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A dark shadow quietly stood over a sleeping Hyuuga Hinata. The shadow was one of the leaders from the lightning village. Using the plan to sign a peace treaty with the leaf was the best cover up for a kidnapping. There plan was to take the Hyuuga's eyes and use them to their own advantages. The shadow slowly picked up the young girl careful not to wake her up. He quickly escaped to the outside.

"You have her?"

"Yes all is going to plan. I'll head this way." He nodded his head to the north of the estate. His partner slowly contemplated this.

"No we'll go through the woods but send a clone to the north." The captor smiled.

"Good plan." The captor handed over the sleeping girl to his partner. Then making some hand signs he created a clone of himself carrying a clone of the girl. The clone ran north while the real ones headed through the forest reaching Konoha's gates.

Hyuuga Hiashi had gotten up feeling something amiss. Turning the corner of the estate's wall he caught sight of a masked man carrying his three year old daughter. Quickly running to the man Hiashi thrusted his palm into the mans chest instantly killing him. He caught his daughter easily and walked back to the house dragging the dead man behind him.

"You did make those new clones right?"

"Yeah, yeah don't worry we have at least one more hour before they poof."

"Good." The captors reached the gate, stealthily they ran along it to a place where the guards couldn't reach them. Adding chakra to their feet they walked up the wall and over. Reaching the other side they took off.

Members of the Hyuuga main branch and branch family stood in the Hokage's office. The body of the man was lying before the third Hokage.

"This man was caught trying to kidnap my daughter."

The Hokage grunted.

"This was the man that was supposed to sign the treaty."

But before anyone said anything else, the body disappeared in a poof.

"What!" Immediately all the Hyuuga members took off to the estate while alarm bells sounded through the village. Hiashi making it to his daughter's room threw the door open to find his daughter missing.

3 days later

"What shall we do now?" The captors were now back in their own homeland using a sleeping powder they had kept the young Hyuuga asleep. They were now in a room filled with different ninjas.

"We'll kill her and cut out her eyes." Said one of them already reaching for a kunai.

"Wait! She is only three years old we could take her as our own" Said another, this cloud ninja was a female and hated to see young children die.

"What are you talking about! We kidnapped her to kill her!" Said the man who had captured the little girl.

"No she has a point. The girl is young and will be able to be manipulated easily, and we will still have the Byakugan on our side." All of the ninja's turned their heads at this and gasped. The one with this proposal was the same man who had come up with the plan in the first place. He was the eldest of them all. Immediately every one started to nod their heads not only because they agreed but because no one could go against the elder.

"Good then give her to me." They brought Hinata over. The old man rapidly made seals and then placed his fingers in the middle of the girls collar bone. Quickly a strange kind of symbol appeared.

"This will keep her under our power. If she revolts you just focus on her and use this symbol." He made an easy hand sign. The girl at his feet began to writhe and screech in pain and started to wake up.

But quickly the old man hit her neck and the girl fell unconscious.

"All of us will train her and she will become a genin of the village hidden in the clouds, understood?"

All of them nodded.

"Good, Kyoko you will be her caretaker so take her away." This was the female who had first told them to take Hinata as their own. She quietly picked up the girl and took her away.

Konoha had immediately called upon the Lightning village of them breaking the treaty. But Lightning said that they hadn't even sent their leader to sign it. Konoha had now realized their grave mistake.

Posters were sent to every country and village with the picture of the little girl. But no one responded so the Hyuuga family had Neji become their new heir. But when Hiashi's wife gave birth to another daughter Neji was stripped of the title and made a Branch member.

9 years later.

"The chuunin exams should be fun!" said a twelve year old girl short navy hair fell to her chin. She wore a grey sweatshirt and dark navy sweat pants that ended at the middle of her shins. Her hitai-ate was around her neck showing the cloud symbol.

"Don't get so excited Hinata, this exam is pathetic full of rookies that I bet haven't even killed before." This was sneered by her teammate. He wore all black, his chest nut hair short but with bangs that covered his right eye. His hitai-ate was wrapped around his arm.

"I'm with Hinata, Yami this will still be pretty fun!" This was said by her other teammate. She wore black as well. Wearing sweatpants and a tight t-shirt. Her black hair falling to her waist., and hitai-ate in its rightful place on her forehead.

"I mean there must be some really talented ninjas here! I can't wait!"

"Pfft your always positive Yoko."

Yoko stuck her tongue out at Yami causing Yami to glare at her. Hinata didn't pay attention at all as she thought about the exam coming up. Quickly they entered the building, to an exam that will change their lives.

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