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Summery: Through certain circumstances and misunderstandings, Sam and Danny have grown to hate each other. Sam transferred to a different school and Danny hasn't seen her since. Now he's rich, handsome, and married to Valerie, who still doesn't know his secret. He's perfectly happy, despite the chaos. That is, until Sam comes back on the scene. She's been raped and kicked out of her home by her parents who have disowned her. Tucker has fallen in love with Sam, Valerie is becoming distant, and Danny and Sam still hate each other. How will these lives co-exist when they've been so torn apart?

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Life's Soft Screaming


Phantom sped through the air, performing spectacular acrobatic feats to avoid the glowing red rays of ectoplasm shot at him by no other than the famous Red Hunter. One of the floating cubed guns was knocked off course by Phantom's own green ray, spinning and accidentally shooting the Red Hunter's hoverboard. The hoverboard unbalanced and swerved toward the ground, diverting the Red Hunter's attention for the smallest fraction of time to get it under control. By the time the Red Hunter looked up, Phantom had disappeared.

"Dammit!" She screamed in frustration, giving the landscape a once over before landing on the ground in a dark alleyway. The technology peeled away from her and vanished, turning the Red Hunter into Valerie Fenton, head of the Fenton Corp. Weapons Specialty Unit. She quickly left the alleyway to the sunlit street. As she walked home, she grumbled irately under her breath about damn ghosts who couldn't take a fight.

Valerie stopped at an average house on the corner of the street. It wasn't anything special, although it was pretty spacious for two adults and a kid. She smiled at the sight of the dwelling and the good memories it held. It was a symbol of her happiness, the one place where she could act like a normal person and care for her child and be with her husband like normal women did.

She inhaled the sweet scent of the blooming flowers, letting their fragrance envelop her senses and wash her troubles away. The cool breezes wafted around her, making the hair that escaped her ponytail flutter prettily around her face. The vibrant sun was setting, turning the sky into a dazzling painting of colors. Of course, the most wonderful thing about the day was not the picturesque beauty of the outside of the house, but what lay on the inside. Opening the door, the smile became wider as she saw her husband, Danny Fenton, playing with their only child, Lily. It was heart warming, and just what she needed to see after a stressful day at work and another complete failure at her attempt to capture Phantom.

Phantom was possibly one of the most aggravating ghosts she had ever met. He always slipped through her fingers, and in spite of every tactic she used he remained as elusive as ever. Her reasons for catching Phantom had changed, however. In fact, she didn't really mind that much about how he 'ruined her life' with that ghost dog of his. In some odd way, he was partially responsible for her marriage with Danny. If he hadn't helped to knock her off of the social pyramid, then she might have never even become friends with Danny. No, her reasons were completely different this time…

"Mommy?" Lily called, knocking Valerie out of her musings.

"Yes sweetie?" She answered, sending a smile her way.

"Why were you standing there?" Lily's head was cocked cutely to the side, like Danny usually did when he was confused. Her aquamarine eyes looked up at her questioningly and her ebony hair hung in their pigtails. Valerie didn't think any five year old could be cuter.

"I was just thinking."

Lily, being the kid she was, accepted this answer and promptly moved on. Danny on the other hand, looked sadly at her, for what reason she couldn't tell. He didn't have anything to do with it after all…

"Daddy, Mommy!" Lily squealed excitedly, "Look who's on TV!"

The parents looked at the television screen to see a clip of Phantom and the Red Hunter from a fight earlier on in the week.

"On Amity News Broadcasting, I'm Saiit Aul." Said the middle aged newscaster, "Right here we see Phantom and the Red Hunter. These two are part of perhaps the biggest controversy ever in the history of Amity. First there's Phantom. Is he friend or foe? Why does he fight his own brethren? Is it a ploy? Or a genuine concern for the welfare of our city? Then comes the Red Hunter. Who is she really? Why does she fight Phantom with such vigor? We'll reveal our suspicions at eight o'clock tonight! So don't miss it!

"In related news, studies have shown that the rate of ghost attacks have dropped rapidly in the past few years. In fact, with the exception of the plots of the Wisconsin Ghost, the only appearances in the past month have been made by Amity Park's own haunt, Phantom."

Danny quickly turned off the television at the odd look on his wife's face. He didn't want her to get into one of her moods…over him no less. To tell the truth, it was a bit of a strain for him to be married to the person hell-bent on trying to capture him, but it worked out somehow. Besides, he couldn't be happier with any other woman.

"Daddy!" His daughter whined, "Why did you turn it off?"

He grinned merrily at her, "Because it's time to take you and your Mommy to dinner."

"We're going out for dinner?" Valerie asked, confused.

"Why of course," He answered with an indefinable look in his eyes, "You do know it's your birthday, don't you?"

She gasped. The past few days had been so hectic, that she had completely blanked out.

"No…" She answered slowly, "I didn't."

He gave her a tender smile, knowing what she was putting herself through. Tonight though, he'd work his hardest to take his wife's mind from her worries. She deserved it for all she had done for him.

"Well you better hurry and get dressed than; we're going to that really fancy restaurant whose name I can never pronounce." He turned to Lily, "And that goes for you too."

Less than an hour later found them in the parking lot, walking towards what was supposed to be a relaxing, fun night for the three of them. It's funny in a sort of twisted way how wrong things turned out.

Look with eyes unseeing

Listen without hearing

Life is sofly screaming

Death is sure to come


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