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Plot: It was a fateful trip to the Colorado Rockies when Danny gets separated from his family. He tries to find his way again only to fall of a cliff and hit his head. Without any memories of his past, Danny wanders around aimlessly until he comes to Vlad's cabin. Lost and confused Danny believes Vlad's story about how he is his son and a new story begins.

It was a break from the normal every day life that plagued the town of Amity Park. Actually that was just what Maddie Fenton said. She didn't know about the secret life that her son lived. To him this trip was to get away from stress and turmoil of hunting ghosts. But he hoped that they weren't going too close to Vlad's cabin. That was the last thing Danny Fenton wanted to see. He wanted a normal ghost-free vacation. Which wasn't going to happen entirely, because Jack Fenton was refusing to leave the ghost weapons behind this time. Danny was sitting in the back of the Fenton RV with his sister Jazz. They had been driving for quite some time. The destination? The Colorado Rockies. The very place that the DALV plane had dumped then that last fateful trip. But they were staying far away from the actual location. Jack still didn't know about what had happened then and if Maddie had her way, he never would.

"So Danny?" Jazz asked her brother. "Are you going to be ok this time?"

"Yeah. I'm just a little nervous though." He replied.

"Is this about Vlad?"

"I'm just a little worried that it'll be a repeat of the last time." Danny said with a sigh. Jazz placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Hey. We had to deal with those animals too. It wasn't too bad." Danny smiled.

"Well, maybe. But If my powers get shorted out again, I'm going to need my partner to help."

"I'll always help you little brother." Jazz replied.

When they got there the Fenton's set up camp. It was a quiet spot by a small clean river. It was nestled atop a huge plateau, but devoid of any sheer drops. It was easy to climb up and down, which is what made it so nice. Jack took out the two blow up Fenton tents that looked like small replica's of their house and set them near each other. Jack got out two Fenton fisher's and dragged Danny to the river to fish. Jazz and Maddie went off into the surrounding woods to look around.

"Hey dad?" Danny asked.

"What is it little man?" Said Jack, who was trying to untangle his line.

"Well, why the Rockies?"

Jack smiled.

"This was where me and Vladdy used to take vacations. We'd bring our girlfriends with us. I haven't been here since the day I proposed to your mom." Jack sighed.

"Wow…" Danny looked back into the water. A small fish tugged on his line.

"Just let that one get away." Jack said. "It's too small. We want the big ones. One time, me and Vladdy saw one that was as big as you."

"Yeah right." Danny scoffed in disbelief.

"No it's true. I have pictures." Jack began fishing around in his pocket. Danny just sighed. It was hard letting his dad go on, believing that Vlad was his friend. But it was a secret that Danny had to keep. Just like his ghost secret.

It was later and the sun as begging to set. Danny and Jack had gotten five medium sized fish that were now cooking over an open fire.

"Jack?" Maddie asked. "Are you sure we're allowed to camp here?"

Jack thought for a moment and then replied, "Actually I'm not sure.

"This could be a wild life reserve for all we know." Jazz said. "How could you not check?"

"Ah calm down Jazzypants." Jack said, "And just eat the fish."

Jazz huffed, but took a fish anyway.

Danny stared off into the woods for a moment and thought he saw a flash. Suddenly the fire began burning out of control. It happened with no wind, no spark. It was just like it happened. Maddie grabbed Danny's arm and dragged him along into the woods.

"The RV's just a little ways away Danny!" She shouted. "We'll then call the police." Danny struggled to keep up, but he kept tripping on roots and fallen branches. Now the fire had spread all around them and smoke was rising into the air. Danny was coughing and gagging. The smoke made his vision blurred and his mind foggy. He could feel his mother's hand pull away. He could feel himself falling. He could hear her running and then crying out for him.


Danny struggled to get up, but had a hard time doing so.


For a fleeting moment he saw his mom running back, but then, as though she was confused, she began running to the side, until Jack grabbed her arm and took her with him.

"Danny!" She shouted over the blaze. The two were soon gone from Danny's view. Now more than ever he had to get up. He had to move. He had to get to them before they were too far away. The boy managed to get to his feet again, and ran after his parents. He still was tripping over fallen branches and such, but now the fire was all around him, and the heat was becoming unbearable. He blindly tore through the flames, trying to find his way. Inside the pit of his stomach, Danny had the feeling that he was off track. That he was going the wrong way. But still he continued on. Suddenly it was as though the ground was gone. Danny could feel the wind across his face until he hit something hard and rolled. Falling again, and another impact. Danny's head hit this timeand as he rolled down the hill. And slowly blackness overcame his vision, and he lost consciousness.

Vlad Masters was sitting in his secluded cabin in the Rockies. All around him there were ghost hunting books upon the shelves and mounted animal heads. The pride and joy of his collection. But there were something's he would never be able to have. The Green Bay Packers, Maddie, and Daniel. But these were the only things he wanted. The only things he lived for. Even having one of them would make him happy. Just one. Then the door bell rang. Vlad sighed and got up from his chair. It was probably just another lost hiker or something. Why couldn't they just ask for directions? The man opened the door and replied with an angry,


Then he looked upon the figure standing in his doorway. It was none other than Daniel. Standing there, burns all over him, holding his head like he was in great pain, looking dazed and confused.

"Excuse me sir, but I don't know where I am. I don't remember why I'm here. Would you happen to know?" The boy asked. Vlad smiled.

"Well there you are little badger. You've been gone for days. It looks like you got trapped in a nasty fire. I told you not to run off. Now come inside with your father and we'll fix you up." Vlad gently pushed the confused boy into the cabin and shut the door behind him.

"So you're my father?" Danny asked.

"Yes." Replied the man.

"So you know my name?"

"Your name is…Daniel. Daniel Masters."

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