the fact that her hips started to undulate unconsciously on top of his didn't help matters, but he found that he couldn't get his hands to stop her moving, and he groaned into her mouth as he pushed up against her, his movements totally uncontrolled. He wanted her, right here, he thought while his mind was still working, and where they were didn't matter. Lifting her off him he hastily undid her jeans, laying her at an angle as he pulled them slowly down, taking her underwear with them until he could whip them over her feet. He managed to unsnap his own too tight jeans and pull them down enough to free himself, then he dragged her back over him, his eyes running down her body and his hand following, gratified to find she was ready for him. He knew he couldn't have waited and, looking up into her eyes, he knew she couldn't wait either. Using his fingers to position himself, he slowly probed inside her, his other hand going to her hips and guiding her downwards until he felt himself sliding into the snug heat fully, his jaw clenching when she settled on his lap.

Christy moaned softly at the feel of him stretching her, feeling the tiniest twinge of discomfort that soon disappeared as he filled her, her hands clutching helplessly at his shoulders. The instant she felt him as deep as he could go, she lifted back up jerkily, sliding him almost out and then hurriedly back in, making them both hiss at the sensation.

"Christy...fuck..." he growled, his hands grabbing her hips so hard he knew she would have bruises. But right now he couldn't stop himself, and he showed her how to move, guiding her smoothly over him and then squeezing his eyes shut as she moved of her own accord. It was too much, too good...and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer, he had been too turned on when they started. But as she moved faster and he reared up to meet her, the tiny noises she made let him know she was just as far into this as he was, and he indulged himself some more. Dragging her top upwards, he leaned in and took one rosy peak into his mouth, drawing on her flesh as she trembled around him, adding to the sensations rippling through her body. His big hands stroked over her hips, delving between her thighs to trace the delicate flesh stretched so tightly around him, brushing over the sensitive bundle of nerves and drawing more noises from her throat. He felt her internal muscles start to tighten and he thrust his hips upwards harder, his eyes rolling up in his head as his climax approached, his whole being seemingly draining out of him and into her as he came, white hot shards of pleasure stabbing into his brain mercilessly. Christy was in no better shape. She almost bit through her lip to stop from screaming as she clamped down on him, his wildly out of control thrusts sending her body rocketing up into space, her breath, her mind, her very life leaving her in a dark oblivion.

Nathan was vaguely aware of her collapsing on his chest, and his weak arms automatically came up and wrapped around her, holding her safe against him. Somewhere inside his head was a tiny voice telling him this was bad, but he managed to ignore it fairly easily, especially since he was holding Christy. She made him feel more complete than he had ever felt before in his life, and he never wanted to lose that feeling, but knew he might have to. Wordlessly he sat her back in her seat and revved the engine.

and then he drove back to the hospital."

"What!?" Sara couldn't believe what she had heard, "you're joking right? Please tell me you're joking!"

Christy looked down at her entwined fingers and shook her head no.

"Oh my God, oh my God, you're telling that my two best friends who haven't been on speaking terms in months, had sex in a parking lot next to a freeway!"

"Yes Sara, that's what happened."

"I can't believe this."

"I know, I can hardly believe it myself."

"You guys have to talk about this."

"There's no way, I can't."

"Christy this is serious, you guys can't go back to the way you were after something like this."

"I know I just don't know what to do, he didn't even acknowledge me today, he's acting like it never happened."

"Well you guys are going to talk about this before he leaves I'm going to make sure of it."

"Sara please just leave this alone, I ca……"

They were interrupted by a knock at the door, "Angel, telephone! And when you're done come eat!"

"I mean it Christy, you guys are going to talk this over" Sara said as she left the room to get the phone, "Hello."


"Mark!" Sara's heart raced, she couldn't believe he was actually on the phone.

"Yeah, you said you wanted to talk to me, that it was important, what is it?"

Sara stood there clutching the phone, she couldn't tell him, not now, not like this, "Um actually Mark, I was hoping we could meet, it's really important."

She heard him sigh on the other end, "Yeah, alright, when and where?"

"Um, how about here at my house, tomorrow?"


"Okay, bye, and thanks for calling me back."


She heard the line click and hung up the phone, she couldn't believe she had to face him tomorrow and tell him about Jade. She had no idea how he was going to react, but she hoped it was better than she imagined it.

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