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I can't picture Lady just jumping into bed with Trish. Therefore, my goal in the previous chapter of what was originally going to be a oneshot was to set up a) mutual physical attraction and b) proximity and allow the reader's mind to take it from there. Because I'm lazy and don't want to write out the whole getting-to-know-each-other process.

However, I should have gone a little farther one the subtext… so to make it shojo-ai-shojo-ai I'm going to add this, a second chapter.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"Trish, could you get the door?" Lady stepped out of the way.

"With pleasure." Slash went the Sparda, and Trish lazily beckoned Lady into the breach. "Ladies first."

Lady rolled her eyes. "You are a relative of Dante. That's his joke. His very old joke."

"It's still a good one." Trish grinned. "Now go on, or I'll go first and won't leave any of them for you."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me."

Lady tossed a flare through the door and listened to the surprised moans and growls. Yeah, there was a nest of them in there, all right.

She made one of them out by the light of the sizzling flare and shot it with Kalina Ann as she threw herself into the room, Trish following and stopping beside Lady.

Lady slung Kalina Ann up on her back again and took out two smaller guns. "Those look like Dante's guns!" She had to yell a little to be heard over the din of their synchronized firing.

"They're the originals! Luce and Ombra, his father used them," Trish replied cheerfully as the demons tried to approach but where held back by the rate of fire.

"His father's guns as well as his father's sword? No wonder he was so reluctant to give you up!"

"You mean it wasn't my charming personality and stunning beauty?" Trish winked.

"You threw a motorcycle at him and have a stunning resemblance to his mother." She wouldn't date anyone who looked like Kalina Ann, for sure.

"What's wrong with looking like his mother?" Trish pouted for effect.

"Nothing! You know I think you look great. Better than I do."

"You're attractive! You've got absolutely breathtaking weaponry."

"Thank you!" Lady stepped forward while she unholstered Kalina Ann and potted one that had gotten almost in striking range of the two of them despite them standing back to back and firing constantly.

In the same instant, Trish had gone for the Sparda and started merrily slashing away.

She moved like Dante did, that same grace that seemed to ignore things like the laws of physics and the fact that sword was damn heavy. Even Lady could barely swing it for five minutes.

Something that obviously demonic should have repulsed her, but there was nothing repulsive about Trish, even though she dressed very improperly. Lady didn't pay attention to her clothes but she didn't have a leather fetish like Dante.

Trish's hair wasn't exactly neat, either, but it never got any more messy than it was despite being flung around. Lady's would be in tangles right now, but she knew she would be able to run her hands through Trish's hair right after this as though it was right after brushing, not battle.

Her hair was a little rough, satin not silk, but Lady's… she was so plain, next to Trish. But then, Trish was meant to be beautiful, meant to seduce. Lady failed at beauty on her own merits, at least. Although, Trish kept trying to get her to put on makeup, saying how could she say she wasn't beautiful when she hadn't given herself a chance at conventional beauty in years?

Wearing a long black dress and diamond earrings… although she was the more mannish of the two. Maybe she should wear a suit and Trish the dress, although it would be fun to see Trish's reaction to that idea.

Still, Trish moved like poetry in motion, pouncing towards the demons and beating the crap out of them. Lady was stronger than normal, but she would never be as strong as Trish, never ever be as strong as Dante.

They both told her it didn't matter, that she would still succeed in eradicating all demons and they would help her. She loved them for it.

They were more human than most regular humans.

Although when Trish laughed like that it was easy to know she wasn't exactly normal.

Though her mind was occupied, Lady's honed reflexes had kept her firing and pursuing, even doing a backflip out of the way of some claws that were shot out of the hand of one of the demons at her.

"Looking good, Lady!" Trish grinned and used the Halberd of Sparda to swat a few demons her way.

Lady took them down with practiced ease. More kept appearing out of those black clouds. The ones that hadn't manifested yet were watching them fight, so she kept most of her moves in reserve, as always.

She looked at the demons and looked at Trish and couldn't see the similarity. Except that glee she, Dante, and some of the demons shared…

Trish looked human. Trish felt human, she'd explored every inch of that body afraid of what she would find.

After all, if she was going to love a demon, would she be any more lost to grace if she loved a female one?

She had committed patricide when she was supposed to turn the other cheek. She was damned in any case. Might as well have some fun. It seemed to work for Dante. He'd quit telling her to loosen up, he just grinned at her like that.

She was sort of relieved he approved. This was his little sister. How old was Trish? Was she corrupting a minor?

Corrupting a demon? Who was corrupting who here?

The redeeming power of love? Maybe Trish might believe in it. Lady didn't. Her father had loved her and her mother once.

Trish's facesake must have believed. She'd wound up dead.

A demon loving a human.

Trish loving Lady.

Nothing wrong with it. Nothing wrong at all.

Trish wouldn't get bored, right? Wouldn't leave?

As long as she stayed here. As long as she kept Lady's newbornagain heart alive.

Everything was all right.

And the battle was won.

Trish jumped over, flipping in midair, and hugged her when she landed. "Good show, Lady. You should show off more."

Had Lady been showing off? She shrugged. "It's fun." It always was. It made her heart beat faster. Made her heat up and feel alive.

Like standing this close to Trish did.