(news music)

'Welcome to the 6 o'clock news, i'm your host Sean H.'

'We have breaking news at the moment, some crazy lunatic is running wild on the streets of Los Venturas. The reports say that he has killed 7 people so far in a failed break-in attempt of a Los Venturas local. The survivor said he went nuts and started shooting. She ran for cover and almost got shot. Then she said he ran out of the house and jacked a car. Then she heard gun shots. So far, he has wounded 5 people, and killed 8. Right this moment he is driving a banshee with a Sub-Machine Gun. There he goes down the main strip. He crashed into the side wall of Caligula's Casino. Apparently he survived and ran inside. The cops are covering the whole casino. Oh no, I heard gunshots. Hes got hostages, apparently hes got the people who live in the part of the casino thats for rent. He jumped out the window! Hes running, hes actully getting away! He just shot a cop in the head, now he wounded a cop. This guy is mad, he just got shot in the stomach and still running. Here comes a cop car, oh my god he just shot the police officer through the windsheild. The car hit him and took out his legs. The police are firing. He is dead, whew. I'm glad the great police force got this mad man before he injured or killed anyone else.'

'Now you can return to your scedualed show'