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Waiting Game

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Chapter One - Crowded


Roy Mustang cracked his knuckles as he beamed over his neatly stacked pile of freshly signed papers. He grinned, feeling proud of himself for actually buckling down and doing his work. "It's amazing," he commented to himself in the empty room," it's amazing how many people want my autograph."

Well, it turned out that the room wasn't so empty. Riza Hawkeye had silently been polishing her double-barrel shotgun in the background, but when her subordinate spoke, she looked up at him and said, "Well, you had have a few more fans if you'd actually sign the papers more than once a month."

Roy's eyes scanned the room for the voice, zoning in on a corner. "Lieutenant, just how long have you been sitting there?" His voice held questionability along with embarrassment. He leaned back in his chair and tried to look nonchalant while he waited for her answer.

"Long enough to make sure you do your work." She elaborated, "If I didn't have to baby-sit you all the time, I might get something done."

"Lieutenant, you have gotten something done," He smirked, knowing he could possibly be risking his life with the snide comment he was about to make. "You managed to polish your gun, and…" he scanned her corner desk, "… and you cleared your desk." He smiled weakly, a little annoyed with the smart remarked flashing across the room, but definitely grateful for the human interaction that was occurring, seeing how he had remained in complete and utter silence for the last three hours, since his radio decided to break ten minutes into working.

"Isn't it a shame," she said, almost smiling as she raised the gun (playfully?), "that I'll have to dirty it when I shoot it at a certain colonel?"

"Shooting that certain colonel," Roy remarked with a sense of urgent worry in his voice, "would kick you out of the military, or worse," he said, mocking a gasp, "you wouldn't have a pretty face to look at all da--"

He was cut of when she aimed the gun right at his forehead and pulled the trigger, causing a loud, eardrum-shattering boom to emit from the handgun. Roy jumped back, screaming in a high girly voice. He took a deep breath, and then realized that he wasn't shot in the forehead, but checked just in case. He shot her a glare as a smile danced onto her face. She stood up and gathered her papers. "Blanks," she commented and a small chuckle slid between her lips.

"Where are you going?" He said foolishly and out of breath, apparently forgetting that he had almost been shot in the forehead just seconds before.

"Well, sir, usually at this time, people leave their office." She said, but then turned to him with a pile of papers in hand, "But, if you'd like to do some extra work, I'm sure I could round some up."

He glared at her again, and picked up his pile of papers, putting them on her desk. "Enjoy," he growled, before heading for the door, picking up his coat on the way out.


The cold air slapped Roy in the face as he hurried out into the parking lot behind the building, clasping his hands around his black trench coat. He spotted the car that he had driven there and quicked his pace so he could get inside. Upon reaching the door, he opened it and quickly started the engine. He took a deep breath as the warmish air inside of the car engulfed him, it wasn't by most means, but definitely nicer than the air outside. Not wanting to lose the little heat inside, he quickly shut the door and pulled out of the lot.

As he drove down the main street that led to another street that led to him home, he spotted a shivering figure walking slowly down the sidewalk a couple thousand meters ahead. He chuckled to himself, wondering what idiot would be out on a chilling night like this. The only reason he noticed the figure was simply because it was the only figure on the sidewalk. No one else was crazy enough to be walking about in ten-ought degree weather with the wind chill making it even worse. As he neared the figure, the features became more and more familiar. It was definitely a guy, and he was short. He wore his hair under a warm hat in a tight blonde braid. The clothes he was wearing looked like they were rushed, and not very warm, like he was pushed out from wherever he was coming from.

It soon became very clear to Roy that the guy walking down the street was Edward Elric. Now he wasn't inquiring why his lover was walking around the town late at night during winter, (though he knew that with automail, he had to be cold), but he was worried for him, and quickly pulled over.

Edward's golden eyes spotted the car when it began to slow, and, not bothering to look at the driver, sped up, thinking that it was a stalker or rapist. When Roy rushed around the car to get to him, Edward became scared, not knowing that it was his older boyfriend. He quickened his pace a bit more, but then, when he realized that he was not going to get away from whoever was following him, he turned around and began, "LOOK, LEAVE ME ALONE OR I'LL SLICE YOU, MOTHER--" He spotted Roy and then his scared-slash-angry look changed to one of relief. His eyes softened and began to water as he said, "Roy… it's you."

Roy raised an eyebrow, "Yeah, it is."

Edward walked slowly up to him, wrapping his arms around his lover's waist. Roy shivered when he felt Edward's icy body touch his, but gladly put his arms around him to share his body heat as Edward snuggled a bit closer. "Tonight has sucked so bad." He lay his head softly against Roy's chest.

"Why're you out here?" Roy asked, desperately wanting to know why.

"Can I come to your place, I have no where to go." Edward replied, either ignoring Roy's question or not hearing it.

"What-Edward," Roy said in a motherly like tone, "You know you can come over whenever."

"Okay," he said, not letting go of the warm body in front of him.

Roy stood there for awhile, letting Edward get a little warmer, but then unhooked his arms, causing Edward to scowl, and then open the passenger side door for his lover and letting him in. Edward shut the door as Roy ran around the front of the car again and getting in. Edward smiled and softly said, "Thanks."

"Edward, you don't need to say anything, you're always welcome in my home."


Edward's frozen hands cupped themselves around the mug that held piping hot tea. He was leaning back on the couch alone, waiting for Roy to reappear from the kitchen. Roy's apartment was big, classy, and expensive looking, much different from the one Alphonse and he inhabited. Their apartment had three rooms, a bedroom, a main room that was attached to the kitchen, and a bathroom. Alphonse and Edward shared the one bedroom usually, which was quite stressful for Edward when Winry decided to "visit" Alphonse. Many times, he found himself sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag in the main room. Not that it was much better but…

"Feeling better yet?" Roy said with a caring smile playing on his face. He sat on the couch close to his blonde boyfriend.

"Yeah, thanks." He smiled into his cup as he took a drink from it. As he put it down, he turned to Roy, "I'm impressed, Roy, this is tea. That means you made it."

"I know how to make tea, Edward, please cut me some slack."

Edward smiled as he leaned on Roy, letting out an "ooh."

"What is it? I know I haven't changed from my uniform yet, sorry, let me go get out of--" He was cut of when Edward pulled him back on the couch as he began to sit up and head to his bedroom.

"No… you're fine. Actually, you're more than fine. You're so warm, Roy, it feels good."

Roy settled back onto the couch and put an arm around Edward's chest, letting him come closer. "Glad I could be of some assistance." He thought for a bit as the two were silent and Edward constantly took sips from his hot tea. He then remembered the question he had asked Edward out on the street. "Hey, Ed, why were you walking around when it's this cold? You have a perfectly warm home."

"Ugh," Edward said after dropping the cup from his mouth. "Yeah, you could say that our apartment was pretty hot tonight. Winry showed up for the third time this week. I stayed the night while they were together last night, but it was so terrible, that as soon as she showed up tonight, I grabbed my coat and threw on some shoes and just left. It's not fair that she gets to come over all the time when they've only been together for five months." Edward noticed he was warmer, and put the cup on a coffee table. He sighed and let the story break as he let Roy and he rearrange positions so that Roy was laying down on the couch with Edward on top. Roy's back was propped up on the arm rest on the couch, letting them still sit up so that they could continue to talk. "I mean, Roy," Edward continued, "We've been together for, what, a year and a half… certainly that's grounds for you to come over."

"Ah, but Edward," Roy cut in, "You forget that neither Winry nor your Brother know that you are currently in a relationship with another male."

"Good point," Edward said, laying his head down on Roy's chest, "But you're quite the attractive male, doesn't that count for anything?"

"Well, if we're keeping score between us, then yes. Otherwise, I don't think your or my being sexy has anything to do with convincing your brother to let you let me into your bedroom."

"It sucks, though." He said, heaving a sigh, "He thinks I'm still a virgin, which I think we both know isn't true. It's not like I've not even had a sex with a girl. It's just that I do more with you. Whatever. Alphonse is stupid."

"Now, Edward, let's not talk about your brother like that." He brushed his lover's bangs from his face and then put his arm around him. "It's not his fault he doesn't know the secret life of us." He thought about his sentence. "Hmm, I don't think he even knows anything about us, but, that's because you're too much of a chicken shit to tell him."

"Roy! You know the reason I haven't told him isn't just because of what he'd do to me… it's because he would come and get you!"

"Well…" Roy said, laying his head against the arm rest, "thanks?"

"As long as I'm here with you and not at home hearing…" He made a gagging sound and then smiled. "Thanks for letting me come."

"I already said, Edward, you don't need to thank me," he smiled, but was becoming irritated with Edward, "You being here is good enough."

"Whatever. I'll remember not to thank you next time."

Roy rolled his eyes.


After a hearty dinner supplied by an eager Edward, Roy was pressed up against the wall when Edward decided that the hallway was a good place to begin foreplay. Roy didn't protest, but couldn't help but wonder why they couldn't take a few steps and lay down on the bed. It really didn't bother him, and he practically forgot what he was thinking when Edward's now warm lips touched his. Roy quickly put his arms around Edward, pulling him if at all closer to him. Between a kiss, Roy murmured, "I love you," into his lover's mouth. Edward giggled childishly before slipping a skillful tongue into Roy's mouth to intertwine with the other. Roy smiled, feeling exceptionally happy.

Eventually, after a heated make-out session that lasted over twenty minutes and included Roy peeling off Edward's shirt and Edward discarding the top part of Roy's uniform. When Edward pulled away from Roy, out of breath and especially eager, Roy calmed him by giving him a light kiss on his forehead and turning him around so that he could lean against his bare chest.

"Roy…" Edward said in a snide like way.

"I know exactly what you're thinking." Roy smirked. "Just let me catch my breath for a second."

"Aw, but you're gonna lose your lust for me… it won't be as fun!"

"Edward, I don't think that after that sort of foreplay, my wanting you is going away anytime soon." He heaved a sigh as he slipped to the floor, pulling Edward along with him. "But, if we go right in there, I am going to die from a heart attack."

"You'd die happy, though."

Roy chuckled, "True, but I don't see you being very happy if in the middle of sex, me dropping dead. Then who would you finish with?"

Edward frowned. "That's not funny, Roy." He leaned back into him and sighed sadly, "I can't even imagine life without you."

"Aw, Edward, that's so sweet." Roy smirked, but put an arm around his lover understandably.

"Seriously though, Roy, I don't think it's possible for me to lose someone else close to me." Edward felt immensely sad as he thought about the handful of people he knew that suddenly disappeared from his sight. He grabbed an arm of Roy's and held it close and tightly to him, as if this would keep him from dying.

"Alright, Edward, I understand." He murmured in his ear softly. "I won't be going anywhere anytime soon."


Edward hugged closer to Roy as the sweat continued to drip down their bodies. "That was great Roy." He commented, "I'm definitely not cold anymore."

Roy chuckled, looking straight up at the ceiling in the darkness. "Of course not." He smirked, "Your Fullmetal conducts my Flame just fine."

"Oh, ha ha." Edward said sarcastically. He lay his head on his lover's shoulder. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Edward." He pulled Edward closer and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "But what will Alphonse say when you show up tomorrow morning. Moreover, what will you say?"

"Oh, I'll come up with some bullshit, I'm sure." He smirked in the darkness, "Alphonse is so damn gullible, I'm sure he'll believe whatever the fuck comes from my mouth."

Roy laughed, "You know, Edward, I've noticed that your language becomes more and more vulgar depending on how great our sex is. It's only this bad after sex…" He turned to him, "Why is that? Is it that doing me makes you seem more tough, or what?"

"Shut up…" Edward couldn't think of something to say, and in his state of thinking, he soon noticed Roy's grip on him loosen a bit and his breathing steady. The sex was over, his lover was asleep.


Edward awoke to the feeling of something running through his hair. His eyelids flickered, and then opened to let sunlight in and color and images came into focus. His eyes rolled to up to see Roy casually reading a magazine while brushing through Edward's thick bangs without looking. Edward smiled. It wasn't too often that he awoke after Roy. In fact, it wasn't too often that he awoke with Roy being so nice. He was usually barking at him to go back to sleep or shut the doors or, a couple of times, to wake the fuck up.

Roy felt Edward stir and looked down on his lap to see the young boy yawn and smile at him. Edward blinked, not sure whether or not to break the silence, but Roy quickly decided that it was well worth it.

"Good morning," Roy said, placing the magazine on a table that held up a lamp and a few other assorted things, one of which included an ashtray that Edward often noticed, but never asked about--mostly because it was wiped clean and collecting dust, indicating that it's user was either long gone or done with the cigarettes he or she had been smoking.

"Good morning…" Edward trailed off, "Waitaminit, shouldn't you be at work?"

"Edward," Roy sighed, worried that that was the first thing he thought when he awoke in the morning, "It's seven in the morning. I never ever go to work this early."

"Oh…" Edward moved closer in to his lover, "Good."

"Hmm," Roy smiled, he would have never imagined that the grumpy, rude, scowling 12 year old that entered his office with a smirk on his face that said, "So what, you're 13 years older than me, I hate you and I'm better than you," would ever be caught in Roy's lap snuggling closer to him.

Edward rolled over and looked up at Roy. "Are you hungry?"

Roy smiled, what had happened to that boy? "Yeah," he chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Edward scowled and put a tell-me-now-or-I'll-kill-you look on his face.

This only caused Roy to laugh even harder. There was no way that that angry boy was gone. How could he love an Edward who wasn't scowling. A cuddly-all-the-time Edward just wasn't his Edward, and he wouldn't have it any other way. "Nothing…"

"You're weird, now tell me." Edward's frown deepened and he looked like he was ready to scream if he didn't find out whatever Roy was thinking. He sat up and looked Roy straight in the eye. "Tell me now."

This was probably his favorite part of spending so much time with Edward, the teasing part. Though he knew it was mean, it was so fun to watch him get all worked up, and besides, when he was angry, he looked so damn adorable. "No." An infamous smirk invaded his face and Edward growled.

"No!" Edward stood up. "Tell me"

"It's not important that you kn--"

Unfortunately, Roy did not get to finish that sentence, since Edward tackled him and caused him to fall onto his back on the bed. Doing this only caused Roy to begin laughing as Edward lay on top of him, still angry, still with a metal fist bare, and becoming increasingly angry with each laugh that came from the raven-haired man under him.


Roy just kept laughing, simply because he couldn't stop to breathe and get something out of his mouth. Edward became more and more angered and steamed. Edward took his fist back to wind up, the metal giving a small 'whoosh' through the air as he aimed at Roy, who continued to laugh uncontrollably.

"Ed…wa.." Roy choked through laughs, "Edward… (laugh laugh) stop… (laugh laugh) I'm sorry…(laugh laugh)"

But this wasn't good enough for Edward, who growled as his fist peaked and began to fall towards his lover. Roy smiled, assuming that Edward wouldn't really hit him, but continued to choke out laughs. Too bad Edward wasn't pulling any punches, because the next moment, there was a fist mark on Roy's jaw. He screamed out loud, profane words fitting between high girly and angry screams. It was Edward's turn to laugh now. He fell on top of his lover with a hearty laugh and smiled at him, but this didn't work for Roy, who was now angered and in deep pain. He pushed Edward off of him and stormed out of the room. Edward whined, that wasn't the outcome he had expected.

"Roooyyyy." Edward frowned as his lover angrily walked down the hall. "ROOYYY!"

But Roy didn't come back, so Edward shrugged sadly and got out of bed himself, heading for the kitchen. His flannel pajamas swished on the ground, a little too big for his shortish legs. The shirt covering him belonged to Roy, and it had a thick smell of cologne and a smoky sort of scent. Edward took a deep sigh, the long shirt's perfume filling his nostrils. When he spotted Roy angrily walk from the bathroom, he smiled. Of course, he'd have to help him feel better. He walked up to his tense lover and jumped onto his back and lay his head on his shoulder. The man shook nervously, surprised, but hooked his arms so Edward could slip his feet through them. Edward sighed and then whispered into his ear, "I'm sorry, Roy."

Roy walked down the hall and into the front room where the previous evening had begun. He dropped Edward onto the couch, and he landed with a bounce, and then sunk into the cushions. Roy kneeled down to meet his lover's face, and Edward caught the swollen bruise in a glance. Roy smiled at Edward, causing him to let out a breath of relief. In his pause, Roy had slipped his arms around Edward and when he came back to reality, he was face to face with Roy, who was leaning into him. Edward gratefully accepted a kiss and then put his arms around Roy, giving him a tight hug.


"Edward, what do you do exactly when you're at home?" Roy inquired, lifting his head from the breakfast that sat in front of him.

The sudden speech startled the blonde, who looked up. He wondered where the question had even come from. "Er… when I'm at home?"

"That's what I said."

"Oh," Edward said, an embarrassed blush lightly touching his face, "Well, I guess just normal stuff. Read, alchemy stuff, maybe something more complicated now and then."

Roy rolled his eyes, Yeah, as if that's normal for a 16 year old boy.


"Hmm?" Roy raised an eyebrow.

"I said, why?" Edward jabbed his hash browns with a fork.

"Oh, I don't know. It just seems like something other than alchemy would inhabit your life."

"Something other than alchemy?" Edward repeated with a very confused look on his face. "Like what?"

"Oh, I don't know…" Roy thought, but seriously couldn't think of anything.

"There's nothing I'd rather do than alchemy, though," Edward grinned as he took a bite of the food mashed onto his fork. Chew chew chew. Swallow. "There's nothing I could even think of doing."

"Hmm…" Roy smirked, ready for the rude, blunt thing ready to leave his mouth. "Nothing but me."

Edward blushed furiously and threw a piece of toast at Roy, but under the red was a tiny smile. Roy brushed the crumbs from his blue uniform and checked for grease stains. Fortunately, because Edward was a pretty good cook, he never slathered the toast with too much butter, so the stuff didn't come off on him. Roy took the last bite of his food and then glanced at the clock in the hall.

"It's 8:30, I should probably leave soon." Roy pushed the chair out and then walked his dish to the sink.

"Yeah," Edward blinked, he was now alone at the table. Just as he began to stand, Roy took his dish and then placed it on top of his. Edward gasped.

"What?" Roy questioned him.

"Y-you," Edward stuttered, "Y-you did something NICE for me!"

"And what exactly was last night…?"

"Oh, but this is different!"

"No, it's not…"

"It's differen-- oh, never mind." Edward stood and then pushed in his chair. Roy approached him and placed his arms on his shoulders to rest there. He kissed Edward suddenly, not giving him time to react, even though it lasted at least half a minute. Edward was still in shock when Roy walked away towards the coat rack and removed his trench coat. It wasn't until his hand was on the doorknob, (though he was taking a long time because he was waiting for Edward to come to him), that he ran to him and hugged him from behind around the waist. Roy smiled but acted surprised. "Bye." Edward said, his face against Roy's warm back.

"You're so cute."

"Don't call me cute!"

"Ok…" Roy smiled as Edward's hands unhooked and he stepped back. "But, doing that makes you more cute." Roy flashed his teeth over his shoulder to an angered Edward and then left.


After Edward had changed back into his clothes, folded and put away his pajamas (he figured he got more use out of them here), he embarked down the road towards his small apartment. He was so excited about what he was going to do. The way to his home was a long one, and he hadn't actually left until about noon, so he arrived at his apartment about an hour and half after he left, letting the wind whip him in the face. There was nothing that could get him down today.

When he opened the apartment door, Alphonse looked up from the chair he was reading in.

"Edward!" He looked worried. "Where did you go last night?"

Edward chuckled, knowing that basically anything he said to his brother would work. "Oh, I went to the library. I kept reading until I fell asleep. The librarian didn't care. All I have to do is flash my watch and she just smiles and tells me to come back."

Alphonse let out a sigh of relief, "Oh, good. For a second there I thought you spent the night with some floozy."

Edward smirked to himself, well… not exactly wrong. He was glad he didn't know just how close he was to the truth.

"I wish you wouldn't do that, Ed." Alphonse leaned back. "You have a perfectly good bed to sleep on here."

"Oh, right," Ed rolled his eyes, and on their way back to where they started, he spotted Winry.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Edward didn't want to show his embarrassment of constantly hearing Winry's orgasms, so he simply shot Alphonse a glare, taking a couple glances at the kitchen where Winry casually sat. Alphonse clearly caught his drift and blushed deeply. Edward decided that now was definitely a good time.

"I'll be right back."

Edward walked hastily into the bedroom and took a backpack and his suitcase from the closet. He shoved all his clothes into the bag, and all his books and other assorted items in the suitcase. He locked it shut and picked both bags up. As he headed down the hallway, Alphonse stood up upon seeing the two bags. "Edward!"

Edward simply smirked in his younger brother's direction.

"Where are you going, Edward?" This inquiry was from Winry in the other room.

"Look. Al." Edward walked towards the door. "I love you, but this isn't working If you guys wanna fuck every night, be my guest, because I'm outta here."

Alphonse blushed even deeper and an angry look accompanied his embarrassment. "But, where're you going to live?"

Edward opened the door and stood in it's doorway. "Where else? With my boyfriend."

"Your what!" Alphonse and Winry both had shocked looks on their face as they said this in unison.

"My boyfriend. I think you might know him," Edward was clearly milking this moment of giving his best friend and brother heart attacks, "His name is Roy Mustang." Then, leaving the two with dropped jaws, he shut the door behind him and left the small apartment for bigger and better things.


It took Edward well over three and a half hours to get across town with the suitcases, but he also stopped for groceries, so by the time he actually arrived at the apartment, it was after five. Normally, Roy arrived home just before five, so Edward assumed that he would be home. What Edward didn't count on was the fact that his lover was tired, irritated from the babbling of his subordinates, and worn out from literally dodging bullets all day. Edward knocked on the door, ready for what he thought was anything. Roy appeared in the doorway, hair a mess, still partly in uniform, with a tired look on his face like he had just gotten up.

"Oh (yawn), Edward." He ruffled his black hair, "I didn't expect to see-" His eyes were focused on the two bags. "What are those?"

"I'm moving in."

Silence engulfed them for a while as Edward stood there, smiling and full of hope.

"I'm sorry…what?"

"I'm moving in, Roy. I can't stand living with Alphonse and Winry anymore…"

"…and just who said you could live here?"

This comment caused Edward to look extremely hurt. "What?"

"Look, Edward, I love you and everything, and it's great when you come over, but I can't have you living here."


"Well, Edward, that would make us official." Roy slapped a hand over his mouth once he realized what he had said.

"S-s-s-so…" Edward was almost on the verge of tears. "You aren't really my boyfriend?"

Roy heaved a sigh. "Come here." He opened his arms and let Edward hug him.

"Edward… it would be very hectic if you lived here."

Edward looked up from the embrace. "But… I'll cook for you every day."

Roy contemplated this. That was a good outcome of this predicament. Still, having him living here seemed as though it would create a problem.

"Look, I promise," Edward interrupted Roy's thoughts, "I promise if you get angry with me living here, or if I become a nuisance, I'll leave right away. But, Roy," Edward sniffled, "I love you and I can't think of anything better than living here with you."

Roy sighed again. "I love you, too Edward." He thought for a second. "But, I don't have room for another person to live here."

"Bullshit. You have at least three extra rooms. Besides, we wouldn't need an extra room."

Roy let out yet another sigh. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Edward got really excited. "So… I can stay?"

Roy nodded with a smile but felt unsure.

"Oh, Roy, I LOVE YOU!"

"Why am I so sure that this is a mistake…?"


Later that night, Roy was laying in bed with the light on while Edward lay snoozing in his lap, curled up in a rather warm position. His eyes skimmed over the pages in his newspaper, but he wasn't actually reading. He couldn't stop thinking about the boy in his lap. All the newspaper said was some shit about some bout in the south. It wouldn't become anything, so it didn't really mean anything to him. Now the softly breathing blonde in his lap, that meant something to him. He smiled at him while he slept, deciding that him living here wasn't such a bad thing. He stroked his hair and said to him while he slept,

"You know Edward, I had actually planned on having you move in anyway." He clicked off the light and pulled the boy close to him, enjoying a long night's sleep.

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