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Life's Soft Screaming

Ch. 3

In the blackened sky of a night without the moon, the stars shone brightly, hanging suspended in the weightlessness of space. A lone figure sitting on a park bench stared vacantly up into the mesmerizing twinkles of light. The black hair was ratty, as though it hadn't been brushed for a few days, possibly more. There was no evidence of an expression on her face except for the slight crinkling at the corners of her mouth which was almost impossible to see in the almost nonexistent lighting. The street light had burnt out just an hour ago. The young woman took in a shallow breath of air and shuddered it out. She angrily shook her head and shot up out of the bench as if it had scorched her. With brisk, yet weak steps, she started to walk.

Within fifteen minuets, the young woman was already exhausted, her steps starting to falter and her form starting to sway. It was to be expected, she hadn't eaten for days. Before, she had always had regular meals. It was something she had to get used to, however, if she wanted to keep living.

But she wasn't sure she wanted to anymore.

She practically collapsed when she reached the edge of the parking lot. With trembling hands she pushed back the long sleeve of her sweatshirt up to her elbow. She raised it up to bathe it in the warm glow of the streetlamp. Her amethyst eyes watched in fascination as they traveled along the exposed lines of her veins; they were a starting blue against the pale pallor of her skin. She traced a slender finger along the channels of her blood, contemplating how, with demented ease; she could end her life just by inflicting one, deep cut against those lines along her wrist.

Her pondering was interrupted by the sound of glass shattering at her feet. With the slightest hint of curiosity, she leaned over her legs and squinted in the darkness where the light couldn't reach. When she still couldn't distinguish the thing that had so rudely jarred her out of her musing, she extended a hand forward, groping for the source of the disturbance. With a small hiss, she jerked her hand back to nurse the small cut the object had given her. With a bit more care, she reached out once again, and this time, brought a jagged shard of glass up to the light. It was apparently from a beer bottle she had accidentally crushed with one of her massive boots. It was so typical for a drunk to litter…

With a grim smile, she watched the small drop of blood on the glass shimmer in the yellow light. She had thought about suicide on and off for awhile, but she had either dismissed the thought as stupid or she hadn't had the guts to do it. Now though, it didn't seem so absurd.

It wasn't like she had anything to live for anymore.

Her friends? There weren't any left anymore.

Her boyfriend? He's the one that got her into this mess and then just left her.

Her parents? Why would they care? They were the ones that disowned her and kicked her out of the house the moment they heard the pregnancy test results.

Her baby? No…it would be much better if the child didn't see the light of day. It would be better not to have it exposed to the cruel aspects of the world. Life just wasn't worth it. It wouldn't even leave her womb.

No one cared for her anymore, no one would cry when she died. She wouldn't even have a funeral for no one to come to. From all angles, she was a homeless bum that would stop taking up valuable space once she died.

She gently held the sharp glass to her left wrist, biting her lip for a moment at the odd feeling. Her head rose up to the sky for one last look.

She froze.

There in the sky flew the alter ego of the one man she had come to despise. With hardened eyes and thinned lips, she glared at the battle playing out before her. It was a little disorienting at first to see how much he had matured in his looks since the last time she saw him, but she soon got over it. She glanced over at the Red Hunter with slightly less hatred in her eyes, but none the less, it was not a kind look. She watched with distain as Phantom smashed into the dirt. Her eyes did widen, however, when he stepped out of the store, in a suit out of all things. His growth was more shocking in his human form, and she would never have guessed he would take to wearing suits. He had always hated them when they were friends.

Then again, so much could change in the span of time she had been gone.

Her interest was further awakened when he walked toward the same car Valerie had jumped into before she transformed. She shakily pushed herself off of the ground and stumbled over to the car, there were only two in the vacant lot.

She gasped with she looked through the back window. In the seat, sulking in a sickeningly adorable fashion was a little girl, almost a perfect mix between Valerie and Danny. With a jolt, she realized.

They were married.

She was so consumed by her shock, that she didn't even notice the car start to go in reverse. She felt the impact and let out a pathetically half-hearted scream. Before she knew it, she lay on the ground. She could barely think through the pain, and her vision was foggy. She could just faintly hear the high pitched sound of the little girl asking,

"Hey mommy?"

Valerie's voice answered, "Yes sweetie?"

Sam felt a vague sense of disgust at the motherly tone.

"Who's this?"

She heard the silence. Valerie was hesitant as she replied grimly, "That's Samantha,"

She used her full name; Valerie knew she hated it…

"Samantha Manson."

Before she blacked out, she felt a surge of annoyance. She had been kept from deathly bliss by this little piece of hell come to get her? She knew already that the injuries she had sustained wouldn't kill her. Unconsciousness gripped her before she could dwell on her disappointment.

Their reunion was worse than she dared to imagine.


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