It's late at night and I can't sleep anymore. I walk a ghost ship, with most of the crew asleep, the Argo feels that way. We have only a year to save our beloved Earth and I know it isn't easy on any of us. Most of the crew are fresh out of the EDF training and are still getting use the systems onboard. The few crewmen I see, nod as they continue on they way to their posts. This is the dogwatch and I still can't sleep.

I suppose being a cyborg seems like a great thing to them. I doubt many of them know of my limbs. Captain Avatar does. He also knows of my friendship with Derek's brother Alex. How do I explain that friendship to him? Me, the nerdy, quiet, sit in the background and Alex, the ladies man. Lord knows that Alex tried to get me to date but I always felt out of place. So, what did I do? I threw myself into science, engineering, and study.

I pace the corridors like a blue and white ghost. Being a cyborg makes you lonely. Four hours of sleep, then what? I think the Captain understands. He's given me wise counsel on more than one occasion. We had a long talk after he returned from the destruction at Pluto and he wanted me for the refitting of the Argo. I suppose it was a way he let me grieve and heal. I never told Wildstar that I too, had no family to talk to when we left the Solar System.

Now we are heading for a planet with the power to save ours. How ironic. We were destroying our own Earth by striping the ground bare and putting up gleaming buildings then - a fireball from space. Now we know we aren't alone and the galaxy is a dangerous place. Just goes to show you shouldn't be to sure of the progress you've made.

I pass by Sickbay and stick my head in. Mimi looks up from what would be a controtionist's pose, licking herself. Doctor Sane was, as usual, knocked out on a bed, the empty boddles strew about the place. His snores rattle the infirmary and I wonder how someone who is injured would survive in there. I shut the door and continue down the hall.

For some reason, the snores make me smile. There are wild and wooly things out there, we're just going to have to face them but the Argo has a good heart and good people onboard her. I think we will make it. I know we must.

So I pace the Argo, keeping an eye out for others who are troubled, knowing that perhaps, being a cyborg isn't all that bad.