Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from King Arthur nor do I own anything from that movie. I have merely borrowed characters. I do however own the cat character who will be later known as Daedalus. This story contains no slash so if you are looking for such things, turn back now.

P/L: While taking a rest on patrol, Lancelot and Arthur come across something lurking in the grass in front of them.

King Arthur28 April 2005

"What is that?"

"What is what?"


"...Lancelot, are you mewing?"

"Arthur...when have I ever mewed?"

Arthur glanced at his comrade. Instead of reclining against the bark of the oak tree like before, Lancelot was now leaning forward, intently listening to the quiet air of the meadow. There was nothing in the meadow; no Saxons, no Woads, no Romans...nothing. Arthur gave a sigh, letting his eyes shut. "You fret over nothing my friend."

But Lancelot was not convinced. His eyes were trained on the grass just ahead of him. For a split second Lancelot swore he saw the grass twitching slightly in an unnatural manner. Whatever was coming towards them wasn't big so there was no immediate threat. But this new oddity had Lancelot intrigued.

Just then there came that tiny little squeak that Lancelot had heard before. Lancelot focused his eyes on a small patch of thick grass just ahead of him. Whatever it was was no more than five feet from his boots. Now Lancelot was on his knees, curiously peering into the small grass patch.

Arthur opened his eyes. He had heard the squeak as well. Curiously, Arthur glanced over his right shoulder at Lancelot and saw that his friend was slowly crawling towards a small clump of grass. Arthur noted with interest how Lancelot seemed to be fashioning his approach with care, as though not to frighten something. Arthur watched as Lancelot reached into the grass and gently took hold of something quite small. Then Lancelot turned back towards him, his hands cupped together.

"What have you got there Lancelot?" Arthur inquired, looking at his friend's hands with slight concern. After all, if Lancelot hadn't been afraid to pick whatever it was up, why should he be worried?

For an answer, a small furry head popped up between Lancelot's fingers. The knight gave a boyish grin, obviously pleased with his new find. Arthur stared at the kitten in amazement. Never in his life had he seen such a small and innocent creature with such soft brown eyes. The kitten had an unusual orange "V" from between its ears all the way down to the tip of its pink, triangular nose. The kitten stared at Arthur with its adorable eyes and gave a soft mew.

"Oh, I see you have made a new friend," Arthur commented, smiling gently at his friend.

"Indeed," Lancelot replied, beaming down at the kitten. A few moments passed by. Lancelot stroked the kitten's soft head all-the-while the kitten purred. Arthur watched the two, a small half-smile on his lips. Life was certainly peaceful.

Then Lancelot inquired, "Now what do I feed it?"