Disclaimer: The characters Memphis Raines and Eleanor are not my own. They belong to the creators and producers of "Gone in Sixty Seconds". I am not making any money off of this poem.

P/L: This poem was inspired by the sonnet, "The Passionate Shepard to His Wife" by Christopher Marlowe. Since it is Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fitting to write a "love" poem. But, of course, I'm not that simple…I had to add a little twist to it.

Gone in 60 Seconds14 février 2003 The Passionate Raines to His Car

You run like an endless river flowing out into the open sea

Sweeping smoothly down the endless path of fraternity.

You need no one to guide you along your ways

You are yourself, to have throughout your days.

Maybe you don't really need me, you're better off on your own.

Especially after all the times, I thought you had me thrown.

But I feel that we are meant to be together through all these times.

To blast down the freeways, weaving safely between traffic lines.

Imagine what we could do together, imagine who we would become.

We would be a unit, daring a life that is a farfetched dream to some.

Eleanor, your silver shining body gleams even in dim light

Under the sun it is only you who will stand out so bright.

Eleanor my sweet car, don't you see, we were meant to be.

Together, we'll go sailing into the world, proud and free.

Just you and me; all five-hundred horsepower roaring

Over the streets of Long Beach to the mountains we'll be soaring.

Come with me Eleanor, be my guide through these days.

You were the one who drove me to these wreckless ways.

With your golden body gleaming, we've got our path made.

Our passionate wild ideas will never be rightly swayed.

You're a hero, and that's how you make me feel

Whenever we're racing and the law is biting our heel.

We'll nail the NOS and then the chase will be done.

We'll take off along the peer and just have blasts of fun.

What do you say my beloved Eleanor,

This is what we're here for.