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Sam knew she was running for her life. Vlad had gotten even crazier than the last time she saw him and she worried for Tucker's safety. She was beginning to tire out, but then she saw something run past her.

"That had to be Danny." She thought. "He's caught up." Sam then found herself standing at the bottom of a large hill. She looked up, only to see Danny standing at the top, his expression vacant, and his eyes cloudy.

"Danny stop this!" She shouted. "You don't have to listen to him! He's just using you!"

Danny stood still for a moment and the stepped forward slightly. Something was preventing him from attacking her. As he stood there, he kept thinking that there were flames all around him. Even some of the trees had fire damage. A small part in his mind wondered whether this was the place where he had lost his memories. Where he might've fallen and hit his head. Where his new life began. But as he wondered a rock came loose from under his boot, causing him to slip and fall. He rolled, his suit catching on rocks and various plants. There seemed to be fire all around him. A horrible burning heat that tore at him like a wild animal. Then there was a sharp pain, as his head hit a rock Then it hit again. The fire grew more intense. He could feel it burning his flesh. And yet it seemed that a stream of memories was coming back to him. Then it all stopped.

"Danny!" Sam shouted, running over to him. "Danny!"

But he didn't move.

"Danny, please wake up!" She cried. "I don't care if the first thing you do to me is kill me, but I just want to know if you're ok!" Tears flowed from her eyes and landed on his black suit.

"Please wake up!"

"It's Sam Danny. She needs you. She's real, and you know it. Remember your past. You can now. Break away from Vlad, and save Tucker and Jazz. This is the girl that through all this time, you've remembered. She's here now, waiting for you. Remember…"

"Who are you?" Danny asked in his head.

"I'm Phantom…"

His eyes slowly fluttered open. Sam noticed that even though they were still a little bit clouded, they had regained their green brightness.

"Sam..." He said weakly. "Where am I? What's going on? The last thing I remember was…the fire and falling, but now you're here. How'd you get here so fast? Where'd the fire go? It was all over the place."

Then he paused for a moment. Like a large stone, all the events from the last year hit him hard. He stiffened up from fright. How could he have let all those things happen? Did all those things happen? He hoped that they didn't. But the more he thought about it, the more it seemed to be true.

"What have I done?" He whispered holding his head in his hands.

"It wasn't your fault. I don't even know everything that's happened, but I do know that you weren't yourself." Sam smiled weakly.

"Where's Vlad?" Danny demanded. "This is all his doing." He then got to his feet.

"He's back at the cabin." Sam said. "Tucker and Jazz are there too. Both unconscious."

"Take my hand." The ghost boy said. Sam did so and felt herself soaring up into the air. It felt good to have the air whipping around her, and Danny, once again, by her side. But his eyes were still different.

"What if Vlad's permanently hurt him? Could those eyes be like scars?" Sam tried not to think of such things as they flew over the forest.
Soon they reached the cabin, and landed in front of a sneering Vlad. Danny let go of Sam's hand.

"Good job Little Badger." He smiled cruelly. "I see you brought her back. Now we can get on with the punishment. The others haven't moved a muscle." But then he saw that Danny was frowning at him. "Why are you giving me that face? You know I don't like that."

"Yeah. I know." Danny replied, baring his teeth. Vlad then took out the remote from his pocket and pressed the green button. Electricity coursed through Danny's body, but he didn't move. Instead he charged up an ecto blast and fired it at the man. Vlad created a shield and the attack just dissipated. Danny tried again, with only the same result. Then Vlad pressed the red button, causing the manacles to come together. Danny tried hopelessly to yank them apart, but with no success. Then Vlad pushed the joystick upwards and the boy was pulled off the ground. His legs flailed wildly, as he jerked around, trying to get free.

"That was too easy." Vlad laughed.

"If it weren't for your stupid toy, I could beat you!" Danny spat. The man just laughed.

"Sure. Keep telling yourself that Daniel. Your situation just keeps getting worse and worse. I have you right where I want you, and I'm not letting you go."

"Yes you are!" Sam shouted. She was holding an ecto gun. It was pointed right at the man. "You're gonna' let Danny go, or--or I'll kill you!"

"You're going to kill a ghost?" Vlad laughed. "You do realize how funny that sounds don't you?"

"You know as well as I do that this gun can hurt you! So let Danny go!"

Vlad just laughed some more. He then formed into three other Vlad's. The original was holding the remote, the others went after Sam. She destroyed one with a blast, but another one grabbed the gun out of her hand, and crushed it, leaving her defenseless. The two remaining copies held her still by the arms. Sam pulled to get free, but it was impossible.

Jazz was still lying in the door way. She saw Danny in the air, Vlad mercilessly pressing the green button. And then Sam was being held by two Vlad copies. Jazz knew that she had to do something. She slowly got to her feet, and lunged at Vlad, grabbing onto the remote. Jazz held on with all her might, but so did the man. One of the copies let go of Sam, and pulled Jazz away, but the girl would not let go. She managed to press the red button, causing Danny to fall to the ground. He was able to move now. Jazz was pulled backwards, leaving Vlad vulnerable. Danny stepped back and mustered up all his strength for one last attack. If this didn't work, Vlad would just use the remote again, and then it would be all over. The ghostly wail tore from his throat and ripped apart the land where Vlad was standing. The man was blown backwards so forcefully, it caused him to change back into his human form. Danny tried to keep it going as long as he could, but soon he was out of energy. He fell to his knees and changed back. His hair was no longer brown and long. It was black, like it used to be. Vlad growled and got up, the shattered remains of the remote in his hand.

"So you destroyed my toy." He hissed. "You might think that you've won something, but you, Little Badger, would be sorely mistaken. That little attack has weakened you, just like last time. I trust that you remember what happened last time?"

"I remember everything." Danny said with defiance. "I remember all the times that we fought before. I remember how you wanted me to be your son. I remember everything about my past. And now I know you've been lying to me this whole year."

"So being here has jogged your memory." Vlad sneered. "Too bad it's too late." He walked over to Danny and pulled him to his feet. "What would you think, if I said I had some more of the cure in my lab here?"

"I would do this!" Danny shouted as he grabbed the man by the arm and spun him in an arc before smashing him into the ground. Vlad growled as he grabbed Danny's ankle and pulled back, tripping the boy. He fell. Vlad then got up and placed his boot between Danny's shoulder blades and pressed down. The boy grunted in pain.

"You're too weak to fight me. I kept you that way on purpose. So just in case this ever happened." Vlad sneered.

"You're crazy." Danny grunted.

"Go ahead and say that all you want. I'm a billionaire. I get everything that I put my sights on. And for right now that just so happens to be you."

Danny clenched his teeth as Vlad pushed down harder.

"Danny!" Sam shouted. The boy looked over and saw that her face was stained with tears. He snapped his head so it was facing front, after Vlad sharply pushed again.

"Say you give up Daniel." Vlad sneered. "Say it and I'll stop."

"Never!" The boy shouted. He then cried in pain as the man put most of his weight on the boy's back.

"There's gotta be something I can do. I can't give up now. I have to—"

Danny then felt like there was a strange new power coming from deep inside him. Something new that hadn't been there before. Danny placed his arms under his body, and with new found strength, pushed himself upward. Vlad wasn't ready for this, and toppled over. Danny then leapt to his feet and went ghost again, an ecto blast charging up in his hand.

"Now Daniel, do you really think that this little fall will help at all?" He smiled, changing into his ghost mode as well.

"I'm tired of you!" Danny shouted. He then fired the ecto blast at the man. Vlad smiled and dodged. Danny tried again, with the same results. Soon after a few tries the boy stood, panting from exhaustion.

"My my Daniel." Vlad sneered. "Are you done yet?"

"No." Danny whispered. And then he lunged forward and punched Vlad in the face. The man was caught off guard. Danny then went berserk, all the rage and frustration from the last year coming out. The two flew up into the air, Vlad creating shields to block all of Danny's attacks, and firing a few of his own. Danny was not a good as shields, but was managing to hit the other halfa with his never ending onslaught. Vlad was weakening, and Danny knew it. He took advantage of it and flew behind the man, grabbing him by the cape. Then Danny pulled Vlad down through the air, slamming him into the ground. Vlad grunted and changed back. Danny stood over him, malice burning inside him. An ecto blast powered up in his hands, getting larger and larger. All Vlad could do was cower before the boy's might.

"Good night Vlad." Danny sneered right before the blast flew from his hands, hitting the man head on. It ripped apart the surrounding land, including the cabin. And blew it away. Once the dust had cleared, all that remained was a barren waste land, with only Vlad in sight. Danny growled, upset that he had failed at what he had tried to do, but then he noticed that Sam, Tucker, and Jazz, were gone. He backed up and gasped in shock. Vlad grinned, lying in pain on the ground in a grotesque position.

"See what your powers can do Little Badger?" He sneered. "They can do so much damage to everyone you love."

"Where are they!" Danny demanded.

"Around Daniel. They could be fine…or…they could be dead. And guess who's fault that would be?"

"I'm tired of you." Danny growled. "I'll be happy if you die. And I'll stand here and watch it."

Vlad then laughed weakly.

"You'll be unconscious."

Then Danny felt a sharp pain shoot through him. He noticed that a strange glowing wire, had flown out of the ground, and wrapped around his leg. The pain caused Danny to change back into his human form, and pass out.

When Danny awoke, he was in what seemed to be a hospital. He was still wearing his old clothes, but his pant leg had been cut away. Danny noticed that there were fresh and severe burn marks on it, mingling with the ones from the forest fire. Then a group of people in white, ran in, pushing a man on a stretcher. Danny held his breath as he noticed that it was Vlad. One of the nurses spotted him staring.

"Doctor." She said. "The other patient is awake.

"So he is. His wounds aren't as bad as the others." A man with thick glasses said. "Put a bandage around the leg, and do some x rays. Maybe a blood test. This man is in critical condition." He said, looking to Vlad. "I don't think that he'll ever be able to walk again, even if we can save him."

"What's going on?" Danny asked weakly. The group turned to him.

"Just rest boy. Everything is alright." The nurse cooed. Danny couldn't keep his eyes open any longer and fell back into a painful sleep.

"Did you see his eyes?" Another man asked.

"Clouded." The doctor replied. "It's most likely from shock. I don't think he's blind. Run some tests and take care of Mr. Masters. I have to check on the others." And with that he left.

The horrific scene had been discovered by a hiker. He had first seen the limp form of a red haired teenager hanging from a tree branch. When he investigated further he found four more bodies. Two boys, a girl, and the missing Vlad Masters in a large crater around a demolished cabin. Immediately he had contacted the rangers, and ambulances immediately rushed to the scene. They all were alive…for now. The event was taken as a ghost attack, but none of the children had been identified. And now they were all fighting for their lives.

Except one.

He was fine.

All he had were quite a few burns on his body. But the thing that troubled the doctors most of all, were the metal manacles he had around his wrists. They seemed to be made with ghostly technology, more encouraging the ghost attack theory. After a little research on missing people, they found him to be Danny Fenton, missing after a forest fire for a whole year…presumed to be dead. The pictures nearly matched. Here he was.

"It's a miracle." Said the doctor with the glasses. "Finding him after all this time."

"And the older girl is his sister, missing along with Vlad Masters, kidnapped by the ghost hunter, Skulker. Mr. Master's newly adopted son wasn't found at the scene." The policeman said solemnly. "How is the girl doing?"

"Third degree burns, four bruised ribs, and a broken arm. But the recovery is going quite well."

"And the others?"

With that the doctor sighed.

"Vlad Masters is paralyzed from the waist down with third degree burns. He seems to be recovering quickly and when we told him…that he would never walk again, he didn't seem to mind. He's a good man, really. And the other boy just has the third degree burns and a broken leg. He'll be fine." With that he stopped and paused, before continuing.

"But the last girl…she has slipped into a coma. We can't bring her out of it. Her wounds don't even seem too bad. I don't know what will happen to her. It could be anything right now."

Danny had been given sleeping pills so he could avoid the pain from his wounds. During this time, he kept seeing Sam, in a hospital bed, with her mother and father standing around it.

"Do something." Her mother kept begging. "You have to save her!"

"I can't." Danny whispered. "I can't because this is all my fault!"

Danny would try to wake up, but the scene would just keep repeating itself over and over again, until one time, when he suddenly woke up. Sweat was pouring off his forehead. When he reached a hand to wipe it away, it came up so suddenly, he ended up smacking himself.

"Well Danny, I see you're doing better." The doctor smiled. "You'll notice that something is missing."

Danny looked and saw that the manacles were gone. He raised his hands up and down, and was surprised by how fast they obeyed. It was strange for him to feel the air rushing around his wrists. He smiled, but then noticed that there was a stinging pain coming from them.

"I wouldn't touch your wrists just yet. There are some really bad burns on them. I'll have someone come and bandage them up." With that the doctor turned to leave, but Danny stopped him.

"Did you find anyone else?" He asked. "Anyone else at the scene besides Vlad?"

The doctor's smile faded.

"You'll find out later, just get well." He replied.

"No." Danny persisted. "I'm fine. Did you find anyone else? If so tell me how they are, or I'll get sick!"

The doctor sighed.

"Three other people were found on the scene. A boy and a girl we believe to be your older sister are recovering." Then he stopped. Danny didn't need him to go on.

"She's not doing well is she?" He asked. "The other girl. She's not ok."

"I'm afraid not Danny. But we're doing all we can." The doctor cracked a weak smile. "We're trying to get hold of your parents, but they're not responding. You're alone for now."

"I haven't seen them for so long." The boy whispered.

"Where have you been all this time?" The doctor asked. "Were you being held prisoner by a ghost?"

Danny looked nervously at the unconscious form of Vlad in the next bed. He could tell the doctor the truth right now. Tell the truth, and have the man arrested for kidnapping and abuse…but…something stopped him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't reveal the man responsible for all of this…but…wasn't it Danny's fault that the man was crippled now? Finally after a while the boy replied,

"It was a ghost, but I never actually saw his face." He lied. "He found me in the woods and used me as his servant, and if I didn't listen to his every word, he'd use the manacles to shock me." As Danny thought about it, it really wasn't too much of a lie.

"So for the past year you've been a slave?" The doctor asked with wide eyes.

Danny nodded.

"You poor child." The doctor said. Just then a nurse came in.

"Doctor Roberts!" She cried franticly. "The blood tests came back. He seems to have not only ectoplasm running through his veins, but also a strange chemical that I've never seen before. I don't know what it's doing to him."

"Danny?" Dr. Roberts asked. "What did that ghost do to you?"

"I-I don't know." He stammered, hoping desperately that his secret wouldn't be discovered.

"Danny…" Dr. Roberts immediately became firm. "I don't think you're telling the truth. We need to know it, if we're going to help you."

Then another nurse ran to the doorway.

"Dr. Roberts! The patient's health in room 124 is declining! We're going to lose her!"

Danny didn't need to ask who it was.

"Sam!" He shouted. Then he tried to muster up all his strength to stand. The leg that the wire had shocked was very stiff.

"You stay here Danny." Dr. Roberts said sternly. "You're not physically or mentally ready for this."

"I'm going!" Danny snapped. "Without Sam I'd still be out there! I'd still be a monster's slave! I can't live without her!" With that, Danny pushed past the doctor and tore clumsily into the hall. He looked around and saw that room 124 was just a little ways away. He stumbled toward it and soon found himself at the door. It was open and in on a bed, lay Sam. Surrounded by wires and hospital staff. Danny stood dumfounded for a moment until a nurse noticed him.

"You're not allowed in here." She said. But the boy didn't notice. He just continued in, until he found himself standing at her bedside.

"Sam?" He whispered. "Are you ok? You don't look like it. It's me. Danny. Just listen to me. You have to wake up. I need you. Without you, I'd still be listening to that idiot. During this whole year, you were the one person I remembered. Without you…I'd still be lost. But I'm not lost now. I'm here."

He was only greeted by a frantic beeping.

Danny began crying, and he placed his hand on hers. Dr. Roberts came in and tried to make him leave, but he refused.

"I have to help her!" He shouted.

"There's nothing you can do." Dr. Roberts said. Danny looked to the doctor, his clouded eyes filled with tears.

"How can you say that! There's so much I can do by just being here! I know it will help her! It has to!" The boy turned back to the expressionless face of his friend. This couldn't be it. It just couldn't. She had to wake up. Only Danny could help her.

"Sam? I wish you could hear me. I wish so much. Please wake up. You have to. I-I…"Danny knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn't.

"You know what I mean." He blushed. "I wish I could say it. And I wish you would wake up." Danny cried some more, Dr. Roberts placing his hands on the boy's shoulders and once again trying to pull him away. The beeping was becoming more rapid. Danny held onto Sam's hand, refusing to let go. When he finally had to, he found that it was no longer him holding on. It was Sam.

"Danny?" She whispered. For a moment the boy saw her violet eyes peek feebly through her eyelids before they once again closed. Gradually, the beeping returned to a consistent pace.

"I'm here Sam." Danny sobbed. The boy watched as his friend stirred and her eyes slowly opened fully.

"Your eyes look funny." She laughed softly. "Why are all these people here?"

"We're going to help you." Dr. Roberts said soothingly. Just calm down, and we'll get you out of here in no time. As for you Mr. Fenton, you need to get back to your room and get better yourself. We got hold of your parents. They're heading up as we speak. Now what is your name?" He asked Sam.

"Samantha Manson, but I hate being called Samantha." The girl whispered.

And with that Danny left. He hoped that everything would be alright now.

When Danny got back into his room, he felt a strange oppressive feeling come over him. Immediately he turned to Vlad, who was staring back at him.

"So Little Badger, here you are. Trapped in a hospital room with your father right?" He then gave a small chuckle.

"You're not my dad." Danny spat, climbing back into his bed.

Then at that moment the other man burst into a fit of crazed laughter.

"Oh Little Badger, that's where you're wrong! Do you really think that I'm done with you? This is just the beginning. I have bigger plans for you and the world."

"You're crazy." Danny spat.

"Am I Daniel?" And with that, Vlad went back to sleep. Danny sat up for a while. Then he realized that he felt very weak. So he lay back on his pillow. Then he began to cough. It hurt a lot. But it wasn't too bad. It could be much worse. Danny then spotted a magazine laying next to his bed. As he thumbed through it, he found that there was an article about the mysteries of the forest fire in the Rockies a year ago. He didn't want to read it. He didn't care what really happened. He just cared that it happened, and it changed his life forever.

Danny had a horrible sleepless night. He kept thinking he saw Vlad floating above him, but whenever he looked, the man was lying on his own bed. When morning came, the boy was exhausted. Soon Dr. Roberts came in.

"It's just me Danny. You looked tired today. Guess who's here to see you?" The doctor smiled.

Danny turned to the door, and saw his mother and father standing there. They both had tears coming from their eyes. Danny stared for a moment before a weak smile crossed his face.

"Mom. Dad." He grinned. Then the boy felt a huge wave of happiness wash over him, and without even thinking he tried to get up and run to them. His leg was still very stiff, and he fell off the bed. His mother gasped, and immediately picked him up.

"Danny, you should stay in bed." She scolded, taking him back.

"Oh he doesn't seem to like it there." Dr. Roberts laughed. "He's already gotten out once before."

"Danny I can't believe you're here." Maddie sobbed, hugging her son, after he had gotten back into the bed. "We thought you were dead."

"Danny boy!" Jack bellowed, tussling his son's hair. "You must have the survival instincts of your mother!"

Danny laughed as he pushed his father away.

"Come one dad. Not too rough." He smiled.

"Sorry." Jack apologized.

"Danny I can't believe that we left you behind." Maddie cried, embracing her son. "You should've stayed closer. I should've held on tighter." Her tears came faster than ever.

"Come on mom. It's not your fault." Danny said, trying to comfort her. "I'm just happy that you're here."

"Where were you all this time, Danny?" Jack asked.

The boy tensed up. Dr. Roberts cleared his throat.

"Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, can you please come with me?" He asked.

"Sure." Jack replied. He and Maddie followed the doctor out of the room.

"What did you want doctor?" Maddie asked, wiping her eyes.

"I have the feeling that Danny will never tell you what happened, so I'll have to. From what he has told me himself, he was found by a ghost and turned into a slave for the last year."

Maddie and Jack stood dumbfounded.

"My son? A servant to a ghost?" Jack seethed. "The nerve of them!"

"But he's fine now right?" Maddie asked.

"He seems normal, but in his blood…there's ectoplasm in it now. Along with something that we can't identify. But he should be able to go home in a little while, but I'd keep a good watch on him. But Jazz, there's nothing like that in her. She's perfectly normal, except for her broken arm, andbruised ribs. Her recovery is going great and soon she can go home too."

"But Danny will be ok?" Maddie sobbed.

"I think so. He seems fine now. The only other thing we could do, it turn him over to the Guys in white, but I don't think that's what would be best." Dr. Roberts replied. "We can release him soon. All his wounds are bandaged and maybe it would be best for you to see for yourselves that he is still your son."

Maddie nodded.

A few days later, Jazz was even well enough to go back home along with Danny as they headed home in a rental car. Maddie noticed that Danny seemed a little quiet and his movements a little bit more awkward. But maybe that would go away after a while.
When they finally got home, Danny just stood in the door way numbly.

"Go inside Danny." Jazz urged.

"It just feels weird." He said. "Here I am: Home."

"Danny boy, you're home again." Jack laughed. "It hasn't changed a bit."

"We're sorry Danny, but we turned your room into a guest room." Maddie sobbed, realizing how awful it was now.

"I don't care." A joyous smile broke across the boys face. "I'm home." He then ran up to his mom and hugged her.

"My room could've been blown up for all I care! I'm home and I'm not going anywhere ever again!" Danny then hugged his dad, and after that, Jazz. When he was done, he ran up to his room, and jumped on the bed. It was so nice and soft. Better than the hospital bed, and much better than the room in Vlad's lab. The blankets were welcoming and familiar. After a while Maddie came in.

"Your things are in the basement." She said. "If you want to get them."

"Later." Danny replied. "I think I could sleep for a month. This bed is so nice."

"Do you think that you'll be ready to go to school again?" Maddie asked, awkwardly. "In a few days I mean. I know you'll be a grade behind everyone else, but I'm sure that…" She just trailed off.

"I guess I have to go back." Danny sighed.

"I know everyone will be asking you questions about what happened, but you don't have to tell them anything."

"Yeah." The boy replied softly.

"But I would like it if you told me…"

Danny tensed up and turned away.

"Please Danny." Maddie begged. "The doctor told us some of it, but I want to know who did this to you. They could do this again to someone else, or even you again. And what's with the chemical in your blood stream?"

Danny said nothing.

"Danny, the doctor told us that you were used by a ghost as a servant. Is the chemical the reason that you have ectoplasm in your blood? Is that what it does?"

"Obedient…" Danny whispered. "It made me obedient and submissive."

Maddie's eyes began to tear up.

"It was made so you would listen to him? Why didn't you fight it?"

Danny paused before he replied,

"I did, but things just got worse, and soon I couldn't fight anymore." He grabbed a pillow and held it close to him. "I almost hurt someone." He began to cry as well. Maddie climbed into the bed next to him.

"I can't believe that anyone would be so cruel. Did they do this to Jazz too?"

Danny shook his head.

"Can we stop talking mom?" He asked. "I really don't want to remember."

"How weird does that sound?" Danny thought to himself. "Just a little while ago, all I wanted to do is remember, but now I want to forget."

"Alright sweetie." Maddie replied, trying to choke back her tears. This wasn't going to be easy, knowing that her son would have emotional scars for the rest of his life. She got up and walked to the door, closing it softly behind her. Jack had been standing there, and gave her a big hug.

"He'll get better. Let's go check on Jazz."

They then walked slowly over to their daughters room. She was propped up on her bed, surrounded by piles and piles of books.

"I've been gone for less than a month, and I'll never get all this homework done." She complained. "How am I supposed to go to college?"

"Honey, I'm sure that you'll be pardoned." Maddie replied, wiping away her tears.

"It's not like you could've done anything to not be kidnapped." Jack added in his usual happy manner.

"But my standards." Jazz spazzed. (Spy Guy: Hey. That rhymed. Oops…sorry…back to the story. Hey…sorry and story don't really rhyme. They are what it known as an eye rhyme. I think…I'm shutting up now…) "Jazz Fenton has perfect grades, with no missing assignments. I can do anything and everything. I have to get into a good college and be successful. And if I don't do this work, I'll have no idea what to do when I go back to school. And if I don't know what I'm doing, then I'll fail!"

"See Maddie? Jazz is normal." Jack bellowed.

Maddie looked over at her daughter, who was currently madly flipping through a large book.

"What does that word mean! Is a glossary too much to ask for! No wonder no one passes!" She cried.

"Do you need help honey?" Maddie asked.

"No, no." Jazz replied. "That's what the internet's for." And with that she opened the top of her lap top and turned it on. Soon she was logged onto the Internet.

"400 E-mail's!" She shouted, then she placed a hand over to her still pained ribs.

"Take it easy Jazz." Jack said. "You'll hurt yourself."

"Too late." She groaned. "I think the pain medication wore off."

"I'll get you some more." Maddie replied. "Just stop working on your homework for a little while."

"And start working on replying to 400 E-mails." Jack smiled, as the two left.

Jazz sighed and looked at all the books around her.

"Maybe I do need to take it easy." She sighed. Her arm itched in the cast.

"If I were Danny, I could scratch it, but that would most likely hurt." Jazz smiled, opening up the first email.

To: Jazz,

I would like to say that you are no longer president of the science club, due to the fact that you do not seem to be around. Life is cruel, but…on a lighter note,

I'm the new president! Isn't that great? I was seriously counting down the days until you graduated, so I could be president for one whole year, but guess what? You got kidnapped. I know I really shouldn't be happy about this but…

I am!

PS: You'll never guess who I am. (Until you go to school.)

By the time Jazz was done reading, her eye was twitching ever so faintly.

"I have your E-mail address. I can find out who you are. And I most likely know where you live."

"That sounds just a little bit creepy." Said a voice coming from the doorway. Jazz looked, and saw that it was Danny.

"Oh hey." She smiled. "I just found out that I'm no longer president of the science club. And the new one sent me an E-mail telling me that they were happy I got kidnapped."

"Only you Jazz." Danny smiled, coming in.

"The thing that confuses me is the fact that 400 people thought that I could actually read this from where ever I was." Jazz replied.

"I bet at least 300 are Spam. The other ones are Internet stalkers trying to find a pretty girl. Boy, are they barking up the wrong tree." Danny smiled, as Jazz fumed.

"Come on Danny." She protested. "I am too pretty."

Her brother just laughed.

"I was just saying that you were too smart for that, but what you thought is funnier."

"You were complimenting me?" Jazz asked.

"Yeah." The boy replied. "I mean, you helped me get out of this, and all I did in return was blast you into a tree. And…" His voice became soft. "Came here to apologize for that. I'm sorry."

"I don't blame you Danny, but let's not talk about that now. Come on, and help me answer all these things with witty banter. You're better at it than me."

Danny smiled and sat in the chair, next to his sister's bed. They were laughing when Maddie came in, holding a glass of water, and a small white pill.

"Here you go Jazz." She said.

"Thanks mom." The girl said, taking both the items in her hand. She placed the pill on her tongue and drank the water to make it go down.

"Those things are nasty." Jazz blanched. "I can't wait until my ribs heal."

"You're looking good Danny." Maddie smiled. "I'll just go, so you two can get back to what you were doing." And with that she left, feeling better than she had in months.

"Here's one." Jazz smiled. "'I am a hot single guy who admires you for all your scientific achievements. I am a person whom you can confide all your hearts desires in. Just come and meet me at the planetarium tomorrow and we can talk about all your problems.'"

"When was that one sent?" Danny asked.

"A day ago." Jazz replied. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yes. We are going to teach a online predator not to target teenage girls."

"Can I go?" Jazz asked. "I want to see what happens."

Danny thought for a moment.

"I don't know how to get you there." He said.

"Then take this camera." Jazz replied, handing her brother a small black device. "It hooks on your ear. It'll send a video transmission to me so I can see you teach that guy a lesson."

Danny hooked the camera on and went ghost.

"I'll be back in a bit. Cover for me." And with that, he left through the window. Jazz could see where he was going through the air. Had he gotten faster?

Danny was nearing the planetarium. He could see no one out on the balcony, so he landed there.

"Hey? Anybody here?" He asked in his best girly voice as he went invisible. "I received this E-mail saying that someone was here? I need someone to talk to."

There was a deep chuckle and a figure came out of the shadows.

"Hello Daniel." Hissed a sinister voice. Danny turned to look, and was greeted by a bright pink blast hitting him head on. The boy was forced to the ground.

"I can't believe it worked." The figure sneered as he floated above Danny. "I sent that to your sister, in hopes that maybe, just maybe, it would lure one of you here. I really didn't think that it would work. But here you are."

Danny's eyes widened as he found himself staring at the ghost form of Vlad Masters.

"But, you-you're—"

"Crippled, Little Badger?" He laughed cruelly. "That's the good thing about a ghost. We can turn our legs into spectral tails. I can float everywhere I want. And that means I can come here."

"Are you just going to kidnap me? Take me to Wisconsin, and lock me up again?" Danny spat.

"Oh no Little Badger. I'm here to tell you that I'm not through with you, but right now I have bigger things to do. VladMastersis going away for awhile. However, when I'm ready for you, you'll come. You'll come to save your friends…" And with that the man disappeared. Danny got up and looked around for a while before he took off into the night sky again.

"It was horrible. I mean, I'm glad that he's going to leave me alone, but…" Danny groaned with frustration as he paced around his sister's room. "Now he's going to take it out on my friends."

"This was a bad idea. I'm sorry Danny." Jazz apologized.

"Please don't apologize." The boy begged. "Vlad's just crazy. We need to tell someone. We have to get him put away, while he's still in the hospital."

"Why didn't you tell anybody when you were there?" The girl asked.

"I-I just…couldn't. There was something holding me back. I don't know what it was, it was something." Danny replied. "But I can tell them now."

"But it will just put you in danger Danny." Jazz said. "While you were coming back, dad came and told me that Vlad had mysteriously disappeared from his bed. They checked the security camera's and he was there one minute and gone the next. We know what he did."

"So he's on the loose." The boy mused. "And who knows what he's up to?"

"But you're going to stop him right?" Jazz asked.

"Yeah. But it looks like I'm going to have to wait until he attacks. Until then, I'm going to have to get my life back to normal. Will you help me?" He asked, turning to his sister.

"Sure little brother. I'll help you." Jazz smiled.

And as Jazz stared into her brothers eyes, she saw, for just a moment, some of the cloudiness disappear.

"Some day." She thought. "It's going to be like this never happened. It's going to be just a horrible dream. Something that we'll never forget. But I think that we can move on from this. I know we can."

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