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Okay, the first chapter of this fic takes place in the latest episode of Cybertron on the Transformers web-site; 27/ Critical; why Red Alert was so hell-bent on dying. And what really changed his mind about wanting to meet the Matrix. This is kind of like an alternate storyline to my "Shadows of Them" Fic. I do not own Transformers; Hasbro does. I only own Destiny, the story line, and... I think that's everything in this chapter; but everything in this chapter that physically happens happened in the episode, the stuff I own is in Red Alert's mind; and trust me, it is soooooo not a place you wanna go to make a story. Enjoy!

Not even Death


'Huh… So this is what dying feels like…' Red Alert had lost all hope, he was touched by Kobe, Bud and Lori's determination to save Scattershot, Hotshot and himself, but to be honest; he didn't want to live. But he knew that if he was alright he wouldn't have given the injuries any thought, he'd be just as determined as the kids and these government people helping them. Lori's speech about overcoming their problems was gratifying, but futile.

"This is just a waist of time; you should focus your efforts on saving the universe." He choked, hoping they would stop trying to repair him at the least.

"What is with you? It's like you don't want to be healed!" Lori shouted, trying to bring him around.

'That's because I don't.' He thought bitterly.

"You can't just give up!"

"I'm not." He growled unconvincingly; barely masking his desire to join the Matrix. "I'm just giving an objective analysis of the facts…" he cut off the energon supply to his spark, 'It won't be long now.' He heard Lori's speech ever so quietly, like she was far away, and just managed to answer her questions.

"You can't stop now Red Alert!" she begged, trying to get him back to reality.

"I know… but there's so much damage…" he heard Scattershot and Hotshot say something, but couldn't understand what it was, his spark was degrading faster than he originally thought it would. 'I'm coming Destiny. I'll see you when I get to the Matrix.'

'NO!' A voice in his head screamed, he knew it from somewhere, but where?

"Huh?" He mumbled, not loud enough for the others to hear.

'Don't speak with your voice Red Alert, speak with your spark. What are you thinking? Please, you have to survive. Megatron got that Cyber-key for a reason! And Damn it if I'm going to lose you again! Please Red Alert…' There was a pause before the voice continued. 'Do you remember what you told me? When we first-'

'I don't have the foggiest idea who you are!' He said weakly to the voice.

'Reddy Please!'

'What did you call me?' He was shocked; it hit him like a brick wall- who the voice was from. 'D-Destiny? Is that you?'

'Yes Red, it's me. Please re-activate the energon flow to your spark! Please!' He felt her spark graze his, jolting strength and determination into his systems. 'It was the will of Primus that you three got injured. I can't reveal too much to you, but please know that if you ever try to die intentionally… I will make you wish you had never even considered it.'

'But… But I want to be with you!'

'I know! But I'm not dead!'

'Don't be absurd, I saw Megatron and Starscream destroy you!'

'That was Primus' intent. He told me you had been destroyed in that battle so that I wouldn't put us in danger searching for you.'

'What are you talking about? Who else was in danger?'

A pause, for a moment Red Alert was worried they had lost the connection, then her voice came back, soft and scared, 'For starters, Elita-I and Orion Pax II, and then two others; and those are just the sparks you 'know' and I care about... that we care about.'

'Who are the two others?'

'You can't worry about it yet. Not now. Please; I'll try to convince Primus to let me return to earth and see you. Even help you. Please Reddy… don't make me arrive to a planet without you! It kills me every moment I'm away from you… And you know how long we've been apart. Just remember what you're fighting for my love. Do you remember Reddy?'

'Destiny… I love you… And I do remember… for not only Cybertron… but so that Cybertron can become safe for sparklings again… and so that we can be together again. I won't give up!' He re-activated the flow, finally understanding. 'I will find you soon Destiny. I promise you… I won't give up!' The link had been dulled the moment he activated his system.

Though his visor and the optics beneath were badly damaged, he could see Lori's outline. He heard Lori again trying to reach him. "There's always hope as long as you don't quit!"

"You're right Lori; I got so wrapped up in my problems that I forgot about that."

"Yeah, I'll say ya did."

"I owe you one Lori. You reminded me of everything that's important to me…" Even some things that are important to me that you don't know about, "…And how much I still have to achieve. Thanks to you…" And Destiny, he thought quietly, "…I'll never give up!" A Cyber-planet-key activated in him.

"I'll never give up!" Scattershot joined in, a key activating within him as well.

"I'll never give up." Hotshot too activated a key.

There was chaos for a few moments as the keys activated, and Primus began rebuilding them, the next comprehensive thought Red Alert had was transforming into his new robot mode, stepping out of Primus' light for Jolt and the humans to see. He felt an indescribable warmth and confidence, at first he thought it was coming from Primus, then realized it was coming from his bonding bracelet, the bracelet that held the link between Destiny and himself. He grinned even more than he had when he excited the light, she was still reassuring him. 'Don't worry Destiny. I will reunite us… no matter what it takes… I won't lose you… Not again!'

Before they left through Jolt's portal, Red Alert glanced at the sky toward the black hole's image, then transformed and went through the portal behind both the 'Shots. Kobe's voice slipped into his audio before the gate closed, "Go get 'um guys!"

"Don't worry kids; we will. By Primus we have to."

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