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P/L: Once again, Kim Possible answers a call to help save the world. But this time, her heroics lead her to the future where she has to help a future Pre-crime Chief as well as save lives in the process. To slow Kim's progress is an agent snoop named Danny Witwer, a man bent on bringing the Pre-cop to justice. Will Kim save the day or will the Pre-cop be victim to a crime that he never committed?

Minority Report2 janvier 2003

PART ONE I. Future Crime Fighters

"You cannot fight this alone," Agatha, the female Pre-cog, told John Anderton, a former chief Pre-cop. Agatha, a nearly bald, slim figure of a late teen, shivered in Anderton's arms, despite being clothed in a warm, dark-gray fleece coat and a pair of jeans. Agatha tried to ignore her inside screaming from the "murder" Anderton had unknowingly committed. The constant flashbacks of the murder inside Agatha's head provoked Agatha into a state of semi-conscious moaning and whimpering.

Agatha, clutching Anderton's dark coat, continued, "You need the help of three past crime fighters and the alliance of someone, who, in due time, will no longer be with us."

Anderton, the medium height, short, dark haired man-on-the-run, stared questionably at Agatha shivering in his arms. A question of Agatha's motives nagged in Anderton's mind, but so far, Anderton remembered, Agatha had never proved false and her word was always truthful, correct, and creditable. Thus, Anderton put aside his questions and simply agreed, "Alright." Anderton asked, "Who do I call upon?"

II. Kim Possible

I'm your basic average girl

And I'm here to save the world

You can't stop me 'cause I'm Kim Pos-si-ble

There is nothing I can't do

When danger calls just know that I am on my way!

It doesn't matter where or when there's trouble

If ya just call my name, Kim Possible

Call me, beep me, if ya wanna reach me

When ya page me it's okay.

I just can't wait until I hear my cell phone ring.

Doesn't matter if it is day or night

Everything's gonna be alright.

Call me, beep me, if ya wanna reach me.

"Kim here," Kim answered her virtual cell phone, "So what's the sitch?"

"Kim, it's Wade, and we've got an odd request," the young African American whiz-kid told Kim.

"Wade," Kim laughed, "What kind of 'odd request' haven't I heard?"

"You need to go to Washington D.C. and help out a Pre-cop by the name of John Anderton. This fellow, Anderton, is the Chief of the Pre-crime Department over in D.C. He says that it is imperative that we help!"

"Helping a Pre-cop out of a dilemma in Washington D.C. on a school night," Kim thought. She thought for a quick second before giving a smile and replying in a perky voice, "No problem!"

"Good," Wade nodded with a smile. "Anderton will be waiting for you outside the Norton Hotel on Ebbey Street."

"Wade, just one question before we get into logistics," Kim stated, gently cutting off Wade.

"Sure, what is it K.P.?"

"What's a Pre-cop?" Kim inquired earnestly.

"Hold on," Wade said, typing into his computer, "I was just asking myself that question when I called you." Wade pounded a couple keys on the keyboard, remarking, "Accessing future police activity department information." A couple seconds and a couple clicks later, Wade announced, "Ah, here it is. Pre-crime is the latest development in crime prevention. It has been running for the past six years as an experiment in the Washington D.C. area. Chief John Anderton heads this elite Pre-crime unit that helps find evidence to find and convict future murderers."

"So I take it that the Pre-cops are the cops of the future who track down these future murderers," Kim stated in a questioning tone.

"That's correct," Wade nodded. He then said, "Kim, you should probably get going before it gets too late."

"Good thinking, Wade," Kim smiled. Kim started to close her cell phone when she suddenly felt the impulse to ask, "So, what's the odd part of this request?"

"You have to go to the year two-thousand fifty-four," Wade replied. "That's the odd part about it."

"Okay, that changes things," Kim remarked with a frown. Then she brightened as she thought, "Well, I'm taking Ron and Rufus along, so it can't be all that bad! I will definitely need their help to battle this future evil."

"Good call, Kim," Wade nodded. "Call me if you need anything."

"Sure thing," Kim smiled, adding a nod.

Wade told her sincerely, "Kim, good luck and be careful!"

"Don't worry; you know me!" Kim replied.

Closing her cell phone, Kim heard Ron's familiar voice calling to her.

"Hey Kim!" Ron exclaimed, coming over to his slender, redhead friend. Ron, a sort of geeky, blond-haired teenager roughly Kim's age, (whom had a pet naked mole rat named Rufus) came out to Kim. Ron and Rufus were an inseparable duo that constantly thought about food (mainly cheese burritos and nachos) but through their seemingly lack of intelligence, Ron and Rufus retained a heart of gold that always seemed to pull Kim through her hard times.

Ron asked, ignoring his pink rodent friend crawling up to the right shoulder of his red sports jersey shirt, "Need the help of Ron Stoppable and the unconquerable Rufus?"

"Oh Ron," Kim laughed, "Of course I need your guys' help! Since when have I not needed your help?"

Ron and Rufus thought about Kim's question, unsure how to respond to it. Kim glanced around her, wondering out loud, "I wonder how we're getting to the future? I've never traveled through time before!"

Just then, a phone from a red phone booth began ringing. Ron gave a smile as he thought about the phone booth being the time traveling machine. Excitedly, Ron pointed at the phone booth while Rufus began hopping up and down. Ron squeaked, "I bet it's the phone booth that's going to be the time traveling machine!"

"Ron," Kim sighed, heading to the phone booth. Taking a look at the ringing phone, Kim picked up the phone, looked at Ron in the phone booth with her, and sighed, "A phone booth is no sort of…"

The phone booth door closed, trapping the three inside. Then, a great cracking sound was heard above as a giant blue bubble began forming from the top of the booth. The shell fell around the red phone booth. Little sparks of electricity began forming inside of the bubble; the sparks hit the sides of the phone booth, causing no harm to the occupants inside. Then, in a quick second, the phone booth vanished, leaving nothing behind in its spot, not even a burn mark.

III. Many Meetings…The Plan

Anderton sat nervously in the lobby of the hotel room that he and Agatha were hiding in. Even though Anderton was still in shock from the realization of a set up and the "murder" in which several dozen people thought he committed, Anderton tried to maintain a sense of calmness to not frighten Agatha. Anderton knew that it had been rough for Agatha to see the "murder" happen, just as she predicted. But had not taken place in the entire manner that she foresaw. But, murder was always traumatizing to those who witnessed the act, and this was why Agatha was still shivering.

Tucking the blanket tighter around Agatha and gently rubbing her shoulders, Anderton quietly asked, "Agatha, tell me, who is the fourth person that you spoke of? You said that 'later he will perish'."

"Yes, he will die," Agatha nodded, her eyes still wide with fear and horror. Agatha continued in her dark, melancholic voice, "But his future can be changed with your help. Can you see?" Agatha lifted a weary hand and pointed outside.

Anderton looked to where the Pre-cog was pointing. A red phone booth had appeared just outside the doorway to the hotel. The few people in the premises leapt out of the way while others simply shrugged and continued on their way.

"The phone booth, they've arrived," Agatha stated.

Anderton rose, bringing Agatha to a standing position. Shifting Agatha's weight so the Pre-cog would simply lean against his shoulder, Anderton began walking towards the red phone booth. As Anderton and Agatha neared the phone booth, Anderton heard Kim gasping to Ron:

"….time traveling device."

Kim and Ron curiously peer through the windows and gawk at the bustling metropolis. Then, Kim spotted Anderton and Agatha standing next to the phone booth. Giving a relieved smile, happy in the knowledge that the time traveling proved a success, Kim exited the phone booth with Ron right behind her.

Anderton gave the late-teen female a friendly smile and greeted, "I am John Anderton and this is Agatha. I've been told that your services would come in handy for what I have to go through; that's why you've been summoned here."

"We're glad to help," Kim smiled. She offered her hand to Anderton and introduced, "I am Kim Possible and this is my best friend, Ron Stoppable."

Ron chirped in, adding his own humor, "When there's danger or trouble we're here on the double!"

Kim gave a soft laugh, shrugging Ron off. Turning back to Anderton, Kim asked, "So, what's the sitch?"

"I'm being set up for murder," Anderton stated. "Actually, to tell you the truth, I was supposed to commit murder, but then I decided that I can control my future and so I didn't. But, the guy, (Leo Crow) was his name, told me that if I didn't kill him, his family wasn't going to be taken care of and he wound up turning my gun upon himself and shooting himself. He fell through the window and fell several stories to his death."

Ron remarked, noting the semi-chaotic sprenzy around the hotel, "No wonder there's so much police activity around here."

Kim asked, ignoring Ron, "So how come you're still here? I mean, wouldn't the police, err…the Pre-cops have seen you sitting in the hotel lobby?"

"Yes," Anderton nodded, "But I had my retinas changed so that way I couldn't be identified. Plus, Agatha has warned me ahead of time when to hide, look away, or pick up an object so that way I wouldn't be detected."

Ron inquired, looking slightly bewildered, "You had your retinas changed?" Anderton nodded. Ron's mouth dropped open as he questionably asked, "Does that mean you actually had your eyes taken out?" Again, Anderton gave a slow nod. Ron shook his head, putting his hands up, exclaiming, "This future place is so incredibly weird!"

Anderton growled lightly, "Well, having your eyes taken out and given new ones wasn't exactly the most pleasant thing in the world you know."

"We're getting off the subject," Kim cut in. Giving Ron a light glare, Kim said, "Ron, we need to help Mr. Anderton solve who has been setting him up. We're not here to discuss the future!"

"Right as always K.P!" Ron exclaimed with a smile.

Turning her attention back to Anderton and Agatha, Kim asked, "Do you have any idea who might be setting you up?"

"I don't have an idea," Anderton replied lowly. He hissed, "I know who set me up."

Kim and Ron waited patiently for Anderton to continue. Anderton, seeing his rapt audience's stare, continued, "I believe that Agent Danny Witwer from the Federal Bureau of Investigation has framed me."

"Are there any motives?" Kim questioned earnestly.

"Witwer was sent here to oversee what went on in the Pre-crime department. The Federal Bureau, in reality, sent Witwer to find a flaw in the system in order to prevent the Pre-crime experiment from going national."

Anderton took a breath before continuing, "Witwer had told me that there was always a flaw and that flaw was always human."

Ron stated, agreeing with Anderton, "That definitely sounds like a set-up to me!"

Kim assumed, speaking out her thoughts slowly, "So, what you're saying is that Witwer was simply snooping around in order to find a way to make something go wrong. And then, upon creating the human-flaw, report it back to his superiors and have the experiment shut down?"

"That's what it appears to be," Anderton stated with a sigh. After a lengthy period of thoughtful silence, Anderton questioned in the form of a statement, "From what Agatha had told me, there's supposed to be a third member to your party."

Kim thought about this for a bit, wondering whom Anderton was referring to. But Ron simply laughed and stated with a smile, "Oh, you mean my main man, Rufus!"

Reaching into his pocket, Ron pulled out a pink, naked mole rat. The creature named Rufus had been soundly sleeping in Ron's pocket but now, Rufus was awake. Rufus gave an enormous, mole-rat yawn and wiped the sleep out of his eyes.

Giving the mole rat an incredulous frown, Anderton began questioning Agatha's reasoning for having a naked mole rat fit into the scheme of saving the day. Anderton looked to Agatha, hoping to find assurance in the Pre-cog's nervous state.

Agatha, clutching Anderton's shoulder and breathing heavily as she stared vacantly into the distance, murmured, "We're wasting time. The Pre-cops are on their way." Agatha then went silent for a brief bit. Allowing her words to sink in to the quad. Agatha then continued in her quiet, dim voice, "He's back at the Pre-crime Lab, snooping around. He's watching, waiting…he knows his next moves yet he hesitates because he knows the consequences of his actions. But still, he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep doing his job. The killing, the murders, it will continue because I'm not there. And because I'm not there, no one will know about the murder that he will commit."

Kim questioned, raising an eyebrow at the trembling Pre-cog, "Who is she referring too?"

"Witwer," Anderton growled darkly. "I knew he was just waiting for me to make a mistake!" Anderton gave a frustrated sigh.

Kim, noticing the urgency of the situation, stated, "Ron and I will head back to the Pre-crime lab and check things out." Anderton gave a slight nod. Anderton was still deep in thought, trying to figure the set-up out. Kim continued, "I wouldn't worry too heavily Mr. Anderton; we will get to the bottom of this."

Looking up at Kim with a slight, relieved smile, Anderton said, "Thank you, Kim, Ron. I really appreciate it."

"Sides," Ron chirped in. "While we're interrogating this 'Mr. Witwer', you can still be doing your own research knowing that we're kind of 'stalling' Witwer."

"Good thinking Ron," Kim smiled, patting her friend on the back.

Anderton stated, thinking, "Well, since it seems as though you guys will keep Witwer off my back, I will be able to get out of the area with Agatha and continue my pursuit in the Anne Lively Case."

Kim raised an eyebrow at the mentioning of the case. Kim inquired, "What's that case about?"

"It's the vision Agatha saw and pointed out to me," Anderton quickly replied. Speaking in a lower voice, Anderton continued, "I believe that there's a connection between this case, and my being framed."

"Sounds plausible," Kim agreed. She thought for a quick bit before saying, "I'll make sure that I ask Mr. Witwer about that when we go and meet him."

Just then, Agatha began shaking as she cried quietly, "Can you see, can you see…we must get out of here! They are coming and they will see you!"

Anderton shot Kim a look of importance. Kim nodded and said, "I'll give you a shout if we find anything."

"And I'll call you guys if I need anything or come up with any new developments," Anderton replied. Taking Agatha to his red Lexus, Anderton placed the Pre-cog in the comfortable, cushy, gray seat, and buckled Agatha in. Closing the door, Anderton returned to Kim and Ron. Anderton thanked them in a quiet voice, "I just want to thank you Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, and you, Rufus," Rufus gave a small, excited squeak. Anderton continued, "for helping me in this situation. I really appreciate it."

"No big," Kim smiled. As Anderton went to the driver's side of his vehicle, Kim turned to Ron and asked, "Ready to go Ron?"

"I'm all set K.P.," Ron announced. He glanced to his shoulder and asked his naked mole rat friend, "What about you Rufus? Are you all set?"

"Food…" Rufus replied with a longing, sad look twinkling in his eyes.

"Is that all you guys think about is food?" Kim inquired, trying to be stern while holding back her laughter. Kim knew that even though Ron and Rufus usually preferred the inactivity of the usual day, the inseparable duo could always be relied on to follow Kim to the very end of any mission they ever underwent.

"So," Ron inquired inquisitively, "Who is this Danny Witwer that we're all after?"

"I'm not sure," Kim replied with a frown. Pulling out her cell phone, Kim smiled, "But I bet I know someone who does!"

Kim quickly dialed a number in the phone. Seconds later, Kim was asking, "Hey Wade, do you know any information about a Danny Witwer?"

"Not off hand, but I can check," came Wade's reply. There was a moment where Wade was typing in his computer, searching for background information. Wade began repeating in a steady rate the information he saw, "Danny Brian Witwer…age thirty two, born on the thirty-first of January, two-thousand twenty-two. Father and mother, deceased…father murdered, mother died of heart failure. Witwer is an only child…born in the Christian faith…"

Kim sighed impatiently, "I'm glad you can find all his "readily available" information Wade, really, I am glad, but can you find any information that would be useful about his work in the Federal Bureau of Investigation?"

"Not really," Wade replied in a disappointed voice. "All access to the sites has been blocked. It seems as if the future government gained total privacy while the public lost almost all of their privacy." Wade continued typing. Stopping, Wade shook his head sadly and replied forlornly, "I'm sorry Kim. There's just no way to access any of his work files."

"It's okay Wade," Kim told him with an encouraging smile. "You've done your best and that's all I can ever ask for."

"Thanks K.P.," Wade smiled. "I wish I could be of more help but, for what it's worth, good luck!"

"Thanks," Kim replied. Then she closed her cell phone, looked to Ron, and said, "Alright, now for finding Mr. Witwer and asking him the questions ourselves."

"Right behind ya K.P.," Ron replied enthusiastically, adding a positive smile.

IV. Danny Witwer…the Confrontation

An auburn hair, plump woman dressed in dusky attire walked steadily into the Prep-crime lab. This was Anderton's secretary, Mrs. Fosk. The pleasant, serious woman with broad-rimmed glasses hanging lowly on her nose marched over to Danny Witwer, the newly imposed "Chief Commander" over the situation.

Coming to an abrupt halt in front of the suited, unshaven man, Mrs. Fosk announced with a slight hint of annoyance in her voice, "Mr. Witwer, your girlfriend, Trisha Goodwin is here."

Witwer, a philanthropic (at heart) but a sarcastic, snot-nosed agent sent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, turned his weary brown eyes towards the secretary and gave the elderly woman a casual smile. Like Mrs. Fosk, Witwer also wore a pair of glasses. But Witwer's glasses fit snuggly on the bridge of his nose and unlike Mrs. Fosk's, Witwer's glasses defined a certain degree of intelligence the young agent retained.

In a sudden perk of interest, Witwer replied quickly, "Yes, send her in right away Mrs. Fosk."

"I'll send her straight in then, Mr. Witwer," Mrs. Fosk replied in a snappy tone of voice. Without a further word, Mrs. Fosk turned abruptly from Witwer and marched out the door, slamming the door "accidentally on purposely" shut behind her.

Witwer gave a small sniff of amusement before turning back to the screen he had previously been viewing. The news of Leo Crow's death had reached Witwer's ears but the news had not yet taken its full affect upon the agent. Instead of taking action, like the rest of the Pre-crime officers trying track down the whereabouts of John Anderton (the supposed "murderer"), Witwer had become interested in the case that Anderton had reopened, the Anne Lively Case. But, so far, Witwer was confused about why the case had been so important to Anderton.

Just then, the glass door opened and a spunky, slender female with full golden wavy hair that seemed to make her face radiate with energy and joy, entered the room. The woman, slightly younger than Witwer, had the poise of a ballet dancer as she gracefully crossed the room in elegant strides. Her attire reflected a sense of charm but refinement from the common revealing look. The woman wore a white, spaghetti-stringed tang-top and a light yellow skirt. The integrity, the composure, and the beatific personality reflected the inner confidence that had attracted Witwer to the woman in the first place. This charming woman was Witwer's beloved girlfriend, Trisha Goodwin.

Coming to a graceful stop, Trisha smiled lovingly at her boyfriend and greeted in a voice full of energy, "Hi Danny!"

Witwer returned Trisha's smile and greeted warmly, "Trisha, I am so happy to see you!" Trisha gave a small laugh. Witwer gave a contented sigh as he continued, "Well, it has been kind of rough here, trying to work with the Pre-cops." Witwer paused as he stared into Trisha's deep blue eyes. Witwer whispered, "I've been missing your sweet voice, tender touch, and your soothing soul. I hate that I have to be away for so long and I hate that I have to work so late. And with this new case…"

Trisha put a finger over Witwer's lips, silencing his rambling. Giving a knowing smile through an amused chuckle, Trisha responded in a quiet voice, "I understand completely." Trisha gave Witwer a small peck on the lips before continuing, "That's why I came to see you."

"You know, you're really not supposed to be up here," Witwer told her in a stern, but contented voice.

"I know, I know," Trisha replied softly, still smiling. "But I missed being with you and my heart lead me here before my mind could stop me. Then my heart had my feet convinced to continue walking the distance here and finally, both my heart and feet convinced my hands that they should open the door, and come in. It was finally my heart that moved my lips to speak to you."

"Well, I am greatly moved," Witwer smiled, giving a slight chuckle. Witwer then gave Trisha an affectionate kiss on the lips that lasted for a moderate, romantic tempus. Then, as he pulled away slightly, Witwer whispered, "I love you, Trisha. I love you so much."

Again, Witwer gave Trisha a lengthy, tender kiss on the lips, taking in each fond moment that he spent with her. The week that Witwer had been absent from Trisha's life had felt like an eternity. The purgatory in which Witwer suffered through left an empty feeling each night that only seemed deafened by the onslaught of recent work. But now, for the few precious minutes that the two were together, the moment was theirs and they wouldn't let anything separate them.

When the two pulled apart slightly, Trisha noticed the familiar look of question in Witwer's eyes. Catching on to the look, Trisha asked, "You look like you want to ask me something, Danny." Giving Witwer a knowing smile, Trisha continued, "I can see it in your eyes."

Witwer blinked in surprise. He already knew that his girlfriend had an uncanny sense for knowing his every move, but to actually read his mind, that seemed not so far-fetched as Witwer had previously thought. Giving a small chuckle with a broad grin, Witwer said nothing.

Instead, Witwer reflected on when he had first met Trisha a year and a half ago in Central Park. Witwer had been cent to the Big Apple for a short, weekend vacation to clear his mind before returning back to the Bureau. While traveling through Central Park, Witwer had stumbled upon Trisha submerged in her latest book, "Treasure Island" by Robert Luis Stevenson.

After engaging in a delightful conversation with the woman that lasted until well after dinner, Witwer knew that the two were meant for one another. Then, when Witwer had to return back to Washington D.C., he had asked Trisha if she wanted to come with him, to which Trisha readily accepted the offer. And so thus the two remained together through the year and in a half passionate relationship.

Witwer could only smile back at Trisha, afraid to really speak his mind.

Trisha read through his thoughts and stated, "Well, there's no time like the present. So, speak your peace before your lust for an answer dies."

Witwer gave a soft chuckle, "Well, my passion for you will never die." Trisha gave Witwer a loving smile. Witwer then gently gripped Trisha's hands and led her to a chair next to Anderton's desk.

Taking the seat, Trisha expectantly looked up at her boyfriend.

Still holding her hands, Witwer kneeled in front of Trisha. Gazing into Trisha's eyes, Witwer began, "Trisha, will you come live with me in my home, forever, and reside within my heart for always?" Taking an even deeper breath, Witwer pushed forward, "Trisha, will you come be my wife?"

"Yes!" Trisha cried, breaking into joyful tears. She gave Witwer a loving smile and then gratefully accepted his tender kiss.

Just then, the voice of Kim Possible's sincere voice broke the silence, "I really hate to put a temporary end to this romance, but we have a job to do."

Startled, Witwer and Trisha quickly looked in the direction of the redheaded teenage, superhero. Witwer asked in a serious, demanding tone, "What are you doing up here?" Witwer gestured at the door, thinking that Kim and Ron were a part of the usual tour group that toured the inner parts of the Pre-crime department. Witwer stated, "This isn't part of the tour kids. Now can you please leave? I need to finish my investigation."

"Well, that's why I'm here," Kim smiled. Witwer gave the teenage girl an incredulous look, not believing a word Kim said. Kim continued, fully aware of the doubt in Witwer's mind, "I was sent here to find out what you have against the Pre-crime department and also why you are so bent on finding a flaw in the system."

Witwer stared at Kim in surprise. A thought of Lamar Burgess, the director of the Pre-crime experiment, had sent the two teenagers to help in finding John Anderton as well as Agatha, the Pre-cog. But then, as Witwer continued to ponder the idea of added help, another thought crossed the agent's mind. Witwer began to test another thought that had crossed his mind. Perhaps, Witwer thought, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were here as yet another scheme in Anderton's game at eluding the Pre-cops. This idea, Witwer knew, was quite feasible, since Kim had stated that she was sent to the lab to find out what he had against the Pre-crime experiment.

Witwer stated lowly in the form of a question, "It was Anderton who sent you, wasn't it?"

Saying nothing, Kim simply arched an eyebrow and smiled knowingly at the dumbfounded agent.

Meanwhile, Ron looked back and forth between Witwer and Kim. Ron was beginning to wonder if Kim was trying to play mind games with Witwer, and if that was the case, it would be forever until he was able to get something to eat! Ron gave an exasperated sigh and asked, "We're not going to play twenty questions now are we, Kim?"

Kim rolled her eyes and shook her head slightly. Witwer simply became more confused at the matter at hand. Witwer glanced at Trisha standing next to him and gave her a gentle smile, whispering, "Trisha, sweetie, can you please give us a couple minutes?" Turning to give Kim a look of doubt, Witwer continued, "I think this is all just a big misunderstanding."

"Alright," Trisha agreed, walking towards the door. She felt Witwer take a hold of her right hand and give it a loving squeeze. Trisha looked to her fiancée and gave him a loving smile.

Pausing at the door, Witwer told Trisha softly, "You can come back a little later. Don't let Mrs. Fosk stop you. You are more than welcome up here."

Trisha gave a soft laugh, smirking, "What? Let that tart stop me from coming up here to see you, I don't think so." Giving Witwer a quick kiss on the lips, Trisha smiled sadly at her lover and quietly said, "I miss you already." Then Trisha left the room, giving Witwer one last wistful glance before leaving.

When the door closed, Witwer turned to Kim and gave her an agitated glare. Averting his eyes to look upon the screen, Witwer marched haughtily past Kim towards the screen. Stopping in front of the screen, Witwer stared at the screen, as if to ask his questions and get answers. Then, moments later, Witwer turned to face Kim and gave the teenager a hard glare.

Witwer hissed, "Trisha's the greatest girl in the world. It was almost as if we were meant to be together from the very beginning." Witwer paused, scoffing, "Precious moments ruined by you two."

Ron put in earnestly, "Hey, it looked as though you two were having a great time! Don't let us ruin that for you!" Ron gave a huge smile, continuing, "You know what they always say, 'don't let anyone rain on your parade'."

"Shut up," Witwer hissed lowly, his eyes radiating in a tint of immense annoyance.

Kim tried to intervene; worrying that if Witwer was as deceitful as Anderton had earlier stated that he was, Ron and Kim's safety was at stake. So, to try to break up the tension, Kim began speaking directly about the information she had uncovered to Witwer.

Kim came in between Ron and Witwer. Looking directly at Witwer, Kim got straight to the point; "It is believed that you are trying to frame Chief John Anderton by manipulating the system to make it look like Anderton murdered Leo Crow."

Witwer's glare deepened as he growled lowly, "Would you make that assumption without any sound proof?" Witwer gave a hollow laugh, "And what do you think I have against Anderton?"

"Well actually," Kim stated, side-stepping Witwer's question, "It isn't a question of 'what do you have against Anderton', it is more like, why are you trying to shut down the Pre-crime experiment."

Witwer gave a small chuckle, looking down at Anderton's desk. Then, glancing up at a non-amused Kim, Witwer laughed, "Good use of reasoning Kim Possible. Perhaps some day you should work in the Federal Bureau of Investigation."

Kim continued, picking up confidence in her accusations, "I was told that Pre-cogs never make a mistake when identifying a future murder. But, the system can be manipulated to make it seem as though a crime was about to be committed, when in reality, all the murder is, is a ploy, an artifice to an ever grander plot."

Witwer gave another laugh, putting his hands up on his hips. Witwer questioned through chuckles, "A plot to what, Kim?" Kim had no answer. Witwer gave a nod and scoffed, continuing, "Kim, Anderton already committed the murder. Leo Crow's dead because of this Pre-cop that you're trying to protect."

Pausing, Witwer thought about his statement and then, another thought came across the agent's mind. Witwer stated coolly, "I know that Lamar Burgess is protecting Anderton as well." Witwer gave Kim a cool smile and began stating in an accusing manner, "And I also know that you, Kim Possible, are now aiding this fugitive. You, Ron, and Lamar are all in it together, trying to protect Anderton. So, indeed, there is a greater scheme going on here."

"How can you say that we're in a grander scheme?" Kim demanded, feeling her anger rising. Quickly taking a check on her resentment, Kim continued in a more collected manner, "Yes, we want to protect and help Anderton, because we know he's innocent."

"Can you be sure of that?" Witwer demanded through a sneer.

"Well, that's for us to discern," Kim replied confidently. She gave Witwer a small glare.

Shaking his head, Witwer started towards the door, saying, "Fine, you can help Anderton in his game of 'cat and mouse' but rest assure, Kim Possible," Witwer breathed heavily, coming to a halt in front of Kim. "That when we find Anderton, he is going away for a very long time and I suggest that if you wish to continue breathing the fresh, open air of America, then you should quit bugging me and wasting my time!"

At that, Witwer tried to get around Kim, but the quick female stepped right into his path, declaring, "Not so fast Mr. Witwer." Giving him a steely glare, Kim continued, "You're not going anywhere until we can figure this out."

Giving Kim a deeper glare of annoyance than he already had, Witwer growled, "I'm sorry Kim, I cannot simply stand by, twiddling my thumbs while a murderer is on the loose." Witwer gave a sigh of annoyance, throwing Ron an agitated glare. Witwer continued, "It is clear to me, that you and your partner, Ron, are acting as decoys to throw off the investigation." Smirking, Witwer stated, "Well, I'm not buying it."

Then, Witwer tried again to get around Kim, but this time, the quick female stepped in front of Witwer, kicked the door shut, and stated, "I don't think so, Witwer!"

Behind her, Ron locked the door.

Witwer then went to Anderton's desk to pick up an obscure looking object. His face shone a deep annoyance in Kim and Ron's defiance. Witwer hated how that Anderton had hired a couple of children to slow the investigation. Witwer knew that he had to escape the two, and this was his only option.

Kim, seeing Witwer head for the desk, quickly leaped onto a rolling chair that was next to her. The force of her body hitting the chair sent the chair (and Kim) rolling in a hurried manner. Kim (on the chair) hit Witwer just as the agent was turning around. Both Kim and Witwer fell to the ground but it was Kim who recovered first.

Kim grabbed the object that Witwer had been reaching after. The object was a slender, silver, cylinder. The top part of the object was slightly larger than the rest of the object and it rotated on a three hundred and sixty degree axis. Kim figured that the object was some sort of weapon, and so upon grabbing it from Witwer, Kim pointed the weapon at the agent.

"I told you that you're not going anywhere," Kim stated firmly.

Not knowing whether or not Kim actually knew how to use the stun gun but not really wanting to take a chance of finding out, Witwer surrendered, putting his hands in the air. He gave Kim a steady glare.

"Take a seat and don't move," Kim stated firmly, directing Witwer into Anderton's desk chair.

From there, Ron (upon finding some rope) tied Witwer's hands and legs to the chair. When Ron finished, he dusted off his hands and proudly smiled at Kim. Kim gave Ron a slight nod, lowering the weapon.

Just then there came the musical beeping from the Kimmunicater. Plucking her phone from her pocket, Kim answered the phone in a perky voice, "Kim here."

"Kim, it's Anderton," the voice stated.

"What's up?" Kim asked, still using her energetic voice.

"I think I found some evidence that will help prove my innocence but I need the advice and opinion of someone else," Anderton stated. "Agatha said that I needed to get your opinion."

"No prob," Kim smiled. "We have Witwer under control so you don't have to worry about him for the present."

"That's comforting to hear," Anderton replied in a hurried tone. His voice sounded distracted, as if his mind was somewhere else.

Kim continued, "Ron and Rufus will stay here at the Pre-crime lab with Witwer and when I return I'll interrogate him."

Anderton nodded in agreement, "Alright, sounds good. I'll tell you when you're out of the building where to meet me. I don't want Witwer to know where I'm at."

Witwer gave a soft chuckle. He had heard Anderton's comment.

"I'll be out in a jiffy," Kim stated, closing her Kimmunicater.

Turning to Ron, Kim told him, "While I'm gone, I need you to stay here and watch over Mr. Witwer. I'll be back shortly."

"But how come I have to stay here?" Ron whined. "Isn't my opinion worthy of notice?"

"Yes, Ron, you're opinion is extremely trustworthy," Kim replied, giving Ron a comforting smile. "But Anderton asked for me to come and so I need to go."

"You always get to go places while I get stuck watching over the criminals," Ron grumbled. He gave Witwer a small smile, adding, "Not that you're a criminal or anything…"

"Please Ron," Kim pleaded, bringing up her lower lip and making it quiver. To deepen the effect, Kim made her eyes slightly water.

Ron saw the expression Kim was making; it was heart-wrenching. Covering his eyes with his arms, Ron wailed, "Oh, not the puppy-dog pout!" Then, lowering his arms, Ron gave a sigh and stated, "Fine, I'll stay here."

"You're the best," Kim smiled, walking past Ron. Stopping at the door, Kim stated, "When I come back, I'll bring you, Rufus, and Mr. Witwer some lunch."

"Cheese burritos with nachos?" Ron inquired hopefully.

Kim, giving a small laugh, nodded, "Yes, if that's what you wish." Giving Witwer a small smile, Kim stated, "I'll be back in a few."

Then she disappeared out of the Pre-crime lab.

V. Hampton the Hamster Dance…Breakout

"What to do, what to do, what to do," Ron mumbled boredly, pacing about the Pre-crime lab. Glancing at his watch, Ron stated in a dark, unhappy voice, "Kim has been gone for what, five minutes?" Crossing his arms and leaning against Anderton's desk, Ron continued to grumble, "How dare she leave me for so long!"

Rufus, climbing out of Ron's pocket, hopped onto the desk and went over to Anderton's computer. In a couple seconds, the naked mole rat had the computer up and running. Then, Rufus began rummaging through Anderton's various files.

Witwer stared at the pink mole rat just next to him. Trying to edge away from the rodent, Witwer inquired in an unsure voice, "What is that pink thing?"

"It's not a thing!" Ron protested loudly, furrowing his eyebrows at Witwer. Coming over to the desk that Rufus was at, Ron leaned against the desk, continuing, "Rufus is a naked mole rat and he's my best buddy."

Witwer gave a slight sniff of boredom.

All of a sudden, from the two tiny, circular speakers that were connected to the computer a boisterous tempo blasted into the once still room. The music beat was fast paced and up-beat. In Ron and Rufus's time, the music would be classified as "New Age" and "Techno/Trance". But, in the year two-thousand fifty-four, the music was the sound of young people.

Witwer grumbled, "I hate that song!" Turning to give Rufus a glare, Witwer demanded in a tone of a whine, "Can't you find anything else besides 'Hampton the Hamster Dance'?"

Rufus simply shook his head and began grooving to the tempo of the music. Shortly there after, Ron began dancing to the music as well. With the two dancing to the techno music, Witwer began feeling slightly afraid of the two.

But then, Witwer felt the rope around his right wrist loosen. Giving a slight smile, Witwer began carefully wiggling his way out of his bondages. With enough effort, Witwer knew, he could have himself free before the paradoxical pair even discovered that he was free.

Ron sang along to the music, "All right everybody, now here we go! It's a brand new version of the do-c-do!" Witwer freed his right hand and began working on his left hand. Ron continued dancing, not even noticing, "Just stomp your feet and clap your hands, c'mon everybody it's the hamster dance!"

Witwer freed his left hand and immediately began working on his feet. Rufus and Ron continued dancing, completely oblivious to their escaping captive, "Bouncing time to the beat, hey you don't even have to move your feet!"

Witwer freed himself in time to see Ron and Rufus trying to shake their behinds. Arching an eyebrow, Witwer simply watched the two trying their best to groove to the music.

Ron continued singing, shaking his behind at Rufus (who, in turn, shook his at Ron) "Just shake your 'thang' like I see ya move," Ron and Rufus hopped around on one foot, "now steer around and feel the groove!"

Rufus leapt into the air, hollering, "Yee-ha!"

Ron exclaimed, "Let's try it!"

Having seen enough of the "booty-shaking", Witwer went over to the computer and abruptly turned off the speakers. Awkward silence filled the room as Ron and Rufus continued dancing, a little slow to the knowledge that their music had been cut off.

Then, Ron, catching on to the lack of music, began slowing his dancing. Glancing over at Witwer standing with a smug smile plastered on his face, Ron could only stare at Witwer in amazement. Ron continued dancing, but his pace lessened until he had stopped dancing altogether. Rufus, seeing Ron stop, brought an end to his dancing fun as well.

Smirking, Witwer stated, mimicking the song and dipping his head as he spoke, "Hey, I think you're catching on."

VI. To My Captive Audience Ron and Rufus immediately put their hands up in the air. They didn't want to tangle with the man of whom they thought to be the one behind the set up. Even still, Ron managed to growl, "K.P. knows what you're up to Witwer and when she finds out that you've taken us hostage she's not going to be very pleased with you!"

"I'm sure," Witwer replied with a sarcastic smile.

Ron continued, "K.P. is the most intelligent person you'll ever find! In the past, the present, even in the future she knows what's going on!"

Witwer nodded, "I have no doubt…"

Ron cut him off sharply, "And she's a cheerleader so you'd be amazed at what Kim can't do!"

"That's pretty amazing…" Witwer tried to interject but once again, Ron cut him off.

"Oh sure," Ron stated sarcastically, putting his hand up in front of Witwer, "You may disagree with me now,"

"Ron," Witwer grumbled, trying to get Ron to take a breath of air.

Ron continued nonstop, "But mark my words when K.P. finds out about this she's going to be going through the roof!"

"Ron!" Witwer exclaimed. Ron immediately silenced, looking astonished at Witwer. Witwer continued, giving a relieved sigh, "I'm not taking you as my hostages!"

"You're not?" Ron questioned, surprised. He gave Rufus a quick glance to see what the rodent was thinking. Rufus was just as astonished as Ron. Looking back at Witwer, Ron narrowed his eyes and asked, "Why are you not taking us as hostages?"

For an answer, Witwer picked up the cylinder weapon that Kim had earlier found. Witwer stated, looking from the weapon to Ron, "Look, we both know that this is a gun, right?"

"Right," Ron agreed slowly. Then, as he was confused by what the object was, Ron stated loudly, "Wait, no, I don't know what that is!"

"It's a stun gun," Witwer stated coolly. "It's a non-lethal tool that Pre-cops use."

"Oh, is that all that that is," Ron sighed in boredom. He had expected something more amazing to come from such an intriguing piece of equipment.

Witwer re-asked his question, "So we both know that this gun is useful, correct?"

"Right on that," Ron replied confidently.

Stepping up to Ron, Witwer smiled, handing the gun over to Ron, "Now you have it." Witwer then stepped away from Ron and smiled, "Now, if we can just get past these childish antics, I'd like to finish watching the videos depicting the murder of Anne Lively I found in Anderton's collection."

Ron gave a slow nod, stating, "Sure thing."

Witwer gave a slight smile in acceptance, nodding his head a bit as he spoke, "Good, I'm glad that we can now sift through this information."

VII. The Call

Ron sat at one of the chairs next to the large, clear computer screen. He was watching Witwer sift through various amounts of information that had been recovered from Anderton's belongings. One of the items that Witwer found was a data chip recovered from Containment. The disk showed the violent, drowning of a woman by the name of Anne Lively. Ron could hardly watch the horrible act of murder taking place and the same could be said for Rufus (who now resided on Ron's shoulder).

But, unlike the cringing duo, Witwer was entranced with the scene unfolding on the screen. Then, once the disk was over, Witwer went back to Anderton's computer and switched disks. The same murder of Anne Lively appeared on screen. Witwer watched that video in its entirety. Then, Witwer switched disks again and kept replaying the wide-shot of the drowning in the lake.

Ron was about to question Witwer's motive for replaying the same scene but Ron could see the look of concentration and focus coming from Witwer's eyes. Ron knew better than to disturb the agent who clearly was on to something. Although, Ron wished that

Again, Witwer switched disks and watched the same wide-shot scene of the murder. Then, after a bit of rewinding the scene, Witwer finally stopped the video. Taking the disk out of the computer, Witwer gave Ron a confident smile and spoke with enthusiasm, "I've stumbled onto to something."

"And what might that be?" Ron inquired, suddenly interested in the new information.

"Anderton was on to something with these two videos of the murder of Anne Lively," Witwer stated. He thought for a second, looking at both disks. Then, a thought crossed the agent's mind that he hadn't thought of before. Witwer glanced up at Ron and stated, "I bet someone is framing Anderton for murder in order to get him off of this case. The person needed to shut Anderton up so he is doing the one thing that can get a person put away forever…and that's 'supposed' murder."

Grabbing his black coat, Witwer headed to the door, motioning for Ron and Rufus to follow. Witwer told them, "Come on you two, we're going to the Norton Hotel and check out the crime area. I bet there's going to be more conclusive evidence there."

"Right with you, Sir," Ron smiled, standing. Rufus, standing on Ron's shoulder, gave a small squeak of agreement and hopped excitedly on Ron's shoulder.

Just then, Witwer's cell phone rang. Picking it up, Witwer greeted, "Witwer."

The soft, fearful voice of Agatha spoke clearly through the line, "Can you see?" There was a brief period of silence before Witwer heard his own voice speaking on the line, "It's me who you want, not Ron or Rufus." The voice changed to a different tone, "Do you know why I can't hear any of those things, Danny? Because right now, the Pre-cogs can't see a thing." And then there came a sharp sound that resembled a bang.

Witwer could say nothing as he tried to gather his thoughts about what had just been revealed to him. Then, the quite, fearful voice of Agatha spoke again, "Through danger or trouble she'll be there on the double. Stay strong. See your two new friends."

Witwer turned his frightened eyes to a worried Ron and Rufus. Witwer knew that his sudden change of attitude had caused the two to become concerned. The looks of worry and wonder on Ron and Rufus's face made Witwer feel slightly more comfortable working with them.

Mustering up enough courage to erase his look of fear, Witwer stated, waving them over to the door, "C'mon, let's go to the Norton Hotel."