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"Alright, Beckett out. Oh and Rodney...hang in there."

"We'll try." Rodney muttered...

The conversation ended only moments ago, but for Rodney it felt like an eternity. John was lying next to him, his labored breathing disturbed as well as concerned the scientist.

Zelenka seemed to be in his own thoughts. McKay was glad that the engineer had found something close enough for him to lean against, which meant they didn't have to move Sheppard in order to keep an eye on him.

Rodney sighed mentally and for some reason his thoughts wondered over to what had happened in the last few weeks...

You tried to kill me! Ford cried and aimed his rifle at Rodney.

Wait, hey! You-you can't kill an unarmed upside down man!

Rodney could still feel the fear he had felt when the young man had threatened to shot him and Sheppard...man he could tell the Colonel was hurting, not physically but mentally over his encounter with his young friend.

"Ford! keep your hands where I can see 'em." John said pointing his gun at the young man. "We wanna help." He muttered.

Aiden makes a move for the pistol strapped to his leg. John fires his weapon, hitting Ford in the leg. Aiden groaned but remained on his feet taking his chance to grab his pistol and pointed it at Sheppard.

"You're not gettin' off this planet!" John cried

Aiden glances behind him to see a transporter beam sweeping the ground. He looks at John.

"I'll show you. You'll see!" He cried and jumped into the beam...

Ford had changed, he was no longer the happy go lucky guy they all had once knew.

John coughed harshly at that moment, braking Rodney away form his thoughts. Sheppard cursed between gasps and draped his arm across his abdomen. That's when McKay noticed the burns on his hand.

"How'd that happen?" He asked.

"How'd what happen?" John asked, still struggling to breath.

"Your hand."

John lifted his hand until it was in front of his face. "Guess the device burned it." He muttered in reply. McKay decided then that it probably wasn't a good idea for the man to be talking, so instead he leaned his head back, his thoughts once again wondering back to recent happenings...

"Lt. Cadman is still inside the dart..."

Rodney remembered back to when Cadman's conscience had gotten stuck inside his body. Wow, what a weird couple of days that was.

"You really know nothing about women, do you!" Cadman's voice said whom could only be heard by Rodney at the moment."

"I know plenty." McKay retorted

"Maybe this is a good thing." Cadman said

"Excuse me?" McKay replied.

"I could teach you a thing or two about the opposite sex, McKay. Lord knows you need it!"

"This is hell! This is my own personal hell!"

McKay shuddered when he remembered the moment that Cadman had taking over his body and kissed Beckett. Scared, for, life. He hoped the physician hadn't taken that the wrong way...

"Hey McKay, you alright?" Johns words snapped him once again back to reality. He opened his eyes, when had he closed them?

"Uh yeah, you?"

"I've been better." John replied.

Rodney looked over to where Zelenka was supposed to be sitting but the engineer was gone.

"Wheres Radek?" He asked.

"He went to go see if he could help get the door open." John said.

Of cores, Radek was the only one who wasn't injured badly enough that he couldn't move, so it was only obvious that he'd want to try. Rodney wished he could help but for the moment he was grounded and he hated every moment of it.

"You sure your OK Rodney?" John asked again.

He's asking if I'm OK? McKay thought, looking the man over. Sheppard could barely breath and he was asking if Rodney was OK?

"Me what about you?" McKay retorted.

John smirked then began cough harshly.

"Colonel, damn it Colonel not again!" Rodney's said as the pilot continued to cough.

"Colonel...John!" McKay tried to get a response but none came. Sheppard was once again out cold.

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