Chapter 12 – House a Home

Chapter 12 – House a Home



Edward could never remember stubble. The warm skin under his shuddering fingertips felt so unfamiliar, rough and scarred from war and what he could only assume had been sand blowing across it. His fingers could not comprehend the face it was feeling, because they had never felt one like it before. As his fingers tried to figure out whose skin they were desperately feeling, arms wrapped around Edward's body and pulled him into an embrace. Suddenly, his hand froze and fell to the shoulder, wrapping around the neck.

At that point, he just knew. This wasn't a dream. This was Roy Mustang, and he was home. His warm body surrounding him and his face nuzzling into the crook of his neck just all felt too… real to be a dream.

"I…" a harsh, unknown whisper breathed into his ear, "I missed you, so much, Edward."

Edward's heart pounded mercilessly in his chest, and he repeated the sentiment to his returned partner. "I can't believe you're back, Roy. I had started to give up hope…"

The two separated, and Roy's familiarly warm eyes stared straight into his, "I'm here, Edward. I'm home—for good."

The two's lips met, finally, after four years of absence, in a soft, chaste kiss. It was warm and wonderful, the perfect way for the two to reunite. Edward's hand slid slowly down Roy's spine, feeling each vertebra under his fingertips, while Roy's hand merely pushed him closer into his chest. But, as Roy moved in to deepen the kiss, a young girl's laughter pierced the moment and interrupted their "welcome home" kiss, and Roy jerked his head back.

"Hee-hee, mommy and daddy are kissin'."

Edward gave his best wide-eyed stare, because, for once, he didn't understand his lover's confusion. After all, Edward had been living with his daughter for over three years. Roy, however, did not know of this child's existence, and has long-forgotten that she was even in the room.

"What's wrong?" Edward tilted his head.

"Edward…" Roy said, placing one hand on his lover's shoulder, as if to gain support, and using his other to point in Soliece's direction, "who the hell is that kid?"


"…So, you see, because of my tampering with alchemy that evening, and our… various activities… Soliece Mustang-Elric came to be." The girl bounced in Edward's lap, her black hair pulled into a thick ponytail. As Edward combed through her waves, Roy stared in disbelief. "Roy, this is your daughter."

The colonel blinked several times from across the living room, where he was sitting on a recliner that was adjacent to the couch that Ed and Sol were sitting very exclusively on. Roy couldn't help but feel a tiny bit jealous of their bond. He stared at them, trying to mask his anger. The girl seemed to register this, and pushed herself off of her father's knee, dropping to the floor and marching over to her other parent. She gave him a look-over and furrowed her brow at him. Roy raised his own eyebrow.

"You don't look like a mommy." She pointed out.

Edward snickered, but then zipped his lips when Roy shot him a glare.

"I'm not a mommy," he gulped, "sweetie, I'm a boy."

She stomped her foot in an adorable, three-year-old confusion, "daddy said you were my mommy! I asked him where my mommy was, and he said you were my mommy." She growled, "But you're a boy!"

"Soliece!" Edward shot, causing his daughter to jump, her ponytail bouncing along with her, "that's not what I said at all. I said that you didn't have a mommy, but that Roy was kind of like your mommy, but more like a second daddy."

She turned tentatively and smiled at her father, "Oh… right! I remember!" Turning back around, she gave Roy a toothy grin, "so you're my daddy, too! That's right! You're a boy! Then I like you!" She jumped onto the recliner and into Roy's lap, wrapping her arms as far as they would go around his waist. "Welcome home, daddy!"

Roy stared down at the girl in his lap and then looked back up at Edward, who shrugged in response. He looked down at her again, and then reluctantly returned her hug, holding her small body in his arms. He wasn't quite sure how this whole "father" thing was going to work, but he was wiling to try,

"Hey, kiddo?" Edward called to the girl, who responded by scooting around in her father's lap to look at Edward. "You know what time it is?"

She frowned, "Daddy, I don't wanna go to bed! I want to talk to Daddy Roy!"

"It's nine-thirty, kid, it's way past your bed time, and daddy and I need to talk. You can talk to him in the morning, okay? I'm sure Daddy Roy is tired," he raised his eyes to his partner, narrowing them slightly, "and would like a shower, and to go to bed."

Roy quirked his eyebrows at him knowingly as Soliece shoved off his lap and hopped to the floor. "Aw, okay, daddy." She ran to him, and shockingly to Roy, Edward caught her, right on cue, and kissed her on the forehead, and then received one from her on his cheek. She turned around in her father's arms and smiled at Roy, "night Daddy Roy! Don't forget that we're gonna talk tomorrow!"

Roy smiled tiredly at the excited girl and watched as Edward took her down the hall, catching an adorable yawn as he turned into a room. Roy sighed and pushed himself up, following his lover into Soliece's bedroom.

The room was decorated it reds and golds, and even as Roy turned off the light after receiving the head motion from Edward to do so, it seemed to glow in an almost fire-like way. He moved towards Edward and looked over his shoulder. Wrapping Edward in his arms, he leaned over to whisper in his ear, "she's beautiful, Ed. She's really wonderful."

"You believe me, right?" Edward asked, not turning around. "That I did actually conceive her?"

"…yes," Roy responded, "it's a little bit shocking, but I'm not as surprised as I think I should have been. With all the stuff you do with human transmutation, I'm surprised it didn't happen any earlier."

"I… really have a soft spot for her," Edward admitted, cheeks burning, "I never thought I could care this much about a kid, but… she's my kid—our kid. I just want to do everything I can to make sure she doesn't turn out all screwed up like me."

"You're not screwed up, Edward," Roy stated firmly, "you were on a tougher road than any 12-year-old, and now that you're an adult, you understand that you have to work hard for things." He ran a hand down Edward's back slowly, "it's made you a better person."

"I guess," Edward said, ignoring the sensation that Roy was creating, and the fact that he was hard hours ago. "I just hope that I can teach her everything that she needs to know, that I can protect her and be there for her, and not walk out like my dad did."

"I believe you can do that, Edward." Roy removed his hand, and then quickly and quietly scooped his lover up into his arms, holding him and smiling devilishly. "I also believe you said something about me needing to get to bed?"

Edward smiled, disregarding the very wife-like position he was in, "I believe you are correct, Colonel."

Roy tiptoed out of the bedroom, pushing the door closed behind him. He moved towards the bedroom quickly, slipping in the door and closing it. Throwing his lover onto the bed, he quickly followed, jumping on top of him, ravaging him with his lips. Edward's heart pounded, and he pulled away to pull his ear to his mouth. "I…" Edward whispered harshly, almost out of breath, "…I love you." He then took his partner's lobe into his mouth, nibbling softly, causing him to inhale sharply.

"…I love you, too," Roy breathed, after hesitating slightly at first.

Edward's fingers made quick work of Roy's shirt, tugging it over his head and moving back in to kiss him tenderly. The stubble on Roy's chin tickled his lips as they moved, and he ran his fingers over it quickly. "I dunno about this beard business, Mustang," he murmured against his lips, before moving to his neck and working on it.

"Mmm… I kind of like it… mmm," he inhaled sharply, "I was thinking of keeping it."

Ed's looked up at Roy from his neck, and then moved backwards to look him straight in the eye. "What? You like it?" He pondered this for a moment. "You always told me that you hated stubble, that it make you look dirty."

Roy shrugged lazily, "I think it makes me look… refined."

"You look like a damned asshole."

Raising an eyebrow, Roy shot, "Well, you always said you wouldn't cut your hair, and I'm not fucking chastising you!"

"You try raising a goddamn toddler who finds joy in hanging from a braid!"

"Well—" Roy bit his lip, "look, I just thought I'd try it out. If it doesn't look good, I'll shave it."

"You're just… different," Edward pouted, "I wasn't expecting it."

"Well," the raven-haired man joked, "I wasn't expecting a little girl, and especially wasn't expecting a daughter. Come on," he smiled, leaning in, "let's not fight."

Edward would have responded, had he not been interrupted by Roy's lips, covering his. In the next couple of seconds, Ed's mind pretty much decided that the fight wasn't important, and a few later, had completely forgotten it.

As clothes were discarded and strewn across the room, Edward felt his heart pound faster as his fingers and eyes moved over the body that he had missed so much. It, fortunately, had not changed. In fact, save for a few scars, appeared to be exactly the same from top to bottom. Finally, the two lay together, only separated by two pair of boxers, and Edward, for one, wanted Roy's off immediately—just to make sure that it was all the same, of course. His hand moved slowly, shakily, to the front of Roy's boxers, feeling there softly.

"Why are you…" Roy breathed, "…you're teasing me…"

Edward looked up slowly, and the gripped harder, causing Roy to gasp and grab the bedding for support. His hips moved into Edward's hand, rocking back and forth as the younger made no attempt at moving.


Edward thought for a moment, and then yanked down the shorts, taking the length into his mouth quickly, without any warning. Sucking hard, he kept going for several seconds before releasing it.

"Wha-wha-wha… what… are you doing…?"

"Fuck me."


Water washed down Edward's back, and he stared up into the spout and watched the shower spit it out at him, not caring that it was hot and getting into his eyes. He was too busy thinking; thinking how incredible that everything was back to normal—that Roy was back. It just seemed so… impossible. He had dreamed of this day every day since Roy left, and now that he was back, well… he didn't know quite how to react. He wasn't the same, that was for sure. His skin was dark, his face unshaven, his attitude laid back, and he was so inattentive. He didn't seem to care that he was suddenly a father, or that Edward was back in his arms. He certainly wasn't as excited about it as Edward was.

Of course, it was probably just the shock of being back, thrown into the lifestyle that fate have given him four years to get out of the habit of. He was shocked that he was father to his daughter, and shocked that he would not be part of the war anymore. Roy would understand it all after a good night's sleep, of course, and he would be just the same as he was before.

Edward ran his hands through his hair, still expecting to have the long blonde hair he was used to and running it too far. Some things had to change, he reminded himself, as he did every time he missed his hair. The reason why he wanted to keep it was because of his mother, and truthfully, it broke his heart a little bit to not have it anymore. But, he continued to tell himself, Soliece was because of his mother, too, so it wasn't a loss, but more of a gain. Soliece was his day, his night. He never saw himself as a father, and never saw himself loving a child as he did now. Now that Roy was here, they would be a family. She would be able to have two parents, to know Roy, and things would go back to normal.

It just needed some time.


It hurt so much he wanted to scream. He thought that coming back would fix everything and awaken all the feelings he had once had for the person he had once called "lover." He thought that kissing him, hugging him, hearing his voice, being with him again would bring them back.

But everything was different. He would just have to get used to all these changes.

It just needed some time.


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