Full Summary: After being sold into a sleazy world where men auction off women, Hilary is bought by Kai Hiwatari, grandson of one of the world's richest men. Kai has saved her from that dark world, and now she lives in his mansion as a maid. But a dark secret is hidden in the Hiwatari Mansion, and Hilary's savior is in serious trouble! Falling in love, Kai and Hilary wish to escape the mansion, but will they be able to make it? Will she be able to save Kai from his impending doom? KAIxHIL

Rating: M (for future lime content)

Yes, another piece of crap story from DarkWolf 88!

Now, before I get flamed for the content of this story...yes, this chapter may be disturbing to some. It contains women in an almost brothel situation...that is, men picking out a women and paying to have intimate relations with her. But I haven't gone into any real details in this chapter. Actually, this is the ONLY chapter with something like that in this whole story.

I was a little hesitant to write this at first, since it will later contain a lemon (but I probably will edit that out, and post the unedited part on my AFF account) Yeah, yeah...I know I said in "Crimson Legend" that I wouldn't post another story...but this is a sort of "commission" from a friend of mine. She wanted me to write this for her before I go into "retirement." (laughs) Yeah...

So yeah, this is mainly for her. I don't expect many people to like this story, especially after this chapter...but hey, I've warned you.

I got a flame from someone who read "Fall from Grace" and they found it disturbing and stuff...like they were surprised! Even after ALL the warnings I gave! (shakes head sadly) well...whatever. BTW...has anyone noticed that "flamers" never sign in? Is that because they are scared of something? (shrugs) Oh well.

Anyway...so, to ease this problem, I am going to post the "warnings" in bold type here, and probably on every chapter. Hopefully those lazy people who don't care what the author has to say will now get it.

WARNINGS (in this chapter) - Mild sexual content (well...I consider it to be mild, since nothing is really described), possible disturbing situations.

Enjoy...if possible...


Chapter One: A World of Darkness

A middle aged man and his six year old daughter walked down the empty streets. The girl kept looking up at her father with a questioning glance every so often, confused as to where they were going. She lost count of how many times she had asked, with no reply.

Even in her young years, the child could sense something was dreadfully wrong. Her father's face was serious, almost perturbed looking.

Suddenly, the girl was pulled forward. "Hurry up..." Her father stated emotionlessly.

"You're going too fast daddy!" She tried to keep up with his long stride, but her short legs couldn't even hope to match him.

They had been walking for a while now, and the girl's anxiety only grew worse as the day wore on.

The clouds had begun to grey along with the sky. The heaven's rumbled unpleasantly overhead, almost as if they were warning the girl that trouble ensued further down the street.

"I...I want to go home!" She demanded, trying to pull her hand out of her father's.

The gates of hell were officially opened for the young girl as she was pushed into a black van, hidden in a dark alley. Her worse fear had come true, something that she thought would certainly never happen to her! Her father promised to protect her from this, yet he was standing right there...watching impatiently as she was being kidnapped!

She tried to scream, kick, get away, all to no avail. The men were much stronger than her, and she could do nothing as her captors threw her inside that van and slammed the door.

"Daddy! Why! WHY!" She screamed through the metal door, knowing that the man that raised her was standing just outside, watching as his only daughter was taken. "HELP ME!"

She peered out of the small window at the top of the door, hoping to understand something.

There he was...her father...a cocky grin on his face as he accepted a small, bulging package from the man that helped throw the teen inside the van. Her father quickly opened the package and thumbed through the stacks of bills inside.

"Money!" The girl had been sold...by her own father?

"Daddy!" She pounded on the door, pulled as hard as possible on the handle to open it and escape, but it was useless. Her heart was torn, for the man she loved, the man that raised her after her mother had died, had sold her! But for what purpose? She knew he had some problems with drugs and alcohol in the past...did he really give them up? Or had he used up all the money, and was desperate enough to sell his only child!

Her strength left her, and she collapsed in a heap on the van's floor. Her body shook harshly as burning tears streamed down her face. She was only vaguely aware of the front doors as they opened, and the men got inside to drive off.

The girl's father turned on his heel and walked away as if nothing had happened, still fingering the money inside the package greedily. Deciding it would be less conspicuous, he slipped the package inside his coat pocket, pulling out his wallet to make room. Not being able to handle both the wallet and the package in one hand, the wallet tumbled to the sidewalk beside him, opening up toward the sky.

Noticing this, the man slipped his new fortune into the pocket and bent down to retrieve the empty wallet. His eyes rested on a picture he kept inside next to his ID...a picture of his daughter. He stared at the picture with hollow eyes, absolutely no emotion in his features. Slowly, he took the picture out and held it into the breeze.

"You're dead to me now...Hilary..."


That same young girl, so cruelly abandoned had grown up in a dark, underground world. Upon arriving at her new "home," she learned quickly what life was going to be like. She found that she was now living in a sort of brothel, where older women were picked out to "entertain" men in any which way they choose. If she behaved, she wouldn't follow the same fate as those women. Instead, she was to be a servant, doing whatever popped into her "master's" mind the very second it happened. Because of her young age, things were easy at first, but when she grew older, her master noticed how pretty she was becoming, and though she would do well in "the underground."

The underground was an illegal slave trade operation, or something close to it. Hilary found that people would even kidnap pretty young girls, at any age, and sell them off to the highest bidder. Their fate could never be predicted there...it all rested in the hands of whomever won the highest bid.

Rumors of this place scared her, and caused the cold, strong walls she had built up to crumble slightly, as she often cried herself to sleep at night. She knew that's where she would end up, and didn't want to think of what the men down there would do to her.

In her mind, she was just something that was bought, then sold like a worn out tool...and that was all she was going to be.


Ten years later:

An elderly man, along with a middle aged man that appeared to be some sort of butler, and a teenaged boy all stepped out of a long, black limousine and proceeded to walk down the wet street until they came to a filthy, wooden door.

Yes, the average passerby would probably think something fishy was going on, seeing two wealthy looking men, dressed in expensive suits, along with a butler, entering a shallow alleyway and knocking at such a door, but the street was completely void of any other human life.

The skies were a dull, dark grey, and pure white snow would flurry past every so often with a bitter wind.

The teenager sighed, pulling up the collar of his white scarf.

"You should get used to this Kai. This is what you'll be doing when you take my place." The elderly man stated, almost irritated.

Kai growled, narrowing his eyes at the crowds below. "Like hell I will…"

The door was opened, and the three men made their way inside.

An interesting smell caught Kai's attention as it always had. The smell of liquor and smoke would never be stronger somewhere else, and Kai would probably never get used to it.

Loud chatter began to increase in volume as the party made its way past the smokey darkness and into a dimly lit balcony. The balcony overlooked a large arena-like space that had nearly been filled with all sorts of beings, mainly humans. The occasional rat ran across anything that was up and off the floor, and even a few birds had made their way in through some opening to the outside world.

All the noise was echoing so badly in the teen's ears, that he wished to slip out and wait in the car. But he knew he would be in trouble. He watched in disgust as a man in the center of the arena led a line of young women out of the spotlight, and into the shadowy depths behind the stage. Apparently, the last "auction" had come to a close.

"Lord Voltaire..." The butler started, almost timidly. "Everything is ready to being in a few minutes."

"Excellent." The tycoon then turned to Kai. "Now remember, Grandson...we are here to watch this night's activities..."

Kai turned away from the elderly man as he spoke. It sickened him to think that this is where his fortune came from. His so-called grandfather had been bringing him down to this place ever since his parents had abandoned him on the street. Voltaire had picked him up, raised him, and demanded Kai to call him "grandfather." Kai wished he would have stayed on the streets by himself…

Suddenly, a violent cough racked the teen's body, causing a slight grin to overtake Voltaire's face.

Kai got to his feet and left the box to find some water to ease the cough. Finally finding a concession booth, he grabbed whatever liquid they had and sipped it gently. It happened to be some sort of liquor, and the smell made Kai's hair stand on end, but he was gratefully it had stopped the coughing.

After muttering a series of curses to himself, he decided to wander around for a bit. He hoped the night would end quickly, so he could finally leave this dreadful place.

He found himself toward the front of the ring, where men were congratulating someone on winning the previous bid. The scowl returned to Kai's face in an instant,as the lights brightened around the arena and a new series of girls were forced out into the crowd.

"Poor things…" Kai muttered under his breath. He didn't like the idea of any woman being treated this way. He made it a habit to try and buy some of the girls, then make arrangements to set them free again, but that only worked once in a blue moon, for competition was great in a place like this. His crimson eyes scanned the line of women as the announcer began his speech to the crowd.

Most of them were prostitutes from the city above, most likely here because they were desperate for money. But as the teen's eyes passed down the row, something caught his eye.

A young brunette, the youngest he had ever seen in this place, was standing quite timidly behind the line. She was obviously one that had been forced to this place, and by the looks of her, she was extremely shy and embarrassed.

She was wearing a ratty skirt that had a slit almost all the way to her hip, and a sleeveless shirt in a matching condition. The outfit was obviously designed to show off as much skin as possible.

Bidding started moments later, and one by one, each woman was unhooked from her collar and led out of the arena. When the young girl's number was called, she jumped, apparently surprised as she realized where she was again.

A man hollered from somewhere in the crowd. Apparently, such a young girl was popular amongst the crowd, and an all out war began for her.

Kai was even surprised. His eyes wandered around the crowd, but always came back to the girl, who was on the brink of tears. She tried to retreat backward, but the man next to her held her against her will.

Rage was building up inside the crimson eyed teen. He had to do something! A girl like her shouldn't ever be in a world like this…

"Two million!"

The crowd went silent, everyone staring at each other, trying to find out who had called the insane amount.

A light flashed onto Kai's form, standing completely still with a serious glare on his face.

The frightened girl's eyes found his, as if not believing she would ever fetch that amount.

"Two million and three!" Another man exclaimed from the other side of the arena.

"Two and five!"

Eyes glanced from the young teen to the older man as they shouted numbers back and forth, both determined to win.

The man next to the girl finally snapped out of his shock, and started doing his job as an auctioneer.

After many minutes, the bidding began to slow down between Kai and the unknown man.

The teen was getting annoyed. "Where does this guy work!" With not much time to spare, he decided to make his final move. "Five million!"

The other man seemed stunned at the jump, jabbering to himself as if trying to figure out what to do.

Before being able to outbid Kai, the bidding was closed in a great uproar, and the teen was shoved toward the ring to claim his prize.

He found his way to the back, past all the other women that had been won, and their new customers or "owners".

"Let me go!" A shrill voice screamed further down.

"Shut up bitch! You're the most expensive thing I've seen here! You better show some respect to your owner!"

"I won't be owned by anyone!" She hissed, kicking the man between the legs as hard as she could.

He instantly dropped her chain to tend to his injury, allowing the girl to make a break for it.

She ran out of the room, but as she looked behind to see if she was being followed, she ran into something hard which almost knocked her to the ground.

Large hands grabbed her arms, holding her in place.

"No! Let me go!" She screamed, fidgeting every which way in hope to escape.

"You're a feisty one, aren't you?" A deep voice started. It was strangely soothing to the brunette though, and caused her to stop her struggling for a moment and look up.

She was greeted with a pair of beautiful crimson eyes, eyes that seemed to stare into a different reality, rather than her. She couldn't help but let out a gasp as her eyes traveled across his face. He was not much older than her! He had messy, slate colored hair, and four blue triangles painted on his cheeks. Yes, that was a strange feature to the girl, but he was still very handsome.

"Oh! There you are Hiwatari! Sorry, she got away for a sec…"

"You…" She started in a small voice. "He's the one that bid all that money!"

Kai lowered his head closer to hers. "Play along, alright?" His voice was barely above a whisper.

"She's a fine one, isn't she?" The man started again. "Name's Hilary. You wanna try her out?"

"She certainly is…" Kai replied, his voice filled with a fake lust. "I can't wait to get her home."

A hand flew out of nowhere and collided with the teen's painted cheek.

"Pervert!" Hilary screamed. Her struggle resumed again, but this time fiercer than ever.

Kai frowned down at the girl. He didn't like it either, but he had to make this look convincing.

Grabbing her wrists, he pushed her up against the brick wall and pinned her arms above her.

"I said play along!" He whispered a little harshly, pushing his lips against hers.

Hilary tried to break away from the kiss, but his body weight prevented her from doing much. When he did part from her, she collapsed, letting her tears pour out from her eyes. Kai noticed this and caught her, letting the frightened girl lean on him as she cried.

"Shh..." Kai bent down slightly, taking her arm gently and unlocking the heavy shackles around her wrist. "I'm here to help you..."

"There you are!" An angry voice echoed down the dark hallway, startling both teens, along with everyone else.

Hilary heard Kai curse under his breath as he pulled her behind him, as in an attempt to shield her from the disaster encroaching on them.

"I thought we had an understanding about...this, Kai!"

"I didn't get her for that reason...Grandfather."

"Oh? So for what reason then?" Voltaire's face was contorted in rage at the thought Kai would want to take a lover.

"To help out the maids. You're always complaining about them...maybe someone younger will do better?" Kai crossed his arms, and appeared relaxed in spite of the dark aura Voltaire seemed to be giving off.

Voltaire growled, glaring at the teens for a moment. "Fine then! We'll talk about this later!" With that, he stormed off in rage, grabbing his jacket from the butler behind him.

The older teen let out a long breath in relief. Hilary, still behind him, had stopped crying, but her puffy red eyes now had a more pronounced fear in them.

The butler walked over to the blue haired teen, holding out a black coat for him to slide into. The teen shook his head, gesturing to the brunette behind him.

"But Master Kai..."

"It's cold outside. I'm sure she's suffering enough in just the outfit."

It was true, Hilary was incredibly embarrassed at the clothes she had been pushed into. She couldn't help but think, as the butler helped slide the coat over her shoulders, that this strange act of kindness had a hidden motive behind it. What would life really be like inside the Hiwatari Mansion?


Yes...a horrible chapter indeed. Not a great way to start a story eh?

Well, as I said, this will be the only chapter like this, and the story line may turn out to be better than you think. This was written for a friend, so I don't really care how many of you hate it so far.

The descriptions weren't all that great here either...but I just wanted to get this chapter over with. I hope people can understand that.

So yeah...that's all for now.