Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from King Arthur nor do I own anything from that movie. I have merely borrowed characters. I do however own the cat character who will be later known as Daedalus. This story contains no slash so if you are looking for such things, turn back now.

P/L: Now that a new friend has been discovered...what shall they feed this little kitten?

King Arthur 28 April 2005

"No Lancelot we still haven't gotten any milk from the goats yet," Gawain told the knight. He added with a glaring smile, "For the fifth time."

"Twenty minutes and all you have is excuses?" Lancelot frowned. The little orange kitten he had shortly acquired was fast asleep, curled in the nook of his arm, and clutching him with his tiny claws.

Gawain gave a small put-out look at his friend, replying, "They bite you know."

Just then Tristan, who had been feeding his own beloved pet hawk, informed the both of them, "Kittens are good with water too. In fact I heard water is healthier for them in the long run."

Lancelot and Gawain exchanged puzzled looks. The idea was quite profound. It went against everything they knew about little creatures. From babies to horses they all needed milk from their mothers. How could water be possibly healthier for kittens than milk? But, as Lancelot remembered, their situation didn't exactly put them in line for a supply of milk any time soon.

"What about something to eat?" Lancelot inquired. "Do we have any scraps?"

At that both Gawain and Tristan burst into a fit of mad laughter. Lancelot's frown deepened even more. He inquired darkly, "Don't tell me that we've got nothing to spare for this kitten..."

"No, it isn't the fact that we don't have any food so much as it is that you can't just give your kitten hard food," Tristan responded. "Don't you remember when I first got my hawk, Gavin?"

"Yeah and you had to give him soft food because he could swallow it hard," Lancelot nodded, remembering the little hawk. He could clearly see Tristan having to chew the food before giving it to little Gavin. The soft bits of chewed food falling into an open hand where little flight-less Gavin gobbled it up in grateful gulps.

Lancelot shuddered, coming back to the present. He gave Tristan an appalled look, inquiring, "Are you telling me that I need to spit up food for my kitten?"

Tristan gave a pleasant smile. "Not in those exact words."

Lancelot's frown deteriorated into a disgusted glare.

Just then a voice called, "Hey Lancelot!" It was Bors. "I found somethin' for your pussy cat!"

Lancelot shifted his focus on the approaching man, grateful that at least someone was being realistic about his new friend. Lancelot's frown deepened when he saw that Bors was carrying his familiar jug. For a moment Lancelot prayed that someone had coaxed the goat into giving up some milk for the kitten.

Tristan saw the jug and gave a short laugh, commenting, "Bors you can't give a kitten wine! What are you trying to do, get it addicted?"

"Earlier the better," Bors grinned. He held the jug up for Lancelot to see.

"Unnecessary..." Lancelot frowned.

"What's the matter Lancelot?" Bors questioned, holding back his laughter. "I grew up with this stuff and look how fine I be!"