Getting The Part

((((Hey guys! This is the sequel to Please. You all should read that first before reading this. If you read this first, then you will get lost. Hope you guys enjoy it! I'm not going stick to picking it up where Madame Delacour left off.))))

The bell rang dismissing first period. Lily, Ashley, and Nikki went to their lockers. They all had lockers next to each other. Jake and Sean had lockers next to them also. It went Sean, Nikki, Ashley, Lily, and Jake. Nikki pulled out her Chemistry testbook, as did Sean. Lily pulled out her Algebra textbook, as did Jake and Ashley. Nikki couldn't wait for 2nd period to be over! It would be lunch.

"See you guys later!" Nikki and Sean said to Lily, Jake, and Ashley. They walked into their Chemistry room and took their seats, copying down the equations on the board. Mr. Johnson started to shower Nikki with glory, since she was the best student in the class. She always made a perfect score on the tests, quizzes, and homework. Told you she was just like her mom. Mr. Johnson was passing back the test they had yesterday.

"Of course, Nicole got a perfect score. 110! Good job, Miss Bolton." Mr. Johnson said.

"Thank you, Mr. Johnson." responded Nikki, blushing. Mr. Johnson went on and handed Sean his paper.

"What'd you get?" Nikki turned around and asked Sean.

"A 105. I got the bonus half wrong." Sean answered.

"Well that's still good." Nikki told him. Sean nodded and Nikki turned back around.


The bell finally rang. Nikki and Sean rushed out and went to their lockers. They met Ashley, Lily, and Jake there. They all put their books back and grabbed their lunch money. Nikki, Lily, and Ashley headed to the bathroom and the guys went ahead to lunch. They met up with their friends Alex, Jason, and Ron. The girls got out of the bathroom and went to the cafeteria. As they waited in line, they talked to their friends Lavender, Genene, Samantha, and Jennifer. The girls talked about boys and gossip. They grabbed their trays and headed to a table after paying. Jennifer was going out with Alex, and Samantha was going out with Ron. Lavender went out with a guy at East High.

"Ok, so you said you heard a rumor about Sean liking me?" asked Nikki.

"Yep. I also heard that he was going to ask you out during free period." Genene answered. Genene was the person who knew what rumors were right and which were wrong. She always told them to her friends. Genene had blonde curly hair, hazel eyes, and a perfect body. She was wearing jeans, a blue tank top over a white t-shirt, blue converse and her hair was up in a ponytail.

"Oh my Gosh! Nikki! Sean's checking you out!" Lavender said. She had the eagle eye. She had red straight hair, and green eyes. She was wearing a black shirt with jeans and black converse.

"Oh my Gosh!" Nikki exclaimed. She turned around and looked at the guys. Jason was looking at Genene. And sure enough, Sean was checking her out. Nikki turned back around.

"NeNe, Jason's watching you!" Nikki said to Genene. She glanced at him and blushed. They all finished their lunches and the bell rang to signal free period. Nikki got up and went into the auditorium. Sean was there sitting in a seat waiting for her. He heard the doors open and he turned around. When he saw her he smiled and she ran up to him. Alot of students came in along with Mrs. Wilson, the Performing Arts teacher.

"Welcome to the auditions for Twinkle Towne! My aunt, Katherine Darbus, discovered this play from Kelsi Neilson-Cross. Let the auditions begin!" said Mrs. Wilson. She walked down from the stage to her little work station while Jessica Cross, Kelsi and Jason's daughter walked to the piano.

"Let's start wit hthe pair auditions. Nikki Bolton, Sean Williams." Mrs. Wilson called out. Nikki and Sean stood up and walked on stage.

Sean: It's hard to believe

That I couldn't see

That you were always there beside me

Nikki: Thought I was alone

With no one to hold

But you were always there beside me

Both: This feeling's like no other

I want you to know

That I've never had someone that knows me like you do

The way you do

And I've never had someone as good for me as you

No one like you

So lonely before I finally found

What I've been looking for

Nikki: Whooo-ooh Oooh.

Nikki and Sean stepped off the stage and took their original seats. The auditions went on and on. Finally free period was over.


The next day, Nikki and Sean looked at the bulletin boards in the front of the school. They finally found the Performing Arts one. They scanned down the list.

"Nikki Bolton: Minnie, Sean Williams: Arnold"

"WE GOT THE PART!" screamed Nikki. She jumps up and down. She hugged Sean and gave him a kiss on the cheek and skipped off to her locker.