Disclaimer: The characters Memphis Raines and Eleanor are not my own. They belong to the creators and producers of "Gone in Sixty Seconds". I am not making any money off of this poem.

P/L: This poem was inspired by the sonnet, "The Passionate Shepard to His Wife" by Christopher Marlowe. Since it is Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fitting to write a "love" poem. But, of course, I'm not that simple…I had to add a little twist to it. This is Eleanor's response.

Gone in 60 Seconds14 février 2003 The Car to her Passionate Owner

You are the best pal that I have ever had the luxury of knowing.

You were always there for me, always there to watch over my back,

Whenever trouble came along you'd always leave the bad guys scurrying

Because bad guys know that with you they can expect a lot of angry flack.

I am your unicorn, a prize not so easily won.

Try as you might, we're always on the run.

You dream of glorious days in the sun.

But those days have long since been gone.

Forever it seems that we'll be running endlessly from the law

After all, flashes of red and blue were the only things I ever saw.

But, it's a life of everlasting excitement and relentless flaw.

It's a grander life that never shall our friendship bear raw.

Memphis, you are the one who always will set me free.

You have what it takes, you have that golden key!

We will the stars go sailing, to mount these glorious days

With all our glamour and all our high-falluting ways.

I am a princess with my polished metal skin shining

I am the best thing that ever got heads turning.

I am Eleanor and I will always be your unicorn

To have, to chase, to dream of days were you have me won.

But I will tell you this, Memphis Raines, my dear.

When I'm with you, there's nothing to fear.

So sorry that all must come to this equivocal abrupt end.

But my constant fleeing is all I have got to give and send.