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- - - - - -

"Sorry to run out on you, Lady, but someone just called in with the password." Dante didn't look very apologetic.

But then, he didn't need to. Both of them understood missions took priority. "That's fine, Dante." She nodded. "I can wait the fifteen minutes it will take you to mop them up."

"Thanks, Lady. Don't eat all the pizza, okay?"

Lady raised an eyebrow. "Dante, you ordered ten larges. It's not humanly possible to eat that much in so little time."

He laughed. "Wrong, Lady. Have you seen those pie-eating contest people? And I was also talking to you, Trish."

Trish rolled her eyes. "You know I don't like pepperoni."

"Just making sure. You dug right in after we got back from Mallet."

"I hadn't eaten in two weeks, Dante." Human food wasn't as filling as suffering, either.

"Two weeks?" He whistled. "Anyway, I gotta go."

"See you, Dante." Lady was looking at Trish.

Trish waved goodbye, then as he left the room noticed Lady was looking at her. "What?"

"Nothing. You just look a lot like her." Lady shrugged.

"You knew Eva?" Trish's interest was piqued. Mundus' information on Eva was, according to Dante, totally inaccurate and it was hard to pry details out of Dante. Besides that she had a fire Trish would never match.

She already knew it was going to be hard to live in the shadow of Dante's memories.

Lady shook her head. "No, I just saw his photo. Her face stuck in my memory for some reason."

"Oh." Trish watched Lady take a bite of her veggie pizza and took another slice for herself.

She tried to think of something to talk about. Lady was a friend of Dante's, she wasn't weak. She had been at Temen ni Gru. Admirable.

"Do you know how Dante and I met?" Lady asked.

Trish nodded. "I was told everything Mundus knew about Dante." She'd even seen the fragments of Vergil's memories of Dante after their reunion. Their childhood hadn't been judged important enough to show her. She cursed that. She wanted to know the woman Dante called her mother as well.

"Oh." Lady seemed as uncomfortable with the lack of conversation as herself. "You're lucky you were," a pause, "based on someone so beautiful." She touched the scar on her nose self-consciously.

"You don't think you're beautiful?" This didn't make any sense to Trish.

Lady laughed, a little more comfortable. This was girl talk. Girl talk with a demoness. Trish wasn't making her as nervous as Nevan did. Maybe because she was based on a human. Dante had taken her aside and said Trish had cried. So she had at least a little humanity in her.

That made Lady curious about her. "Hello? I have this scar? Not only that, I look like a little girl even though I'm twenty-six."

Trish touched her own face where Lady's scar was. "I think it looks good. It makes you look strong and dangerous."

Lady blinked. "I guess." A little laugh. "Nothing wrong with truth in advertising."

Trish looked uncomfortable.

Lady mentally whapped herself on the forehead. Trish was a deception in and of herself. She shouldn't have brought that up. "Sorry."

"It's okay." Trish shrugged. "Apparently there's something called plastic surgery, but I would just heal it away."

"Now there's something about being a demon I hadn't thought about before." Lady smiled. "You really do remind me a lot of Dante."

"Thank you. I think." They both laughed.

"Thank you for saving him." Lady patted her gun. "Kalina Ann would be lonely without her favorite target."

"That's what your gun is named?"

Lady nodded, smiling at it. "I named her after my mother." Curses. She'd brought up the concept of mothers.

"Dante gave me two that belonged to his father and then to his mother." Trish took out Luce and Ombra. "He's really doing his best to make me feel welcome."

Lady winced. "And I bet you're wondering if it's just because you look like his mother, and not because you saved his life."

Trish sighed. "He saved me, right after I tried to kill him, because I look like her. He said I would never have her fire."

"Well, he doesn't like to talk about her, but if you think about it, he said Sparda died when he was really young, and then his mother died years later. If she managed to protect him all that time, that's a pretty tough act to follow." Lady patted her gun. "Even this isn't a replacement for my mother."

"I've been thinking about that. I mean, he does care about me, and he's a really nice guy, I'm learning a lot from him and I do want to help kill Mundus' servants and other evil demons, but…" Trish fell silent. But.

Lady nodded. "I know how you feel. He wanted me to become his partner for a while, but, I guess, I just didn't feel comfortable. He looked at me as a potential girlfriend, and I could never be that. Not just because he's half-demon, or even because of my mission."

Trish nodded. "I feel like I don't really have a place here. I said I would become his sidekick, and I have earned a place with him, but it feels like… I've already got a place in his head. He's got this obsession with family, and I'll never be what she was. It just feels unfair to him too, because I'm just going to keep disappointing him, because he's going to expect me to be something I'm not."

"That's rough." Lady sighed. "Look, do you want to come and stay with me for a while?"

Trish looked startled. "Why?"

"Well, I think both of you could probably use a breather." Lady shrugged. "It would give you time to think, and I can teach you to use guns just as well as Dante."

Trish thought about it. She would be imposing on Lady, living with her, but she was already imposing on Dante. She'd just sort of moved in. She didn't have anywhere else to go. Now she did. "I don't know."

Lady told herself she needed to do this. If things kept on like this, Trish might run away to think, and she didn't want a demon unsupervised, did she?

She wished Trish wore more clothing, though. "Come on, it would be fun. Just us girls."

"Well, I guess." Lady was really nice to do this, even though she must hate demons. Trish grinned at her. "I'll just tell Dante when he gets back."

Lady smiled at her. "It'll be fun. Like a sleepover, only less makeup and more killing demons. We can gossip about Dante, you have to gossip at a sleepover."